Nancy “Kente” Pelosi And Her Band of Walking Memes


Firstly, a warning: nowadays, everything must to go on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds exactly. Not one more, not one less. When you have breakfast, I suggest you make it go on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds exactly, “to honour George Floyd”. I am pretty sure this is the duration of Nancy Pelosi’s expensive ice cream sessions from her extremely expensive and, well, oh very white fridge. I would like to know how much an abortion procedure takes on average. We can then suggest to Nancy that she has her lunch – including very expensive ice cream dessert if needs be – go on for exactly the same time.

End of your lunch and of a human life, Mrs Pelosi. Are you satisfied?

Secondly, a suggestion: if you want to become a walking meme, try to impress the inhabitants of the Democratic Plantation by doing something that shows to the poor simpleton that their Democrat Overseers really, really care.

The warning and the suggestion were admirably combined by the elite echelons of the Dumbocrat Party yesterday, and the comic effect will remain forever.

Let us forget for a moment that, in a further comedy moment, Nancy couldn’t get up,  further raising the question whether she is far too old to make a joke of herself in this way, or actually to be Speaker of the House in the first place. This post is not about that.

The real news is the stupidity of using “cultural appropriation” (a big liberal no-no) for their pathetic exercise in tokenism, and the ultimate futility of it. The reaction, as you can see from the link, was not awaited for long, and drew anger and mockery from both the left and the right. They really had it coming.

This was really myopic, and certainly done on the spur of the moment; without any reflection about the countless, and ever increasing, rules of political correctness. Democrats hate “cultural appropriation”, and the more on the left they are, the more they hate it. These people are trying to impress a segment of the population that finds racism in absolutely everything, including Nancy being still alive. They should understand that, being White, there is nothing they can do that can appease the Black Communist Party; but the more they try to do it, the more they expose themselves as ridiculous, manipulative, pathetic tools in the eyes of many Democrats. Therefore, they keep digging a deeper and deeper hole around themselves, and think that somehow, magically, they will be able to jump out of it and appeal to the – largely White – moderate base they also desperately need.

A conservative President tends to drive the Democrats to the left, leaving too much space to the activist cooks, who then ruin the soup for the population at large. Ask Walter Mondale if you don’t believe me. Riots and disorders are also no great friends of the Democrats. They can excite the fringes, but they scare the middle ground. Also, there is no way to appease the fringes anyway. The likes of Black Lives Matter and assorted extremist movements will never be happy with her, will always ask for more concession from her, will ultimately criticise her merely for being part of the White Democrat Establishment. Nancy and her merry band of Walking Memes are playing a stupid game.

This is like scratching mosquito bites. A very short sense of relief is followed by a bigger sense of discomfort. The Democrat Overseers scratched their bites with this stunt, but the discomfort will go on, and become more painful.

They are playing a game without possibility of victory, and they are playing even that in a very stupid way.

Nancy, you should have stayed near your fridge.



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  1. You only kneel to God. You only genuflect to God. You don’t prostrate ever because that’s not part of our culture (unless you’re a Muslim and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll only prostrate to Allah). The only feet you kiss are on a crucifix. And you don’t repeat mindless mantras. BLM is a cult that uses the trappings of religion to attract and control people. I suspect their adherents are looking for a higher purpose to their lives after having been abandoned by the traditional religions which have replaced the transcendent with the irrelevant.

  2. Mary K Jones

    This post is so good I had to forward it to my sons. You have been on a roll this past week, and it’s great because it provides food for thought. And it’s hilarious. The line about ‘digging a deep hole and then thinking they can magically jump out of it’ made me laugh out loud. The whole stunt was so cringe-worthy! The fake ethnic stoles were pathetic. And you know Nancy and gang never kneel because they would know what we know: 8:46 minutes is a loooong time on a marble floor with no support, and getting up will be very difficult. That stunt was doomed to fail, from start to finish.

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