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The Tridentine Mass Is Here To Stay.

It turns out that the Dutch auxiliary bishop who wrote that courageous denunciation of the entire Pontificate of the Evil Clown does not celebrate the TLM himself. You see, this is a young prelate who grew up in that Catholic desert called The Netherlands. It is also an easy assumption to make that the man, as an auxiliary Bishop, has no power to decide about diocesan Traditional Masses in his diocese.

What does this tell us? To me, it is another powerful demonstration that the Traditional Latin Mass is by now, in real life, impossible to eradicate.

When even prelates who grew up without it and do not benefit from it in their daily life get to understand its importance to the point of openly going against their bishops and pope, we know that something powerful is going on everywhere. This bishop may still retract. Other bishops may do all they can to eradicate the Mass of the Ages from their diocese. But the grip of the Traditional Mass on any sincere Catholic will stay and will, in fact, work on him even from a distance.

The good bishop could do worse than dedicating himself to the private study of the Traditional Mass he so eloquently defended. God willing, as the Bishop in charge of his diocese, he could, one day, have the honour of celebrating the first Tridentine Mass in his diocese in who knows how many decades.

Evil Clowns pass. The Mass of the Ages stays.

Francis starts to look like a little Julian the Apostate. He will not be, in the end, more successful than the latter was.

The Galilean always wins in the end.

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