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The Alternative Blessed Virgin

Jesus Facepalm

Believe it or not, these words come from a Pope:

The Gospel does not tell us anything: if she spoke a word or not… She was silent, but in her heart, how many things told the Lord! ‘You, that day, this and the other that we read, you had told me that he would be great, you had told me that you would have given him the throne of David, his forefather, that he would have reigned forever and now I see him there!’ Our Lady was human! And perhaps she even had the desire to say: ‘Lies! I was deceived!’

We are being punished with a Pope who does not read the Gospel, does not recite memorised prayers, and does not believe in what has been handed down to him. In fact, one can make a rather convincing case that we have a Pope who does not believe in God; certainly not in your grandmother’s.

The last example of this sad state of things emerged whilst I was on holiday, with my teeth happily sinking in the panettone. Still, I do think I should spend some words on this, lest a bus should knock me down and put an end to this vale of tears and I were to be told, in the other world, that I have remained silent about this episode in this one.

The way I always understood it, the Blessed Virgin is a perfect example of complete trust and utter obedience. In fact, it is this trust and obedience that has been not only extolled during the centuries, but brought as example to, among others, countless girls and young women in their formative years. It should be the most obvious thing on this planet that the Blessed Virgin does not doubt, does not complain, and does not feel betrayed by God. Therefore, the very idea that the Blessed Virgin may ever have had the desire to say “Lies! I was deceived!” strikes me as impious and utterly offensive of the Blessed Virgin.

When the Archangel Gabriel appears to her at the Annunciation she poses one very natural question, a question born of the obvious circumstances but certainly not out of doubt; and upon receiving the answer she promptly and unquestioningly accepts God’s will: a decision, by the way, which clearly puts her reputation on the line, and which requires a courage and – let us say it again – an unquestioning abandonment to God’s will, the like of which is barely imaginable in these times of widespread licence, when even Popes think they should not “judge”. Mary, therefore, accepts without questioning something apt to put her reputation in the gravest danger. She says: “Fiat”, not: “wait a minute”, or “mom told me never to trust what angels say”, or: “wow, just wow”. She also does not react with: “dear angel, at least promise me that there will be no suffering”, or: “I accept only if my son is going to live a splendid life and become the Roman Emperor, or such like”. She is the blessed Virgin, you see. Not a freaking Jesuit.

She simply obeys: she accepts God’s will without “ifs” or “buts”. Wonderful obedience, absolute trust, spotless abandonment to God’s will.

She is also, as Francis might or might not remember, free from original sin; which, linked to her own saintliness, makes it rather illogical to even think she might have had a doubting mind concerning everything God sent her way.

We see this in the Gospels pretty much everytime Mary is mentioned. She is told by Simeon in very plain words that a sword will pierce her heart. This is one of the “seven sorrows of Mary”, of which Francis must also have lost memory; a devotion meant to help the Neopelagian faithful to remember that Mary had the cross constantly in front of her. She is woken up in the middle of the night and must flee her own home in great haste, with a little baby, going towards an uncertain future in a foreign land (yes, this is another one of the seven sorrows).  She must undergo a most painful search for her missing son (yet another one). Never do we find in the Gospel even a hint that Mary may have ever entertained a shred of doubt, revolt, disagreement, feelings of anger, disillusionment, or complaint about her own lot.

Mary keeps all in her heart. She does not forget Simeon’s words, and which mother could! She is Love, Obedience, Trust itself. Not only the Gospels, but two thousand years of Catholic Tradition tell us so. Actually, I doubt even Protestants would see things differently, at least if they still have a shred of sound Christian thinking left in them.

Not so for our humble Pope, Francis The Little. Completely oblivious of everything from Catholic dogma to the Gospels to Catholic tradition, he reshapes the Blessed Virgin according to his own fantasies in the same way as he has done it with pretty much everything else.

As I have already stated, Francis probably does not believe in God. If he does, it does not appear to be the God in which Catholics believe, and in fact it appears to be a God perfectly fine with, among other things, Jews not believing in the Divinity of His Son. If Francis does believe in the God of the Catholics, then he simply cannot think, and does not know what he says.

Francis therefore either does not believe, or doubts, or just doesn’t know jack. As a consequence, he proceeds to adapt everything Christian to his own confused way of thinking. As he doubts or does not believe himself, “excessive doctrinal security” is a problem. If he has doubts, everyone must have doubts. Even the Blessed Virgin!

