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A Time For War

Vintage Mundabor: “A Time For War” Reblog.

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non vedo non sento non parlo

Browsing around, one reads suggestions – all of them good – about what our clergy should do in these difficult times: pastoral letters, interviews, and the like. Whilst  I personally commend all these initiatives, in my eyes the times demand for something completely different.


It is nothing less than astonishing that in just a few decades the Church has reduced herself to such a degree of effeminacy that a warring Pope can’t even be conceived anymore. Modern Popes are supposed to be harmless great-uncles talking about the things that make us feel good, but never even remotely resembling people who can act, fight, and punish. The old warning of Pius XI, that a Catholic must be ready for fisticuffs (symbolic ones, as long as possible) would sound utterly outlandish in nowadays’ Popes, who are more likely to admonish us about the necessity not to harm spiders.

Popes of the…

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11 Things To Know And Share: Louie Verrecchio On Francis And The Muslims

The Pope's personal car was widely believed to be worth  more than his theology.
Louie Verrecchio has a wonderful post on the latest circus number of Francis.

I report it here in its entirety, as I do not know how to reblog from non-wordpress sites.

The way Francis and other play fast and loose with simple facts is astonishing. It is becoming common in Italy to call obvious illegal immigrants (sinking or burning old boats outside the coast to get access to the Country) “refugees”, or alternatively sans papiers (“undocumented”; but French, and therefore apparently better) as if they had forgotten them at home. Francis happily rides on the same train, as his visit to Lampedusa abundantly showed.

With the same blatant disregard for reality, Muslims and Christians are now put on the same plane: the Bible here, the Koran there, oh how nice that your parents gave you faith. That the Catholic one is the One True Faith and Islam a lie that belies Our Lord and the Holy ghost, and therefore betrays God the Father seems to utterly escape out humble prophet in black shoes. May the Lord have mercy on him. Unless Francis changes, I very much doubt it.

Below is Louie Verrecchio's text. After Francis, enjoy some Catholicism.



Pope Francis encouraged Muslims to find hope in the Qur’an. 11 things to know and share.

1. While visiting with a group of refugees at the Sacred Heart parish in Rome on Sunday, Pope Francis said:

“Sharing our experience in carrying that cross, to expel the illness within our hearts, which embitters our life: it is important that you do this in your meetings. Those that are Christian, with the Bible, and those that are Muslim, with the Quran. The faith that your parents instilled in you will always help you move on.”

2. As Catholics, we understand that the “illness within our hearts” is more than just the anxiety and sadness that accompany all who mourn and weep in this valley of tears; rather, the true source of man’s embitterment is separation from God.

3. Jesus Christ alone is the Divine Physician by whose “stripes we are healed.” (cf Isa 53)

4. The Qur’an maintains that Our Blessed Lord is but a mere man and nothing more. It is, in other words, a book of blasphemous lies, offensive to Almighty God and to those who love Him in truth.

5. One may cling to the Qur’an until their dying breath, but apart from Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, there is no salvation.

6. Those parents who instilled in their children a “faith” in the false god of the Qur’an have accomplished little more than perpetuating a lie, consigning their offspring to death.

7. Jesus Christ commissioned His Church to baptize all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe everything whatsoever that He has commanded.

8. The Vicar of Christ has a duty to carry out this mission.

9. Pope Francis failed both Our Lord and the Muslims to whom he spoke at Sacred Heart parish in Rome.

10. Pope Francis joined those Muslim parents in perpetuating a lie that essentially consigned their offspring to death.

11. We must pray and fast for the pope.

God Bless Good Father Dickson

At times I read posts in blogs written by priests that are so good I am very tempted to report them here, and add some words of personal encouragement; but then I refrain from it, because I am afraid that this might, in time, attract the ire of their bishop once some parishioner of them (or not parishioner of them) complains said priest is lauded in “ultra-conservative Catholic blogs” of the (bbbrrr…) “SSPX type”. 

I make an exception this time for two reasons: the good priest in question keeps keeping me in his blog column (thus showing a remarkable, rather astonishing candor); and his blog is – from what I can see from the referrals to mine – growing so fast that if the good man has problems with the bishop it will certainly not be because of me, but because of the bigger and bigger audience his blog attracts.

Allow me, then, to show you what a blogger priest can write when he is really, really good.  Emphases in red mine.

A Liberal is one who seeks to change Church teaching or pastoral practice in order to accommodate the changing values of the world, such as artificial contraception, cohabitation and homosexual pairings. In reality they exchange the teaching of Christ for the theories of Rogers, Freud, Marx etc. Such a person has fallen into moral heresy, abandoning Gospel morality as taught for 2000 years under the guidance the Holy Spirit.
A Conservative is one who is loyal to Rome no matter what. Be they laity or prelates, they are blind ultramontanes; those who change their teaching and pastoral practice because Rome has said so –and without asking whether Rome was entitled to make the change. This form of ultramontanism is most dangerous because it appears loyal, but it is erroneous in that it is loyal only to the Pope of the day and not to the whole history of papal and Conciliar teaching.

A Traditionalist is one who is loyal to the Pope of the day as long as that Pope’s teaching is consistent with that of previous Popes and Councils. There can never be a ‘good Pope’ who changes doctrine or allows doctrine to be sidestepped for pastoral concerns, since doctrinal change is renunciation of previous teaching and a pastoral sidestep creates a lex vivendi which gives impetus to a change in the lex credendi. A Pope who changes doctrine or sidesteps it in practice cannot be a safe, good or loyal Pope, because his task is simply to defend and promote the Deposit of Faith. He may develop it in application to new situations, but he cannot distort it or discard it in order to accommodate new situations.

Another statement is absolutely brilliant, and what we very seldom hear from priests: 

Doctrinal change and/or pastoral sidestepping are what liberals expect of Pope Francis, and at the end of the day I cannot see him obliging them. Certainly some of his off-the-cuff remarks have given a hope to liberals and in that sense they are to be regretted, but unless he has the arrogance of assuming that for two thousand years the Church has been wrong; that he alone has correctly perceived the mind and will of God who is “the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb.13:8) and in whom “there is no change, nor shadow of alteration” (Jas.1:17), Francis simply cannot oblige liberal desires.

There’s a lot here. I’ll leave this without comment. It’s just too beautiful.

May God richly bless this brave priest, and give him the richest reward when his time comes.



O’Malley: It Pays To Play Methodist

It says here that O’Malley’s shares are booming, and Dolan’s ones are tanking.

There is probably some truth in this (it is a fact O’Malley was picked, and even Dolan might be a tad too conservative for Francis), but there might be a lot of wishful thinking, particularly considering the general tone of the article. When they have nothing to write, journalists can invent astonishing trends.

What one notices is that O’Malley’s Methodist stunt with the overweight wannabe priestess “who could hardly speak for hours afterwards” is clearly having the desired effect: he is now the darling of “progressives”, the forward-thinking prelate, and the cool man on Francis’ side.

At this point, one can only suggest that the Cardinal profits from the moment and visits the Synagogue in Buenos Aires with a photographer in tow (there was one there also by the Methodists, apparently) and gets an old Jewish blessing from Rabbi Skorka, with photos all over the planet in a matter of hours.

No doubt, many bloggers would hasten to explain to us O’Malley has not converted to Judaism, so it’s all fine.




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