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Pope Pachamama’s Priorities

Every time a high-ranking prelate is caught being a pervert, I can’t avoid thinking: 1) how many are they? And 2) Who protects them, who put them there?

This does not seem a strange reaction to me: in fact, it should sound very natural to everybody whose mind has not been perverted by the strange notion that, suddenly, sexual perversion would be ok.

You would think that I am not the only one thinking this. You would think that every right-thinking bishop or cardinal would have the same worry. You would think that a Pope would be most alarmed!

Well, it seems that sodomy does not rank anywhere near the top of the worries of our Heretic in Chief. Faggot priests certainly do not seem to faze him. He endorses Father Martina like Pope Pius XII endorsed Padre Pio. He lives under the roof of a notorious homo, whom he has even promoted to a higher position of power at some point. I wonder why.

Really, I wonder why. Don’t you, dear reader?

No. The problem of this Pope is not the widespread homosexuality within the Church. It’s the Latin Mass, and those pesky Catholics who keep resisting the call to conversion to socialism, global warming, and Pachamama.

Boy, what a disgusting, rotten individual Francis is. Not one bit better than a faggot Monsignor wandering around in “gay” saunas with an app allowing him to hook up with some other pervert like him.

I have more than an impression that, when this lewd old man dies, he will still be surrounded by homo priests; and by a great deal of “warm”, too.

Another Fag Bites The Dust

Monsignor Jeffrey Burill, Secretary General of the Bishops’ Conference of the United States and, as such, the highest-ranking US priest who is not a Bishop, has just resigned.

The circumstances of his resignation are disgusting enough (the little faggot used the Grindr app to locate other perverts near him), but what really grates me is that, in the statement of his organisation, there is no mention whatever of sodomy being evil in a very special way, because a sexual perversion, in comparison to, say, the guy having a mistress.

It is as if this little faggot’s behaviour were a problem not because he is a pervert but because he was, very generically, not chaste.

What this shows, is the total lack of interest among too many in the clergy concerning what a priest’s tendencies are. I can well imagine that this guy’s inclinations were well-known to a number of people, but some of them thought “hey, he is chaste, surely?”, as if the perversion were not a problem in and of itself.

It could, of course, have been worse than that: it can well be – in fact, I can imagine this even more easily than the other hypothesis – that the guy was put in his place by the same powerful homo mafia that put many other people in positions of power: the Archbishop Paglias, or the Father Martinas, and, quite likely, the Cardinal Bergoglios, of this world.

The disfigured Church of the XXI Century does not seem to consider homosexuality a problem, and seems not to see in sodomy anything worse than lack of chastity.

Is it a surprise that Her leaders hate the Latin Mass?

Tattooes are Grave Matter

The tattoo reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Tattooes are Grave Matter because they are a sullying and permanent disfiguration of your own body. This is what all generations before The Age Of Madness have believed.

People say to me that it is not in the catechism. This is not relevant. The catechism of JP II is bad, and before that age such a matter was too obvious to even consider.

Twenty Centuries of Christian civilisation have equated tattooes with the savages. Even when I was a child, only seamen (and pirates) were known to have tattoes, and they were the scum of the earth, linked with the dirtiest places, prostitution, dirt of all sorts.

As children, we were taught that tattooed people go to hell, as a matter of course. Hence, no adult was tattooed.

When the crisps packs had water tattooes for children to “play pirates”, we were given them very reluctantly and only after repetition…

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