In Francis’ world, unquestioning trust in God and perfect obedience are suspiciously Neopelagian, or Promethean, or whatever stupid adjective he can concoct to describe it. To him, Francis-ness is next to godliness, and it is the measure of humble orthodoxy. Whatever deviates from Francisthought must be corrected and made new; again: not stopping in front of the Blessed Virgin herself.

Francis’ Blessed Virgin is a woman from whom the whole essence of the Blessed Virgin has been removed, in order that both him and the women of the favela may not be challenged with an example too different from themselves. Francis’ fantasy creature feels – “perhaps”, he has the goodness to add, albeit only concerning the most absurd statement; relativism doubts even its own rubbish – betrayed, short changed, even lied to; she feels she was encouraged to undertake her task under false pretences; she thinks she has been advisedly deceived.

Once again, this man boggles the mind. His insolence is breathtaking. His ignorance will become the stuff of legends.

At times I think Francis might have an alcohol problem. This would explain his absurd and confused statements, together with his uncontrolled, confused, rambling way of talking; this would provide not an excuse, but at least a cause for all the unspeakable rubbish the man continues to spit out of his very humble cuff. And in fact, if any normal Catholic in possession of a normal Catholic instruction were to say not one half, but one fifth of what Francis has been saying since March his sobriety and his sanity would be openly questioned by those around him. Most certainly, no sensible Catholic would want to attend Mass in the church of a parish priest like that.

Alas, I do not think the man has an alcohol problem. His problem is his extreme form of Jesuitism, his being so much in love with himself he forgets even the most elementary decency, his strong Peronist ideology clearly shaping his Catholicism in the most minute details, his vast ignorance of even his own vast ignorance, and his boundless arrogance now fueled by a position in which every off-the-cuff statement is saluted as a daring innovation rather than another alarming example of scandalous ignorance.

The entire secular world is telling Francis he should feel free to make Christianity new, and he has the, ahem, humbleness to think he is just the man for the job; he seem to believe he is the man compared to whom even the worst antics of V II will be considered merely an appetizer. I have never heard a public man so persuaded he is just what the doctor ordered for the welfare of humanity; not even Berlusconi in his worst day would think he can tamper with the Blessed Virgin.

Francis is alternative to Catholicism. Almost every week we get new evidence for this. Should we be surprised he has even created a fantasy Blessed Virgin?

Pray for the man, and pray that he may stop being such a disgrace. One way or the other.


Reblog: The Seven Sorrows Of Mary

The Seven Sorrows Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Michelangelo: “Pieta'”

I am not a mother (neither a woman, come to that), so I can’t really tell.

Still, I can imagine. I can imagine that I am a mother in the bliss of newly found maternity, a joy without equals.

But then I imagine that when the child is just a few days old, I am informed by a very reliable person that this child is going to undergo great suffering and a painful death. How would it feel? A short time later, I must leave my home in the middle of the night, precipitously fleeing those who want to murder the child. Some years of relative tranquillity go by (during which, though, I have never forgotten the fateful words of Simeon) and one day, I discover that through a misunderstanding my twelve years old child is missing, somewhere in a great city far away from me. Then I…

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We Have The Wrong Pope

Please take this article from the Los Angeles Times with due care. It is very easy to write “Vatican observers”, and the article is the usual mixture of facts and wishful thinking. The author might, as far as we know, not even know what Christianity exactly is, and be writing about it with the same competence with which these people write about, say, the Polar Bear. After all, this is the Los Angeles Times, merely a byproduct of toilet paper.

Still, notice how Francis’ attitude (the facts) encourages all kind of speculation (the wishful thinking). I doubt Francis will ever dare to openly go against … Francis concerning the nuns, and he has a very elementary interest in preserving orthodoxy at least concerning the worst nut cases, so that this may serve him as fig leave and persuade the Pollyanna he is an orthodox Pope after all. Still, it cannot be denied his “hippie”  message cannot but encourage the very kind of wishful thinking we read on the columns of the toilet paper press. 

I think this is deliberate. Francis knows he will keep his fig leave, and knows the liberals will love to believe he is about to get rid of it or, if the evidence speaks against this, would so much love to do it but alas, cannot act because of the baddy machos in the Vatican. Note the article also follows this reasoning: if Francis does something they don’t like, it is in order not to “alienate supporters of the previous Popes”, which explains the “puzzle” of why he isn’t a raving Liberal lunatic. Obviously, Francis will allow the nuns to go on with a high degree of freedom, whilst still formally keeping them “censored”.

