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“I am Embracing The Fullness Of The Faith”

Is Francis Ill?

The Evil Clown will *not* celebrate, tomorrow, the Mass for Grandparents’ World Day. More interesting still, this was made known two days earlier, on Friday. This, also, not because of more urgent engagements, but for “health reasons”.

Hhhmmmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I am trying to reflect and remember the last time Francis cancelled something 1) for health reasons 2) two days in advance. There might have been such occasions, but I am sure they weren’t frequent.

So, what is happening? Let us try to make some hypotheses.

  1. Francis just has no desire to celebrate the Mass for the Grandparents. He does not like them, because they might be conservative. He decided to just show them a finger. It can be, of course; but Francis is a guy not below doing these things at the last moment. He could have just ignored any rules of decency and claimed a headache or tiredness on Sunday.
  2. Francis is so angry at the horrible failure of Traditionis Carnifices, that his bile has given him health troubles. Or perhaps he just does not want to see anyone and does not want to take part in any public ceremony, lest he begins to insult Catholics like a fishwife on a very bad day, with cameras on.
  3. Francis’ health is worsening. It is worsening enough, that the notoriously mendacious press office of the Vatican needs to tell us that he needs to cancel the celebration of mass 1) two days earlier, 2) for health reasons. It is as if the press office were saying to us: “Things will be different from now on; less appearances and more uncertain ones, according to the health of the Unholy Clown”.

The next days and weeks should be attentively observed. They will tell us a lot about whether this is Francis simply throwing more toys out of the pram, or getting nearer to his judgment.

I do not wish the man any suffering, in this life or the next; but he is missing several parts of his body (half a lung and a piece of colon, besides a good part of his brain and the totality of his conscience) and one has the impression that the devil’s augers in hell are now drilling frantically in preparation of the new home for the Evil Clown.

And now: this part is where I should recommend you, as I would in the case of any other pope, to pray that he may get well soon.

Not for this one, I don’t.

Pray that he dies. Without suffering, and for the good of the Church, and possibly repenting (highly unlikely).

But pray that he goes.


Nasty Pope of Horrors

“Feed me!!”

The SSPX took its stance about Traditionis Carnifices and it is, as expected, a devastating blow to the Church of Francis. I suggest that you read the letter in its entirety, because it is very instructive and Pagliarani does have a very entertaining writing style.

One aspect I would like to stress in a particular way, is that Pagliarani states that we are now done with the “Hermeneutic of Continuity”. Well, only six days ago I have written exactly the same, so it’s not that I wasn’t pleased.

The “Hermeneutic of Continuity” is the attempt to present you a cake made with cream gone off as something that you should learn to appreciate in a very selective way; either because it is said that the baker was actually good and the cream was, originally, not gone off, or because the cream was always bad, but there was also a lot of marzipan, and nuts, and strawberries that were actually good.

The reasoning, as I have said many times, does not work. It is, in fact, a way to perpetuate the problem instead of working towards its solution.

First of all: the cream was already going off at the time the documents were written. As Archbishop Lefebvre and others pointed out, the vague formulations of several of the Conciliar documents were such that they allowed heterodox interpretations of Catholics truths concerning several aspects of Church life and Church doctrine (you can find a detailed explanation everywhere, so let us cut it short here). It is good to notice, here, that the good Archbishop wasn’t even a hardliner. In fact, he signed all the documents, whilst a number of bishops actually refused to do so.

Secondly, and most importantly, once it has become clear that the documents of the V II have been abused to try to fundamentally change the way the Church thinks and operate, it is clear that the cake must be thrown away in its entirety. To put in a different way, this cake now stinks so much that it is criminally stupid to try to save any part of it.

Nor does this mean that we, who take this position, do not recognise the validity of the Second Vatican Council. Of course we recognise it, we aren’t Sedevacantists! We don’t go around believing that some magic potion hypnotised the Conciliar (Step) Fathers to do something that they did not want to do. We do not say that the Council was illegal, or invalid. We say that it was bad, and spread the seeds of heresy, and these heresies have now grown to become a horrible, poisonous Argentinian plant.

You can make another comparison with the “little shop of horrors”. At the time of the council, the plant was still very little; Archbishop Lefebvre and others did not trust it, but it could still have grown to become a normal plant. Fast forward six decades, and the plant has become a monstrous organism, asking to be fed blood in every possible way, with Catholic life eroded in every aspect and even with schism now officially underway in Germany.

This plant must be killed and incinerated. There is no way we can now try to keep “what is good in it”. There is nothing good in it. It has to go.

Of course, the many parts of Catholic doctrine that the documents reiterate will stay. The fact is, they were already there. There is no need for the documents of a purely pastoral council to repeat them. Therefore, the documents of the Second Vatican Council and the entire, damned aggiornamento experiment can be thrown away without any damage for anyone.

Vatican II has grown to become an evil plant. It really has to go. All of it.

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