Suicidal Madness

Ukrainian version below

A good example of the utter rubbish going on in Western media is here.

This stupid woman is, most emphatically, no Joan of Arc. Firstly, Joan of Arc was a saint, and this one here is a suicidal cretin scratching her itch and, most likely, a latent lesbian. Secondly, Joan of Arc had no children.

What is appalling here is not only the extreme form of egotism of joining the army with a toddler in tow ( and note here that every mention of a husband, if any, is accurately avoided: is the new Joan of Arc, by any chance, a single mother? Or is she disobeying to her husband? What does hubby think of the madwoman he has married?) It is the fact that this behaviour is presented as a Christian virtue, including the shockingly hypocritical FrancisAppeal when you praise a young mother who is going to die for a bunch of Nazis.

I don’t know what is wrong with these people at Aleteia, but boy, the brainwashing has gone very far (and a fine brain was likely not there in the first place) when one has to read something like that in a so-called “c”atholic magazine, proving once again that it is only a waste of precious resources stolen to the toilet paper industry.

Now, one of two things will happen here: either this woman is just for show and she will accurately be kept away from the line of fire, or she will be sent to an almost certain slaughter, like the rest of the artillery men in the Ukrainian Army. Also, Aleteia does not seem to reflect that – unless this is merely a publicity stunt – the appointment of a woman with mere 6 years of service to commander of an artillery battery clearly points out to very high casualties among her peers; which, publicity stunt or not, is exactly what we all know is happening.

This is an artillery-dominated conflict, where drones and satellite communicate with great precision the position of enemy artillery positions, and where Russia has a clear air superiority and a huge artillery superiority. Do the math. The only more dangerous place to be than near a Ukrainian piece of artillery is, most likely, inside a Ukrainian tank. Compared to wannabe Joan, the not-so-holy unnatural mother, even a Ukrainian infantryman lives in security, and I can assure you his security is very, very precarious.

Then there are the lies. The article linked to by Aleteia states that the woman entered the army with a 1 year old boy at home (again, father is nowhere to be found). Her family forbade her to do something so stupid when she was young, but they are suddenly proud of her now that she has a seven years old son. This unmitigated piece of propaganda excrement is then basically copied over and uncritically fed to its readership by, of all things, a supposed catholic magazine. This is how low presstitutes can stoop nowadays.

Shame on you, Aleteia.

Shame on you, unnatural mother.

This is really beyond the pale.

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  1. Agree. Note background info on Aleteia:
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “Aleteia is an online Catholic news and information website founded in 2011/2012 by Jesús Colina via the Foundation for Evangelization through the Media. (FEM) It has the approval of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.[1]

    The President of the foundation is Olivier Bonnassies, Bruno Riviere de Precourt.[1] Members and Paolo Padrini are active in managing the Spanish site.[1] The English site is operated under Editor-in-Chief Fr Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP.

    The organization is based in France but operates in different languages and states worldwide. It is distributed in eight languages and editions (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Polish and Slovenian).”

  2. So, years ago I left the NO and Vatican II behind, ALMOST ENTIRELY because of the underlying issue our gracious host raises here: the elevation of women at the expense of the natural order.

    It was the council’s obsession with the “human experience” that gave bishops the impetus to focus on worldly topics. JPII wanted women to have equal status in the family (undermining what Scripture say concerning the headship of thr husband), and Paul VI allowed women to act as “readers” at the NO. I have yet to hear a conciliar bishop decry the thrusting of women (in general) into the workforce, or the rampant materialism that encourages it. Now, at Traditional chapels, those are not verboten topics.

  3. I remember, about 25-30 years ago, we had a huge battle in the U.S. about women in combat. Then, the next thing we knew, that battle was lost, without a peep. We don’t hear about the families that are broken up because mothers and fathers with little kids are deployed overseas to different locations, or about woman pilots who get shot down over enemy territory and gang-raped, or about the upheaval on board ship because of the presence of women in a small, inescapable space.

    Real men in the military (an increasingly endangered species) have got to be asking themselves why they are willing to risk their lives to preserve such a social (dis)order.

    P.S. On a side note, the American people — as distinguished from our criminal rulership — are not at all keen on going to war in Ukraine (and probably not aware that we already have boots on the ground there). Where I live, the Ukraine flags, which were never very numerous, have all but disappeared.

  4. Agree. This is appalling, and probably reflective of the lack of leadership. But the Ukraine “gov’t” has been maximizing casualties as much as possible, so bad command position choices are consistent with that objective.

  5. So much is wrong with that. Putting women on the front lines was not done until modern times as far as I know. It implies there are no worthy men around to do it. No one in the NBA calls up a women to play if a player gets an injury. Unthinkable.
    If she is maimed or dies, your question is on point, what happens to that small child. No mention of Dad, he would go to relatives if they would have him. How irresponsible to take that chance.
    Mom comes back from war. Is Mom going to be suffering PTSD or anxieties/traumas from her experience, that might make it more difficult to settle down and read bedtime stories and be an actual good mother.
    What of the anxieties of the child, does that matter at all? If my mother had gone to war and I had to imagine every day she might be suffering or in that moment, gone, would have been far more than I could have handled.
    Today’s world cares nothing about children.

  6. A couple of things. We (my mortar platoon) had a phrase in Korea: “In the front, small chance; in the rear, no chance” Artillery is easy to locate and destroy. The Soviets taught the Nazis that lesson with extreme prejudice.

    Any mommy and child would simply distract the rest of the unit, rendering them ineffective. The Israelis learned this lesson generations ago.

    Her camo is make-up, smeared (on with a few fingers) for effect. That’s just for the cameras.

    She’s clean, nobody in combat is clean…ever.

  7. Well, if you consider that Aleteia is funded by Soros and Gates, what do you expect of such media? They promote degenerate “lifestyles” such as those of that wymyn.

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