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Reading Suggestions

Some time ago I read a book of the SSPX about the mission of the Woman. If memory serves, it was a collection of talks given to girls in SSPX schools.

I don’t remember the fine details. However, what I do remember is that the natural vocation of the Woman for motherhood and caring for the home (or, alternatively, virginity and caring for Christ in various ways) was explained so beautifully that I remember thinking, over and over, with great consolation that this book had been , in fact, written in the XXI Century.

Truth is, in fact, as true in the XXI Century as it always was and as it always will be; a fact, this, that seems to escape some Catholic observers.

Let us take, for example, Ms Niles, of Church Militant’s dubious fame; who has, once again, abandoned herself on Twitter to a tirade against the SSPX, an organisation whose supporters and members allegedly treat women so badly, and where men are dictators.

How sad, that not only an entire organisation should be slandered with the usual vague, generic, unproven, easily made accusations; but also, that this should be done with the usual protofeminist arguments of the “oppressed women “; arguments which, to a sound Catholic , must sound extremely suspicious, particularly when the accused organisation is such a beacon of, well, sound Catholic thinking like the SSPX.

I suggest that Ms Niles actually reads the book; that she tells us whether she finds said book not in line with traditional Catholic teaching, and where, and why; and that she explains to us why we should continue to support the Church notwithstanding countless example of sodomy and paedophilia covered by the local bishops, but would have to stop supporting the SSPX because of some cases – that would have to be described in detail, and made credible – of members of the SSPX not adhering to the principles of the above mentioned book.

A book, let it be said once again, which Ms Niles, and each one of my readers, would find edifying and, as said, outright consoling; so Catholic, in fact, that it hurts in a sweet way, letting people of both sexes understand what was lost when feminism was allowed to poison the life of Catholics.

Unless, that is, Ms Niles should think, after the reading, that not the behaviour of single, not better specified families, but the teaching of the book itself is not good. In which case we would know where the issue lies, namely: in the feminist views of Ms Niles, to which the traditional, God-willed roles of the sexes equals oppression of women and dictatorship of men.

Feminism has deeply, deeply poisoned the thinking of both men and women, even inside Catholicism. It is time to stop pussyfooting around and call for a return to the wisdom of the past, namely: all of it. Then what was not a problem to St Catherine of Siena and countless saintly women of all ages should, if looked at without the deformed spectacles of this deformed age, not be a problem to Ms Niles, either. Particularly considering that in all ages God has providentially allowed women, like St Joan of Arc and the above mentioned St Catherine of Siena, to be enormously influential in a world led by men.

It’s not about who is more powerful. It’s about how men and women can serve Christ following their own sex specific, God-given vocation.

Yes, in the XXI Century too, and more than ever.

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