Vatican II Must Be Cancelled In Toto, Or: Bishop Schneider And The Excrement Cake

All-Cream, Pre-Vatican II cake. Good enough for me.


Bishop Schneider has released a very long text about the Second Vatican Council and the necessity to keep what is good in it. I have not read the extremely lengthy paper in its entirety, because I don’t need to. Still, I post the link so everyone who is so inclined can have a go at it.

My opposition to the survival of Vatican II is a matter of principle, not of detail.

It is fully irrelevant that the V II documents had something good in them, if you look for long enough. We all know this. I am pretty sure Stalin had something good in him, too. The simple fact is, that V II is not the inventor of Catholic goodness, nor is Stalin the inventor of whatever human goodness he had (I don’t know: perhaps he loved dogs, or classical music, or a beautiful sunset).

Whatever goodness the Vatican II document contained was already part of  the teaching of the Church. Whatever goodness Stalin had, was already there in the heart of countless good men. You don’t need to preserve for posterity Stalin’s (assumed) love for dogs other than as a pure fact, rejecting the entire Stalinian nightmare. You don’t need to remember the fact that the Vatican II documents had some orthodox parts in them, other than as a pure statement of fact, rejecting the entire V II nightmare.

This is not only a matter of logic, it is a matter of everyday common sense.

The Bishop contests the “poisoned cake” theory, stating that some parts of the V II documents (and even of Amoris Laetitia) are, actually, good per se! No poison there!

So what?

This is the same as being presented with a huge cake whose upper strata consist exclusively of excrement, and having Bishop Schneider tell you, with ill-concealed satisfaction, that, if you look well enough, you will notice that the lower strata have excellent cream in them, untouched by all the shit above!

We should keep that high-quality cream, he says. You don’t want to throw that away, surely?

Well, yes, I do.

The high-quality cream in the strata below is tainted forever by the association with all the excrement above! The only thing to do is to throw away the entire cake and cry, as loud as we can, “no more excrement cakes for us, Bishops! Who cares for the cream in the lower strata!”

We have 2000 years of excellent, 1A, certified organic, Catholic Cream made by martyrs and saints. We do not have any need for cream (however tasty per se) made by those who have given us the shit cake! We will throw away the one and the other, and will thrive and prosper with all the cream we had before, we have now, and will have forever.

Vatican II must be destroyed, all its documents rejected and banned from use as instruments of Catholic teaching. The Liturgy must be resumed exactly as it was before Vatican II. The Catechisms produced in V II years must be expunged and substituted for the Pre-V II ones. Vatican II must be remembered as an age of barbarism, depravity, and – literally – sympathy for the devil.

You will never hear this from Bishop Schneider.

But I am not a Bishop. So you hear it from me.

I know you think it, too.





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  1. Agree 100%. Well said Mundabor.

    Vatican II was a work of the devil used to undermine the Catholic Church and render it useless for attaining eternal life and moral leadership in the world. It must be abrogated in its entirety and all pre-Vatican II Catholicism restored.

    Vatican II has brought the Church and the world to where we are now, near utter moral devastation on the verge of atheistic Communism everywhere. Our Lady told us so and what to do about. The Church disobeyed her. Because of this the Great Chastisement will be upon us in all its fury.

  2. The principles of Vatican II (basically Modernism) have been condemned by several Popes. The men of Vatican II decided to ignore Papal teaching. They rebelled against God. That makes them children of the Father of Lies. As a result, everything they have touched has turned into excrement. Bp. Schneider has shown his true allegiance – to the Prince of this World. No need to listen to anything else this poor deluded priest has to say. Pray for him that he may see acquire courage to tell the truth. Don’t tell me he doesn’t understand that VII is heresy. He does. He’s afraid to say it.

    • BP. Schneider is a good man. He’s working Inside the Church to repair it. Who else is doing it ? Who else can do it ?
      Your comments will drive people out of the church and then you will have nothing! !
      Put up with the imperfections in the Church. I have to. There is no TLM near me. So I go to the NO Mass and pray that Our Lord will bring back the Church as it should be one day.

    • I wish my readers were able to change the course of the Church alone!
      But I put up with what I have, too. I consider attendance to the NO Mass as a penance.
      Schneider is good, but he is a V II man. He has either no depth, or no courage, to see the root of the problem. Alas, pretty much no one among the Bishops has.

  3. J M Butkiewicz

    Don’t go to any Novus Ordo parish, either.

  4. Philip Johnson

    Mundy.I agree entirely with your post today.Let us Traditionalists save what Remnants that are left of The Catholic Faith and reject totally Vat 11 and its soft soap lies.

  5. Pegon Zellschmidt

    Vii was implemented to undermine the Catholic Church. To let any of it stand remains an eternal testament to those sinister actors, their ‘achievements’, as well as a blue print for the future. You rid it and put a stake through its heart not only as a message to future conspirators but to avoid confusion, ie, using the old (traditional) Vii or the new and improved Vii. Convincing or disciplining the Novus Ordo’s will he hard enough if it is completely abrogated, much less picking and choosing the ‘good’ parts.

    • Those who cling to VII error will reject the faith. They even now claim to be the true church! Schism is inevitable.

  6. Maybe we should also throw out those who gave us the excrement cake to eat.

  7. What a vindication of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Cardinal Ottaviani, he who was scandalously humiliate as he tried to speak during the Council. There were a few good men there, but the project of the modernists had already been decided and their minds made up. I hope those sainted bishops who tried to be heard are enjoying bliss in heaven at the moment, and if they are, I hope they will pray for us.