The Pollyannas will be delighted. “look what a good Pope we have”, they will say, “the mad nuns are still undergoing an Apostolic Visitation!”   

Francis confuses the Catholics and stirs the most unrealistic – and evil – expectations in the wrong crowds, all the time increasing his personal approval rates.

We have the wrong Pope.


There Are No Vice-Popes, Says Archbishop Mueller.

The Eponymous Flower has an interesting excerpt concerning another interview given by Archbishop Mueller.

Mueller states a couple of things that should go without saying, if we were not living in such disturbing times.

I leave it to others to reconcile the common sense of Mueller’s statements with the vague idea of giving more “doctrinal authority” to the Bishops’ Conferences. It is clear to every sound thinking Catholic that the thing cannot be done without causing grave damage to the very idea of the Church. Bishops’ Conference have no, and can never have any, doctrinal authority, and to introduce a principle of “local doctrinal authority” means to question and severely damage the principle of the One Church altogether. 

Note that the Archbishop states the Bishops’ Conference already have some kind of “doctrinal authority” when, say, preparing catechism books; but it is clear here that this is not the autonomous exercise of a home-made authority, but merely the local implementation of universal rules. It is not a coincidence that, say, catechisms are never infallible. 

Next October will be a time of great trial for the Church, provided of course the Extraordinary Synod still takes place. I can’t imagine that anything good at all could come out of it.

We should, I think, pray that this Synod never takes place. 






Mundabor's Blog


Funny, but truthful, observation from a former LCWR president, who is upset at the fact that Archbishop Sartain, the man with the task of trying to make of them something vaguely resembling Christians, is going to attend to their next meeting in Florida; whereby attending the event here means “following all of it”.

Now, I cannot imagine an orthodox Catholic group having any problem with an Archbishop attending the one or other of their meetings or conferences. It would, methinks, be a good way to show to the hypothetical Archbishop some sound orthodoxy. Just think how much said Archbishop would probably learn from, say, FSSP priests. A win-win, really.

The matter is different, though, when a group of people not even recognisable as Christian – much less Catholic – are informed said archbishop is going to be there during the entire exercise. Clearly, the nuns are afraid the Archbishop…

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2014 SSPX Rosary Crusade: Keep Calm, And Count Your Rosaries.

Beato Angelico, "Madonna and Child"

Beato Angelico, “Madonna and Child”

The SSPX has now released the anticipated details about the 2014 Rosary Crusade.

All details here.

I will not repeat the very useful and complete information you will find on the site. Still, please note the following: 

1. As Francis invites you not to pray by rote, and ridicules those who count rosaries, it is the more important we react to this devotional barbarism by increasing our efforts not only to pray the Rosary, but to reestablish Tradition.  

2. From the site:

The three-fold object of this Rosary Crusade for the good of the entire Catholic Church is:

  • To implore from the Immaculate Heart of Mary a special protection for the traditional apostolate;

  • For the return to Tradition within the Church;

  • For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the consecration of Russia.

The insertion of the consecration of Russia will certainly be welcome to many of us, and might persuade the one or the other to join this crusade who are not the best fans of the SSPX.

3. The tally and reporting have been made as easy as possible, with several formats that can be used for the purpose, and with the possibility to send only one tally by email in June.

The aim is 5 million rosaries. Just think: all that rosary counting!

This is more than enough to let the heart of a good Catholic rejoice.

Keep calm, and count your rosaries.




Many thanks to all those who have written (or thought) nice things during the Christmas days. I have replied to many of them but the exercise was getting a tad repetitive.

You are in my unworthy prayers.



Letter To A Baby About To Be Aborted.

Mundabor's Blog

My dear little one,

I write to you in a very difficult moment of your very young life, because even if you cannot read I think there are some things of which you should be informed.

In just a few minutes your young and tender life – a God-given gift, full of bliss and promise – will be abruptly, unnaturally, and cruelly put to an end. I am very sorry to tell you that if you have already developed small legs and arms , and are already almost looking like a little child, you will be torn to pieces whilst still living, and you will be extracted from your mother’s womb one piece at a time.

Your rests will be discarded. You will not be considered a person, so you will not be buried.

