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The Miracle Of Vanity And Power

It is well known that the Evil Clown does not believe in the miracle of the bread and fish. This is not surprising at all, then it is fairly obvious that this man does not believe in God in the first place.

Once you have decided that the Divinity of Christ is a fraud, you have to find some more or less plausible excuse for all that stuff you find in the Gospel; you know, all that stuff that says that Jesus is God.

Francis loves to give a Socialist interpretation to everything (everyone must have a religion, you know…), and he does it here, too. The “miracle” is in the “sharing “, he keeps saying. Therefore, the bread and fish was all already there and Christ did not actually multiply it at all. Rather, the present came out of their capitalistic, grasping attitude and showed that if the rich start sharing, there is a lot for everybody.

This means, of course, that the Apostles were stupid, as they did not have the faintest about all that accumulated bread Francis is so persuaded about. It makes Jesus Himself looked very gullible at the least; as if he were a middle class boy who lived a sheltered existence and has no clue about the greed of the wealthy. But hey, Francis knows best. Who are we to judge?

This year, though, Francis added a new element, associating the “multiplication” with, and I quote, a manifestation of “power and vanity”. Yes, dear reader: it would have been something denoting “power and vanity” if Christ had multiplied the bread and the fish. Two thousand years of Christianity have believed in a vain God. Thank Goodness we now have Francis, who, after improving the Our Father, also gives us a new and up to now unknown Christ.

I had hoped that the missing piece of colon would rarify the appearances of this guy. Alas, it turns out he only takes it as an excuse for the things and people he wants to avoid (celebrating the Mass with the Grandparents) , but has no problems at all when it’ s just him, a microphone and a camera, and no pesky altar with Blessed Sacrament in front of which he does not want to bow.

The click is ticking furiously for this guy, but he does not show any sign of repentance.


He will know about the miracle soon enough.

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