War Games

As the Communist mob keeps terrorising common citizen and getting any and every excuse for their subversion and looting, another two members of the woke troops have been smoked by, it would appear, citizen deciding to stand up to the mob.

This is the inevitable consequence of the police being told to stand down, or to have a “soft” approach. These people burn buildings to the ground. There is nothing soft in that. They don’t understand “soft”, so they need, whenever necessary, to learn a language called 5.56, which tends to impress itself indelibly in those who come into contact with it. Ask the two guys in Kenosha. They will be able to confirm, with a very feeble voice, from the other side of the grass.

Whenever the police is defunded, or altogether abolished, you will see either the same as in Kenosha, or the same as in Liberia, depending on whether there will be, in these woke enclaves, enough citizen willing to talk 5.56 with the mob.

Still, the Commie mobster must be aware of this: if the conflict becomes a generalised armed confrontation from sea to shining sea, they are doomed.

If we compare the numbers of both sides, the availability of guns and, most importantly, the training and ability to use them effectively, we must conclude that this war game is a very short one, and ends with the total annihilation of the woke mob and the restoration of order in a very short time.

Another scenario is possible: peace and quiet in Republican Counties, and more in general in the suburbs – though the mob is trying to get there, too – and continuous looting and rioting in many Dem administered cities. This will, likely, end when the local stupid Governors decides that their inaction is suicide, and ask Papa Donald, the man of law and order, for help. After which, they will still blame him for the problems they have created.

Still, my message to the BLM and Antifa violent Commie troops is this: pray that there is always a police presence. Because when that goes away and the militias get in you will be in real, and I mean real, trouble.

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  1. Yes, vigilante justice has few rules of engagement.

  2. Yuri Bezmenov testified that the official Soviet playbook for communist takeover of a culture was to undermine the police so as to create enough disorder that the people clamor for rescue. The soviets would then use the culture’s co-opted media apparatus to put forth their stooge as a savior figure. The stooge’s job would simply be to dismantle the incumbent constitution and congress, and set up the communist government. By the time anyone realized what was happening, it would be too late. The many leftist “useful idiots”, who gleefully assisted in all this, could then be rounded up and shot.

    Bezmenov’s testimony is on Youtube, and is completely fascinating.

    Catholicism alone can defend a culture from the scourges of Islam and Marxism. If the Lord keep not the city, they that keep it keepeth it in vain!

  3. Naming names… young Mr. Rittenhouse was in Kenosha (with his Ar-15) to help after receiving a general “social media” call for help to protect lives and property from citizens in kenosha. There is a photo of him (sans AR-15) washing a monument of gaffitti earlier in the day with agroup of fellow volunteers.
    That evening he ‘got his gun’ to help guard.
    There is extant video showing him literally being chased down the middle of the street by several rioters. No police in sight. He is running away, not shooting down his attackers… until he trips and falls at which time the attackers are upon him. He shoots in self defense, outnumbered aand on the ground and the attackers back-off, whimpering that they are being shot at, and kevin(?) gets to his feet and approaches a Kenosha police car with his hands raised, turning him self in/surrendering/seeking police protection. This was a very reluctant use of a firearm by a young man quite ready to accept the problems involved in dealing with the police. A pure self-defense response.
    The cop turned him away, rifle and all, and Mr. Rittenhouse apparently did the smartest (and safest) thing he might have done, whochwas to go home to ILL-inoise. he was subsequently arrested on a “fugitive warrant” by the Illinois cops. How he could be considered a “fugitive” is beyond me as he had been turned away by the police already, there was no way he could have known that he was wanted for questioning, he had done nothing wrong and was probably scared out of his wits having saved himself from a severe beating, having his weapon stolen and spending time in a hospital or a longer time in a morgue.

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