  8. I have read some rants in my time but this takes the cake

  9. Agree fully, but very disappointed you did not approve my earlier post, which I’d spent considerable effort on.

  10. We need not burrow through excrement hoping to discover a cherry.

  11. The “let’s keep the good parts” business, aside from being completely unnecessary as you state because all those “good parts” exist outside of VII, is just another stab at the “hermeneutic of continuity” failure.

    If we can’t find some convoluted way to take documents that cannot be supported by tradition and interpret them in continuity with that very same tradition, then let’s cut out the parts for which the hermeneutic of continuity is impossible, then hermeneutic the daylights out of the rest.

    No thanks. The whole cake was baked by faithless bastards raping the Mystical Bride. That they added a little sugar to their poison to make it more palatable is irrelevant. I want nothing to do with any of it.

    And my post VII catechism went into the landfill the day Jorge illustrated to all that it was not, as we thought, a book based on truth from cover to cover and thereby a resource for your very salvation. But the so called pope himself illustrated that it can contain error. What else in there is error, masquerading as truth? That makes it a dangerous book. Pre VII catechism only for me and mine.

  12. Amen to that!

  13. This is going to be controversial here but I hope I am allowed to say it.
    We agree with your shit cake analogy, 100%. We do believe Catholicism is the religion God intended, but the dominant body of the Catholic Church no longer believes it, practices it, or offers it. We all know what they are believing, practicing and offering, no need to rehash here, except to say, whatever doubts Catholics might have had about this pope or the church, should have been completely erased when Bergoglio worshiped a demon god over the bones of St. Peter and had that demon bowl brought up to the holy altar of God in a Catholic Church in Rome. That should have been a turning point for Catholics. It was not. Catholics continue to support this hydra by attending Mass in the Catholic Church. Now we are complicit in her evils. But most astonishing, we are continuing to stand around and wonder why nothing gets better, only worse, why these men act as they do! Don’t they realize we’re unhappy! Yes of course they do, and this is what makes it so fun for them. But we, with no real effort of any kind mounted, no palpable resistance, no recourse, no response except some grumbling on the Internet, are apparently surprised when things do go from bad to worse, and the “best” of our bishops, our “conservatives”, are more interested in book deals and mouthing some general discontent with the church, with some veiled allusions to fidelity to the church, blah, blah, and blah. This worked for about 4 years, but we’re so past that.

    The church now receives so much money from China, US Federal Resettlement Funds, and probably private sources such as Jeffrey Sachs or George Soros, they really do not need our little pittance. This is why none of them fear our disapproval at all, and are quite bold in their anti-Christ and anti-Catholic actions. When you’re bold enough to promote Marxism, homosexuality, and demon worship, you’re feeling the mojo, and they clearly do. Why not? What have we done except put up posters and throw little wooden idols in rivers!
    We have now one thing left to take away from them and make our point. One thing that they would have a hard time explaining if it went on long enough. One thing that would drive journalists to seek them out for them to explain the phenomena. One, and one thing only.

    Empty churches week in and week out. That is all we have. We have absolutely nothing else. If we do not do this, and be prepared to do it for as long as it takes, things will continue on as they have, and oh yes, they will get decidedly WORSE.
    We all want Holy Mass, but do we want it to exist for our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. There is probably only one way to get it, or hope for it. The sacrifice that WE make.

  14. There is one word in those despicable documents that has ripped apart millions of Catholic families: “partnership.” Guadium et Spes #48 to describe what marriage is. It used to be (and still is) a contract primarily for the procreation and education of children.

    I know a man whose marriage was declared null by the not-so-sacred Roman Rota because he didn’t understand that marriage is a partnership. He is having to fight a war to try to get back what he gave his life for.

    Who in God’s name wants to comb through all those miserably boring documents looking for a word of truth? Perhaps prison guards can give that assignment to the priests, bishops, cardinals, and pope who deserve to be locked away for their part in protecting sex abusers.

  15. Dear Mundabor,
    At least please let me know what you found to be a provocation in my attempted long post, please.
    Was there a trigger word or what?
    I was giving my perspective as someone on a different continent that has come over the span of a decade to realise that the Vatican II Church he knew and thought he loved is in grave error.
    I was not intending to provoke you or any of your readers, only to inform.
    There was no call to action.
    Blessings and peace,


  16. I’m not sure where else to post this. I just turned on my recording of the Tucker Carlson program, and the lead story, with Pete Hegseth and lawyer Harmeet Dillhon (sp?) is that my friend Chris Ferrara just won his lawsuit with the city of NY and the state of NJ, for Fr. Robinson (yay) and another priest and three Jewish fellows who were vilely persecuted. I am so happy that I am celebrating on my own, with plenty of Deo Gratias’ and Aves for a great lawyer, for my children’s former pastor and a national suit that is a big win for the Faith in a big way. Thank you dear God, and thanks to you, Chris, if you see this. I knew you could do this if anyone could.

  17. The rising chorus of voices proclaiming the truth can’t overcome the criminals who have seized the Church. Only Our Lord can help us, if He will.

  18. vermontcrank1

    The obsession with preserving whatever is worthy of preserving in Vatican Two is a massive waste of time.

    IF the Hierarchy was serious about Catholicism they would being by restoring the Real Mass to its rightful normative status and leave the NO in place for the women, children and girlie men who adore it and think it more than an adequate form of worship of our Triune God.

    The NO supper is the vehicle forever transmitting the new theology.

    Just call it the corona-service and avoid the modernist infections

  19. sixlittlerabbits

    Very good post, Mundabor. Saying several Hail Marys for you.
    The vile “Catholic” Communist Dorothy Day was invited to attend Vatican II. I’m in the same position as you: it’s my penance to have to attend the Novus Ordo Mass.

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