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The Great Papal Woodstock Doesn’t Sell.

On its way to the slaughterhouse.

On its way to the slaughterhouse.

Ah, the New Spring of the Church, what glorious fruits it was supposed to bring!

Armies of contracepting, aborting, sodomising, adultery-ing, marijuana-ing, and many other -ing people (particularly the young! Have you not noticed the enthusiasm in Brazil, most notably at the dancing bishops?) would now flock back to Mother Church, eager to experience the Humble Pope In Black Shoes.

He would welcome all of them: contracepting, aborting, sodomising, adultery-ing and marijuana-ing as they are; stinking of moral favela like it’s going out of fashion, and never ever asked to at least make an effort to clean their lives as much as they can. Why would they? In Bergoglio’s Church there is no place for such “inquisitorial beatings”, such “moralism”, such “doctrinal security”, such “hypocrisy”; in his view it is so, that not the sinner must try to become like the priest, but the priest must smell of the sinners. The implications are clear, though he leaves them unsaid. Everyone is invited, then, and nobody should dare to think he may be excluded. Atheists, Muslim, Jews: Francis has a pair of black shoes – or a wheelchair if needed – for everyone. He will gladly help you to select your kosher food. He will wish you many spiritual fruits from the Ramadan. He will tell you as an atheist you’ll be just fine following your conscience.

Does he want to convert all, or any of them? No, no, no! Come on in, oh you who thirst for self-approbation! Francis’ yoke has just been sold: we are in an age on tenderness, not “hypocritical” rules! Do you think the Blessed Virgin was anything else than luuuv?I mean, when she wasn’t “perhaps” angry at God?

Easy game, you will say. Sell out in this manner, and everyone who wants to feel good with himself will fill your churches and participate in the Great Papal Woodstock. They will stink a lot, admittedly. But Francis is not the Renaissance Prince insisting on the respect of simple rules. Make lio instead!

Did it work? Erm, well, no it didn’t. I have already reported about the United States. We are now informed of decreasing Church attendance in England and Wales, too. Notwithstanding all the media assault of wheelchairs, iron crosses, black shoes, cheap cars (two of them; then the Ford wasn’t cheap enough), kissing of deformed men, half exorcisms, liturgical abuses, breaking of almost every thinkable rule and astonishing bollocks about God the Father (who slaps you in the wrist in the worst case), Christ (who feigned anger, you see; just like Francis feigns faith), and the Blessed Virgin (has she thought: “Lies! I have been deceived!” ? Come on, she must have been rather cross at the foot of the Cross, right? Eh, ah, no?); after all, I was saying, this astonishing bombardment with populist excrement, people leave the pews.

And in fact the case can be made that many of those who stay are those who do not believe what Francis says. Because if they do, what reason do they have to go to Mass? If the worst case scenario is a slap in the wrist thanks a lot, but I’ll choose party-time, fun without end and fornication instead. Feel free to disagree, of course. Who am I to judge?

Francis, therefore, actively helps to empty the churches by sending the clear message that in the end there isn’t any need for them. You read what he says about Jesus and you’d think he is suggesting that you buy a product, or a service, that will improve your quality of life. Oh the joy of Jesus, why deprive oneself of it? But clearly there’s nothing wrong with you disagreeing, and staying by your own religion! He can’t imagine this might have serious consequences. Jesus can give you a slap on the twist, but … gasp…. punish you? No, this he cannot imagine.

This is the sad state of things. If you think Francis cares for how many people sit in the pews, you have not been paying attention.

The church as a place of worship is utterly irrelevant to him.

What he wants, is that the planet cares for himself.


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