Talking of your mother, she has by now persuaded herself – in conscience – that you…

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Be Brave

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The morning after, and conservative Catholics are trying to come to terms with what has happened. I have been around on the Internet, and I see a despondency almost pleased of itself. “We are doomed!”; “Lord, have mercy!” and similar expressions are very easy to be found. Do you want my take?

Get a grip.

The world has not ended, and it is not as if Schoenborn or Meisner had been made Pope. This Pope might be bad or very bad as the case may be (I have almost abandoned hope that he might be only mildly bad, though you never know), but he will not be the undoing of anything, least of all our Holy Mother Church.

The Church who survived Liberius and Benedict IX, John XXII and Alexander VI, Leo X and Paul VI will also survive Francis, no matter how bad or how long his pontificate. Countless…

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“Adeste Fideles”

“Tomorrow Shall be My Dancing Day”

Next Year, A Good Pope!

I have read somewhere that it is a Jewish tradition on one of their festivities to say “next year, in Jerusalem!”, thus renewing in a beautiful manner their hope to be reunited in the Holy Land.

Whilst I do not need to tell you that the religion is the wrong one, I always thought the mentality right. There is a hoping against hope that is moving in its childish stubbornness, a clinging to the desire for better times that refuses to give up. I like that.

Looking at the present situation, I cannot avoid making this traditional Jewish attitude my own in these days leading to Christmas, and to resolve to express the same wish every year, to the end of my days if needs be:

Next year, a good Pope!

A very Merry Christmas to you, dear readers, and to your beloved ones. May our present troubles be a help, with God’s grace, to our salvation. Pray in particular for Pope Francis: that he may become himself the good Pope for whom we long.


“Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”

“The First Noel”

WYD Ass Prize: Pick Your Winner!







As the Year of Our Lord 2013 is slowly leaving us it might be good to revisit, as a perennial warning, one of the most ominous loads of bovine excrement served to the faithful by the joyful nuChurch of Francis, The Humble Guy.

This video is an eloquent testimony of the state in which our stupid prelates have reduced the One True Church.

Faithful to the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, I invite you to post this madness on your blog, or on your facebook page, or to send it to your friends so that they know what they must think the next time one of these nincompoops wants to teach us some strange novelty.  

You  might also want to pick your own very special prelate for individual shaming, and warning to the other faithful.

After two runs (which were difficult enough to stomach), in my view the clear winner is the athletic, enthusiastic chap at 2:41 to 2:44. His dope must have been of the first quality. I hope there was a time when he was worthy of the habit, but as things are now I think he should be stripped of it stante pede

Can’t imagine any of the apostles making such an ass of himself. Denying Christ in a moment of weakness, yes. Being fearful of persecution, of course. But making a pathetic clown of himself and the Church he is called to represent at that age just to please a bunch of idiots and try to show them he is cool and modern? No.


“We Three Kings Of Orient Are”

I’ll Be Dead This Christmas

I never liked the Salvation Army. Last time I looked, the Church didn't recognise their baptism; which means – if memory serves – they are officially wannabe Christians. Always last time I looked – these almost-Proddies change their doctrines and practices very fast, so you never know – they did not drink alcohol, which makes an Italian like me smell fanaticism from one mile away. Come on, Jesus drank wine. Get real.

Well, then: the very same people who oppose wine apparently do not oppose abortion in particular cases.

I find these kind of distinguos always tragically funny.

“I am sorry, little one. But you see, your little heart beats because of a rape; your little hands are being formed because of the wrong motives. God cannot want for you to be born, surely?

Therefore, little one, please bear with me as I tear you apart, fracture your skull, dismember you piece by piece, and try to stop your rather stubborn little heart that keeps beating.

Please don't condemn me. I am so good, I do not even drink wine”.

Don't give money to the Salvation Army.


“O Holy Night”

A Time For Choosing (Again!)

In a recent interview – the man seems unable to refrain from interviews now, after having said he did not like giving them; heavens, just think if he did… – the Bishop of Rome waxes lyrical about tenderness.

It would, in fact, do some good reading about such worthy sentiment, if it were applied in a halfway reasonable way, and for halfway understandable reasons.

It is certainly not tenderness, but laxity and scandal to allow Monsignor Ricca to remain at his post. The more so, as Francis gives further scandal by remaining in close contact with the man. Please remember that Ricca was found out, not reformed. Please also consider the man showing such scandalous “tenderness” to him is one able to make very offensive jokes about this supposed “gay lobby” not having ID card with them, though funnily enough for him even worldwide scandal isn’t enough evidence, so one wonders whether he would believe the ID, or even the T-shirt.

