The Thing With The Poverty

Too much luxury. Let’s look good and spend more money instead.

Let us imagine that the Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, were to decide that the wonderful offices in the spectacularly beautiful Palazzo Chigi in Rome (see photo above) were not befitting the modern times of austerity and economic crisis.

Let us further imagine that he would decide to give an example, and move the offices of the Prime Minister in more modest quarters in some conveniently located, but cheaper and far less spectacular office space in, say, the EUR neighbourhood, seat of several Ministries already.

Let us also imagine that, for obvious security and prestige reasons, the Chigi palace were to be left empty.

Finally, let us imagine that the total space occupied by Mr Letta in the new EUR quarters were actually bigger than the space occupied by his former offices.

If all this were to happen, would you say that Mr Letta is acting wisely? Would you see in his move a sign of humility? Would you not rather point out that as the old space is kept and the new space is taken out in addition, additional costs are incurred, for the sake of the appearance of modesty and humility? Wouldn’t you say that the entire exercise is a gimmick meant to fool the gullible and to ride the wave of easy emotionalism, rather than an example of sound husbandry of the resources entrusted to the Prime Minister?

Pope Francis announces with great fanfare he is not going to live in the splendid Papal Apartments. Said Papal Apartments remain henceforward empty. He goes on to occupy an entire floor of the Domus Sanctae Marthae; for a total space, as we are now reliably informed – the relevant reports were never negated by the hyperactive Press Office of the Vatican – bigger than the space he was supposed to occupy in the Papal Apartments; a space, this one, that was built for him, then Popes are not supposed to live in hotels – much less hotels run by homosexuals – as Francis does. This, without considering the additional costs and complications linked with the necessity to provide for the Holy Father’s security in a place with people continuously going in and out.

At the end of the exercise, what you have is more costs, more inconvenience, more occupied space, and a clear waste of resources. But you have the appearance of poverty.

All fine, then.

The crowds will be delighted.


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  1. I have had the same thoughts. To take an entire floor at extra cost but with an ‘appearance’ of lesser digs. And I wonder at the criticism the next Holy Father will experience when he just tries to live in the manner of the Pope, in the proper apartments, etc.

  2. What was His Holiness saying about Hypocrisy?

  3. It seems you can fool most of the people all of the time, particularly the MSM which keeps on ad nauseum promoting the fiction that Francis has eschewed the “luxurious” papal apartments in favour of a modest bedroom in a lowly hostel and that he eats in the canteen just like everyone else because he insists on being approachable by all and sundry, even the lowest-ranking priest. You betcha!

    • Exactly.

      He goes on to pay his own hotel room – basically in front of the cameras – and everyone thinks he cleans all the neighbourhood’s toilets.


  4. Me? I would wonder just who he wants to be close to and who he wants to distant himself from.

  5. Sort of reminds me of that other attention seeker Mahatma Gandhi. He made a great deal of always travelling 3rd class on the train – not first class (of course!). It’s not mentioned that he wanted a whole carriage for himself!

  6. My favorite common comment made is; ” What Pope Francis meant to say was ….” . This kind of says it all to me. Can we have a re-call?

  7. I MISS OUR WONDERFUL POPE BENEDICT MORE AND MORE. God bless him. The present situation tempts us to despair over here. Much as I agree with previous comments, it is hard to keep a sense of humour now. God help us.

    • I do not think Benedict was wonderful, at all.
      Half the Cardinals who elected Bergoglio were of his appointment. His appointments of bishops were a true disaster. He wasn’t esteemed or feared even by his own butler. he never had the gut to enforce Summorum Pontificum. He made Assisi III. I could go on.

      I will gladly admit next to Francis Benedict looks almost like Padre Pio. But this does not mean he was anywhere near wonderful, if you ask me.


  8. No.
    Not at all.
    Jesus converted sinners. He wasn’t their accomplice.


  9. Pope Francis is wonderful!!! He could teach President Obama a few things-(of course that will never happen)!!!

    God Bless,

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