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We Have All The Answers (We Can Grasp).

Here, Francis is seen in the act of not trying to sabotage the faith…

The Evil Clown has kept sowing the seed of unbelief once again, saying words to the effect that religion cannot have all the answers. I have no link here, but hey, he has said worse.

Well, religion (the right one) actually has. The problem is that Francis does not believe in this simple fact, and prefers to ignore it.

Catholicism offers, so to speak, a closed circuit of knowledge.

What I can grasp, the Church teaches me. What I cannot grasp, the Church explains and teaches to me to the extent that I can grasp, and commands that I defer to God’s superior wisdom and knowledge to the extent I can’t.

This is a truly wonderful arrangement, that allows every Catholic to walk – or, rather, march; then we are supposed to be a pretty tough bunch – through life knowing that all is fine, all is under control, we always know what we have to do, and we can trust God for all that is not in our power to do, or to understand.

This, to me, means having all answers. It also means that serenity – that factive action that is, ultimately, abandonment to God’s plan – that is a sweet spiritual nourishment to everyone who tastes it.

Some people die young. Some people get cancer. Some people die with Alzheimer. Some people live a life of suffering, struggle, or humiliation. God has a plan for all of them, a reason for their suffering, and a reward for their Christian dedication.

If I manage to get to heaven, I am one hundred percent sure that I will find, there, many an exploited peasant, many a mistreated servant, and many a work-demolished miner or sweatshop worker, who, after a life of toil spent in prayer and Christian resignation, enjoy the presence of God more fully that I will be able to. At that point, all answers will not only be present – I know already now that they are – but they will be made fully transparent to me. Even then, though, some things will remain somewhat obscure – for example, my knowledge of God will never be full -; still, they will still be perfectly clear in their nature and structure ( I will never fully know God, because I am not God). That, to me, will still as complete and satisfactory an answer as it can be.

We already have all the answers, even if some of the answers contain a shaded area. The “we don’t have all answers” seems, to me, as admission of little, or even non existent, faith.

When the mother asks why her three years old child died, “we have no answer” is no answer at all. “Your child died because this is the plan that God, in His infinite goodness, had for him” is a full, 100% true, legit mind-resting answer. This – to stay by our example – is true even if the child has died because of an injustice, an injustice God allowed to happen so that a greater good may come out of it; a greater good not less true, and not less infallibly good, merely because our little brain cannot grasp it whilst on this vale of tears.

This applies to all areas of our life. “If there is a Goooood, why waaaar?” Is the most childish question every Catholic can ever pose, closely followed by statements along the lines of “if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions, God’s creation will fail and die” and “we need to limit the number of souls God can have on this earth, for the good of His own Creation”.

We already have all the answers we can grasp, and we know that there is a wonderful answer even when we can’t. A Catholic needs to inform his life on this principle, instead of looking elsewhere (least of all, in case of hoaxes called “science”) and discover he still does not have the answer he craved, but he has damaged – or lost – the all-important key to the Kingdom of God: the strong faith for which we were born, and which our heart craves.

We are on this earth to earn our ticket to heaven. This is the main event. All the other circumstances in our lives – both those we can impute to our own mistake and those which seem simply fallen on our head by pure bad luck – are steps that God has either willed or allowed on our way there, in order to help us along the way.

It is infinitely unimportant whether we live 8 years, or 108. Whether we get in heaven or not is infinitely important and, in fact, the only thing that ultimately count. The worst bastard who ever got saved still ended up infinitely fine in the end. The worst “good guy” who ended up in hell still botched everything in the most eternally gruesome of ways.

Fighting The Deep Bird, Or: Musk Against The Wokecongs

We have all read about Elon Musk firing the top echelons of Twitter immediately after taking control.

What some might not know is that, for the rest, nothing much seems to have changed. Scott Ritter sent a “test” tweet and was promptly suspended. Other conservative people have been suspended just days before the Primaries. It is early days, but I think what is happening is clear enough.

There is a Deep State (let’s call it Deep Bird) inside Twitter, too. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people working on everything from algorithms to appeal decisions, and from HR to training, who will likely start their little personal insurgency against Elon Musk.

Musk will, also, likely be told that he “cannot do” certain things, because he would find it impossible to hire people if he did them, or because hate legislation would be coming his way. This has always been the way, and if you know the beautiful tv show “Yes, Minister!” You know what I am talking about. Musk needs to pay much attention to the legal people he hires, and take care that he has aggressive people in all places that count.

Trump had to deal with a massive Deep State insurgency; but, unlike Musk, he was not free to hire and fire as he pleased; plus, he had to work with clearly hostile Republican representatives. Musk has a much bigger latitude in his actions and, in fact, it might make sense for him to move the entire shop to Texas at the first sign Californian soyboys prefer to work elsewhere rather than being excluded from the Facebook pages of their metrosexual friends.

Musk needs to show that he will never allow Twitter to be domesticated into some “libertarian light” version of the oppressive apparatus he just bought. He cannot go for half measures, because by doing so he will not gain the trust of sensible America, and will still keep the enmity of the insane one.

Twitter must become the platform par excellence of free speech. It must also use its considerable PR and financial muscle to fight in court every measure of the EU aimed at clipping its wings.

This bird will never be free, unless a massive purge frees it from all the toxins it has accumulated in the last years.

Mr Musk is very smart, and he likely understands all this; however, what he might not be prepared for – or too interested in destroying – is the middle and low level, atomised Vietcong (Wokewong) resistance he is likely going to get. He needs to work on this with the same obsessive dedication he puts into cars and space.

Will he understand this, or will he treat Twitter merely as a kind of toy he can play with in his free time, and disregard when he is tired of it?

Time will tell.

For the moment, I suggest potential new members to wait for more positive news because giving Twitter their business.

The End Of The Craze

With great pleasure I have noticed, during the Years Of The Couf, that the Halloween pagan rite was rapidly receding.

This Year Of The Lord 2022 was the first year since 2019 that life was totally unaffected by the Virus Craze. It was, therefore, a very interesting test of where we are with this.

The results were excellent. The trade has basically ignored the entire thing, evidently considering it not worth it to redo the shop window and launch “special offers” to sell their consumerist rubbish. It was a total flop.

Yesterday evening I went for a stroll to the same shopping centre where I had been observing, year after year, the Pagan Craze (a big concentration of shops gives you a much faster way to take the temperature of the real situation).

You would not have thought it was, in fact, Halloween.

It seems to me that we are now back to where we were several years ago, before the craze began: a misguided ritual for children looking for sweets and, more often than not, being fed this stuff instead of the Four Last Things.

I salute this development. It marks a little step towards normality.

Now, if our clergy would put a bit more energy in reminding the population that today is All Saints and tomorrow All Souls, perhaps we could make some more progress.

But you see, I think they are afraid of not being nice. This saints stuff is so non-inclusive that it would be difficult, for a bishop, to explain what it is without getting into some detail as to what is necessary to be among the saints.

Still, one must be happy for little joys.

I don’t think the Halloween Craze will ever go back. It flared, it started to recede, then it was kicked in the butt by the Couf, and now it seems to have gone back to square one.

Today is the feast of All Saints. Let’s hope this feast resounds more and more in the public square in the years to come. But we’ll need a new and much better pope for this.

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