It is also not tenderness, but being accessory in sin to encourage “progressive” nuns to keep “progressing”, without caring much of warning letters they might receive from the CDF. This is encouraging the blind to keep leading other blind, and if it shows tenderness to anyone, then it must be Satan. To the nuns, he says that the priority is that they go forward. If it’s going forward in heresy, oh come on, let’s not be too legalistic about that, eh? ah? no?

But most importantly, it is not tenderness at all to allow a brutal crackdown on an exemplary order, to which no heresy of any sort, and no accusation of behaviour at variance with sound Catholicism can be moved, other than to have grown increasingly more fond of the Tradition of the Church, liturgical and otherwise. The progressive nuns can go “forward” to the point of getting the attention of the doctrinal watchdog and Francis encourages them not to worry, and actually not to care. The Franciscans of the Immaculate grow fond of orthodoxy, and Francis drives over them with the steamroller.

In this year of unspeakable scandal, it is almost not noticed anymore that an order can be beaten so savagely because suspected of sympathies with Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory, when they still keep doing what no Lefebvrian would do: celebrate abundant Novus Ordo Masses. If this isn’t the height of open enmity with Church Tradition, I do not know what is.

No tenderness for them, then. No fluffy talk. No rhetoric of “going forward”. In Francis’ word you can only go forward if you challenge Catholic Tradition, of which he is very evidently an enemy in liturgical, canonical and doctrinal matters. If you, on the other hand, defend what has been transmitted to us, you are a “legalist”, a “Pharisee”, suffer of excessive “doctrinal security”: in short, you are the enemy.

The celebrant of the Pinocchio Mass and of the Tango Mass is cracking down on good priests who love the Tridentine Mass. Shall I insult your intelligence telling you who is right?

It is happening under our very eyes, and it is astonishing how many simply choose not to see. Perhaps there are things we don’t know, they wonder? Could the Pope be, be… – shock! horror! – …. wrong? This cannot be, it simply can’t! If such a thing were to be admitted, their entire faith would crumble! Their religion is the belief in an impeccable Pope, the remote-controlled toy of the Holy Ghost! Better be blind, then; and when reality is plain to see, simply react with a perplexed “Hhmmm, there must be something we don’t know! We shouldn’t judge without having all the elements”…

Fools. What would they have said about the Holocaust? Would they ever have had a chance of getting “all the elements”? Not even Nazi grandees did! Do they think what happens under the sun is not enough to ground the duty to take a stand? Did his contemporaries know everything about Stalin’s motives? Did they know everything about what happened in the villages of Cambodia, where Pol Pot marched “forward”?

It’s happening now. It’s under the sun. Under your very eyes. Wake up.

Granted: the compulsive blind think their claimed “lack of knowledge” exempts them from making mistakes, and they will be on the safe side by siding with the Pope because hey, no one has ever heard of bad Popes, right? They are so wrong. They won’t get away with willful blindness, with superstitious Papolatry. They have made a choice. They can’t avoid choosing – and be it only out of cowardice: cowardice is a choice – when right and wrong, Tradition and Revolution, Thurible and Tango are so obviously opposed.

Choose this day, therefore, if you are on the side of two thousand years of Church Tradition, and of countless saints; or on the side of the bearer of strange novelties; the protectors of sodomites; the appeasers of heretics, infidels and atheists; the aides and abettors of heterodoxy in almost every form, even when they know the very CDF is alerted; and the promoters of liturgical abuses and of scandalous masses.

Say, then, the day you die, that you chose the Tango danced on the sanctuary rather than the Mass of the Ages; that you were ready to condone – nay, believe – the almost daily offences to sound Catholicism everytime someone showed you a new verbal contortionism to “justify” it; that you saw a Pope washing the feet of women and infidels, and did not say a word; that you saw excellent priests of a prospering, utterly orthodox Order humiliated and slandered, and an excellent organisation thrown to the dogs for… loving Tradition.

Say all this, if you want to. As God sees me now as I write, if I die tomorrow I want to die on the side of Padre Pio and Pius XII, of Pius X and Archbishop Lefebvre; on the side of those for whom Truth was something to cherish and protect, not to “bring forward” in the land of strange novelties that appease the public, and offend Christ.

