Writing Straight With Crooked Lines

Whatever someone might have told you, Constantine the Great was not a saint. In fact, he appears to have been quite the contrary. Concubines, murders, intrigues of all sorts went on during a good part of his life. The guy who called the Council of Nicaea was, in fact, not baptised yet. The suspicion of heretical sympathies (at least in order to preserve order in the Empire) is strong.

But you see: God writes straight with crooked lines. He does not send a MiniMe Padre Pio to both put a definitive end to persecution of Christians and encourage the diffusion of Christianity all over the Empire. He sends, instead, a ruthless guy like Constantine, and then works on him to unfold His providential plan.

We see this all the time. The (then) atheist Mussolini is the one who gave us the Patti Lateranensi, an absolute milestone in the history of Italy. A quite (cough) “determined” guy like Augusto Pinochet totally eradicated Communism from Chile (and please go elsewhere with your easy moralism, or get to know Communism, before you come here to complain about him). Another guy, who was also very Catholic, like Francisco Franco, needed to give a very robust medicine to his own Country; a bitter, but a salutary one.

For this reason, I am always surprised when I see people criticise Trump, or Putin, for their (real or imaginary) shortcomings. Everyone has shortcomings. What we need to ask ourselves is: “is God writing straight with this particular crooked line”?

In the case of Trump, or Putin, my answer is:

“No shit, Sherlock!”

In addition to this, it is important to put people in their proper context. If we think about financial corruption, we need to recognise that the immaculately clean Trump lives in a Country that is quite different, and affords him quite a different degree of protection, than a country like Russia. You are very naive if you think that Putin can live out of a civil servant wage and retire in his country cottage if he is removed from power.

Putin is, very clearly, smarter than this, and if he is toppled he will make it as difficult as possible to go after him. There is no guarantee, of course, and you should ask Gaddafi or Saddam whether money can always be the solution; but, in these things, money is always a great help.

I can’t say I blame Putin. In fact, I think he is being smart.

Compare this, if you please, with our very own, very Italian crooked line, the personally extremely honest Benito Mussolini (may the Lord have mercy on his soul, and please, in your charity, pray for him today) who, having lived a life in service to his Country without ever stealing a penny or even collecting his wage (like Trump!) could not buy himself a safe passage to Paraguay or Argentina and was, instead, murdered like a drug dealer, and hanged in the public square by the usual commie bastards afterwards.

It pays to be prudent. And it is always smart to put people in their proper context, knowing that God will, in His wisdom, write straight with the crooked lines of wretched sinners, like us.

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  1. That was a mind opener…as always your blogs are. Thank you.

  2. Joseph D'Hippolito

    Comparing Mussolini to Trump is an insult. Trump never massacred poorly armed Ethiopians in the quest for colonies. Indeed, Trump never massacred any foreigners for imperialist gains. Trump also never colluded with a genocidal dictator (Hitler) against so-called non-Aryans.

    Unlike the Germans, the Italians aren’t so enamored with authority that they’ll support a “leader” who flushes their country down the toilet. Just ask Italians how they feel about Francis. Remember, the Fascist Grand Council deposed Mussolini and King Victor Emmanuel III had him arrested before the Germans rescued him.

    Mussolini deserved what he got. So, quite frankly, does Joe Biden. I *long* for the day when Biden, his “wife” and his crack-smoking, whore-mongering son are strung up by their heels, then cut down and have their corpses become fitting receptacles for urine and feces.

    • I have seldom read a comment as stupid as this one. A comment insulting not only of a great Italian, but of the millions who fought (or died) for him, or of the many millions grateful, to this day, to the great service he did to Catholicism.

      Trump is a product of a different Country and a different situation. Your lack of historic perspective is utterly and completely embarrassing.

    • Your last paragraph really says it all.

  3. Putin is the only politician I have seen in many years who is articulate, knows his subject and speaks without prevarication. On the other hand, we have the Joe and Kamala show…

    BTW, just said a decade for you. Cheers.

  4. Offered my Rosary for you and all who are speaking and spreading the truth. Thank you.

  5. Can you at some point elaborate on Mussolini? The anti-Mussolini propaganda in the English-speaking world is pretty pervasive. However, since I have recently discovered cause to re-think Marshal Pétain — Archbishop Lefebvre said he deserved to be called father of his country — I would not be surprised if I have to also re-think the Duce. Is there any English-language reading you would recommend on the subject?

    • I have been dealing with Fascism since I was a chid, and most of my knowledge comes from the extensive Italian sources who are everywhere in Italy. You can do worse than reading Nicholas Farrell’s “Mussolini”; who, at least, wastes some time explaining why Mussolini is sopopular in Italy and why so many masses are said for his soul, from very devout Catholics, to this day.

      But most of all, we need to get rid of this mentality that a dictator is supposed to live in a big fairy bubble, surrounded by a huge kindergarten. We need historic perspective, and Constantine is actually a very brutal example of that. Very few are the autocrats who get canonised. Mussolini is never going to be even close, as his sins are evident. But the Pope Pius XI called him “the man of Providence”. Let that sink in.

  6. It’s kind of silly, but … to the point.


    Putin is for the Russians, and I respect that. You know what you get with him, he doesn’t hide it. He is making Russia great again, in the tradition of Russia, which, pre-communism was a great addition to Western civilization. And I respect that. Better strong competitive Western-civ nation states that one world, atheistic globo-tyranny.

    Who is Biden for? His globo pals, for sure. And his place at the trough of pigs. A most deceptive and evil man

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