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Never Forgive, Never Forget

They are for you, Mr Trudeau…

As the harsh reality of what has happened during the Great Couf Oppression begins to emerge, there are voices calling for a “forgive and forget” attitude.

We need to keep living forever, and all that stuff.

Well, er, no.

If you want to “forgive” your baker for being a Couf Idiot, this is up to you. I personally don’t, and will keep boycotting establishments that went beyond the legal requirements. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. My money, too.

What is an altogether different business, however, is the public officials who embarked on this tyranny journey. They need to be trialled, their responsibility ascertained, and their complicity punished harshly. Same as for Nazism, alleged ignorance should not be an excuse.

All members of Parliaments and all Government officials who were at the forefront of measures that restricted work for people without vaccines, or kept people prisoner at home, have no place roaming the streets as free men. The same goes for those police chiefs who went beyond the legal requirements and started persecuting their own citizen. Make them spend all the time necessary in a lockdown of the other sort, behind bars. It will teach them the meaning of freedom.

This debate will, God willing, increase in the years to come, as the negative effects of the forced vaccines become more and more visible. However, to me this is not only about that, and how “bogus” the “science” was should not really be a matter of big reflection.

The main issue is the limitation of freedom, both of movement and of deciding whether to get the vaccine, and this issue would be, if you ask me, a huge elephant in the room even if the vaccines had proven wonderful.

I understand that a Government might have to take emergency measures. I understand curfews in time of war. I understand limitations to freedom after a big hurricane. These measures are reasonable, traditional, limited in time, and part of our understanding of a functional freedom framework. I even accepted the “fourteen days to flatten the curve” stuff, thinking that it would be a one-off, emergency measure akin to, say, curfew. But when the extraordinary measures are used as a pontoon bridge to inflict on us limitations of liberty for an undetermined time, and even loss of livelihood for those who do not take part in a medical experiment, then I think that jail is warranted, deserved, even sacrosanct. All this is, it goes without saying, fully independent from the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the vaccines.

Unless harsh measures are taken, the Western freedoms will always be at danger of being trampled again: a “climate emergency” might well be next, and if the sheep keep bath-ing, “forgiving”, and “forgetting”, the danger will remain a real and present one.

Countless people, in Italy, have lost their livelihood, or had their pay suspended, because of this madness. They deserve to see their damages paid, and their persecutors in jail.

So, no; you forgive as much as you want. You bring all the fruits and biscuits to your MP as you wish.

When you visit him in jail.

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