Choose this day, and consider what is at stake.

And don’t be fooled by talk of “tenderness”. Every wolf can talk of tenderness.

Look at how he acts instead.


Sign The FFI Petition!

The Crypto-Lefebvrian Reblog

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I invite all my gentle readers to follow the link to the Eponymous Flower and from there follow the link to the petition for the resignation of Father Fidenzio Volpi from his position of Apostolic Commissioner of the FFI.

In writing this I am perfectly aware that the ultimate responsible of the mess is not Father Volpi, but the Bishop of Rome itself. Still, it is good at times to – as we say in Italy – speak to the wife so that the mother in law may understand.

Francis is actively promoting the slow suicide of the Church, as abundantly seen from the recent of the Dutch bishops, whom he invited to be more attentive to social issues in one of the most welfare-led countries of the planet. he also told them we have only seen half the work of the V II. This is why, I add…

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FFI: Please Spread The Word

Rorate Caeli has, once again, very interesting information about the FFI.

Not only the matter itself of their alleged crypto-Lefebvrism is discussed, but the lies and, apparently, outright slander against the founder of the Order are dealth with in great depth after the misinformation spread by some imprudent and perhaps all too interested corners.

It is necessary that the Catholic world reacts with great outrage to this kind of acting, and to the thinking that is clearly at the origin of the acting. Make no mistake: the ongoing demolition of the FFI is the first step in the attempted demolition of Traditionalism.

Please mail, reblog or distribute the information from Rorate to everyone you think might be a useful recipient of the information.

It might be too late to save the FFI; but the more outrage there is, the more our popularity-seeking Bishop of Rome might be persuaded to a less indecent conduct.



This Time, Ann Coulter Is Quite Right

Ann Coulter's statement that if the Pope believes you don't need to be Catholic he may as well work as an anchor for some TV outlet is quite right.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus. Jesus will certainly admit, in the last moment before death, some unbaptised, and certainly a greater number of non Catholics into that Church outside of which there can be no salvation; but this is subject to very strict criteria, chief of which is Invincible Ignorance, and it certainly requires an uncommon amount of stupidity – or else, Jesuitism – to think this “escape hell” card is something one can confidently expect. Two thousand years of Catholic tradition, and the clear mandate of Jesus Himself, show this beyond doubt.

If, therefore, someone believes that belonging to the Only Church is some kind of nice, “joy bringing” accessory whose lack does not stay in the way of salvation provided one is a good chap of more or less humanitarian attitude, he has no business being the Pope.



SSPX: New Rosary Crusade

The SSPX will launch a new Rosary Crusade on 1  January.

Details here, with many thanks to the reader Elizabeth.

Other details will hopefully follow as to the participation of the laity (I’d love to enroll, though I do not live in the US).

Also please look at the other beautiful initiative of the pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 


I look at the SSPX and Francis, and I have not the slightest doubt about who could teach Catholicism to the other.


“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Pope Concerned Over Rosary Praying

Mundabor's Blog


Read on Rorate the transcript (unofficial and unauthorised; I wonder whether a dementi will follow) of the latest free-wheeling thoughts of a Pope for whom to think of something and to say it seems to be one and the same.

A group of faithful offers him more than 3,500 rosaries prayed for him. Think how beautiful and moving this is! Would you not be moved at knowing someone prayed one Hail Mary for you? When the Pope receives not 3,500 Hail Mary, but 3,500 rosaries he is not at all overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of this gift; instead, he takes it “with respect”, but he is also “concerned” at the practice.

The Rosary? Seriously? Do you think you live in the Forties? And come on, are you even counting?

Please visit Rorate and read there the entire text of the transcription; it transpire an atmosphere of mockery among…

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Wins Mundabor's Clown of the Year award hands down...

I wonder when the Pollyannas will start to realise that the enthusiasm of libtards and assorted perverts for Francis does not come from them misunderstanding him, but from them understanding him all too well.

The last piece of evidence is here, with the crowd of perverts “honouring” Francis because he “changes the perception” of perverts abandoning themselves to abominable practices.

How can you deny they are right, and the Pollyannas are wrong? Francis downplays both homosexuality as a perversion and sodomy as a sin crying to heaven for vengeance, in front of a global audience, and obviously being very pleased with the result.

Let us not be blind and let us see reality as it is.

Whether out of sheer stupidity, or appalling ignorance and arrogance, or outright evil intention, this man has been working for the enemies of Christ since March 13.

From their friends you'll recognise them.

Beware of the wolf in black shoes.



“In Dulci Jubilo”

Lessons From The FFI “Golpe”

The name Volpi (Foxes) is very misleading...

As the weeks go by and the progressivist steamroller flattens the FFI to the ground, it might be useful to take some measurements and spend two words about what I think is happening on a broader perspective. I think the following observations can be made:

1. A very tiny number of dissenters (apparently around half a dozen in an order counting hundreds) was enough to start the most brutal crackdown in several decades. The same excuse can be now used everywhere. Woe to the FSSP if there are little dissensions, with a handful of Judas among them saying the Order has become “divisive”, or “crypto-lefebvrist”: an accusation very easy to fabricate, as the FSSP exist to celebrate – even if not exclusively – the same Mass of which Francis has said that it can be, exactly, divisive. Were this to happen, they would probably be doomed, and their only hope of survival would be in Francis' fear of the SSPX. In this case we would have a real paradox: an Order living only thanks to the other Order it was born to destroy. Still, the FSSP can be damaged and watered down in many ways without having recourse to the brutality of the full “FFI treatment”. Personally, I think this is exactly what will happen in the years to come.

2. It should be clear to even the least intelligence that Francis is fully behind all that is happening. Firstly, it is simply not conceivable that such brutality be adopted without the Pope's previous assent; secondly, Father Volpi – the FFI's torturer – has explicitly mentioned the Holy Father's support for his action and has not been contradicted, much less forced to backpedal. This is, ultimately, all Francis' doing, as plain as the sun.

3. The crackdown is not against people, but attitudes. The closure of the seminary shows in Francis' and Volpi's mind the problem lies not in single individuals, but in the traditionalist Weltanschauung of the order. They are targeted because they love Tradition, full stop.

The FFI is the most evident sign of Francis' reigning style we had up to now: as ruthless and brutal when he sees successful Catholicism at work as he is slyly active in promoting his own dying but very convenient brand of kindergarten Catholicism.

Please, Lord, let this punishment come to an end soon.


The Pope, The Mug And The Finger

Well, I certainly could not have put a photo of the finger...

And it came to pass a famous blogging priest presented a new “line” of Catholic merchandise, and most notably of a mug, poking innocent fun at some of the not-so-impenetrable (but actually very clear) words of the Bishop of Rome against Traditionalists.

Promptly, other bloggers accused him of showing the finger to Francis, and one came to the point of suggesting he becomes a full time parish priest again. The “tolerance” of progressive bloggers is the source of ever new amusement.

I'd like to expand here on two subjects: the mug and the ministry.

As to the first, it is clear that whilst no malice is intended, a very mild criticism is implied in the creation – and purchase – of the product. It is very clear to everyone with a brain that Francis is, to put it very mildly, no friends of Traditionalists; an attitude expressing itself with cryptical, at time stupid, barely comprehensible meaning, but whose ultimate target is clear enough. The blogger in question returns, so to speak, the favour by expressing “criticism of the criticism” in the same veiled but, in the end, clear manner. Still, this is clearly no crusade. If this is called showing the finger, Stalin is truly among us.

As to the ministry: a blog like the one in question, with around 750,000 pageviews a day – own sources, and they from last summer – probably reaches between 5,000 and 10,000 people a day according to their surfing habits. This is the equivalent of a good number of healthy parishes. The readers of the blog are fed every week with an enormous amount of extremely instructive liturgical explanations, and Catholic content of extremely high quality. Whilst I think the attitude of this particular blogger towards the present disgraceful pontificate way too mild – and rather too mild even considering he is a priest – I cannot see how anyone can deny the great service made to Catholicism by a work like this; particularly when compared to the fluffy stuff of the “Patheos” blogger crowd, whence the criticism came.

I personally find this line of merchandising not a particularly lucky one. With its irony poked at barely comprehensible words containing an “inside joke”, the message is not accessible to the casual observer, which I think is what a bumper sticker or coffee mug for the workplace should be first and foremost. Yes, someone will ask, but many will ignore. Write on the mug “Proud Catholic Traditionalist” or the like, and see people reacting.

I thought I would report about this incident, in part to amuse and in part to point out to the usual intolerance of the tolerance crowd.

My suggestion to them is to relax. We are on the firing line, not them.



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