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USA: Predictably, No “Francis effect” on Mass Attendance.

Titanic, The French Way


And it came to pass in France some smartass thought perversion makes for good business and, encouraged by the newly approved satanic legislation, decided to organise a fairy concerning marriage “for everyone” (note the attitude).

Now, what the organisers and those who booked the stands have neglected to think is that heterosexual people might not have a great enthusiasm for mixing themselves with pervs, and the pervs are very, very limited in numbers.Besides, fags hate fags.

The result? A catastrophe. Around 150 people have visited the fairy in total; the total of sales amounts to two rings, bought by a heterosexual couple. It appears the organisers have even hired some young people as “extras” to walk around the place and give the impression it’s not Fukushima after the accident.

What do we, the thinking people, learn from the episode?

1. The vast majority of people, even in a heavily secularised country like France, does not care a straw for perverts. What sways them in the wrong direction is all the screaming about “homophobia”, and the desire to feel vaguely “good”; but really, it appears most of them they do not care one Hollande.

2. If there were the courage to call a pervert a pervert, and this were made clearly and insistently instead of saying “who am I to judge”, this issue could be dealt with in just a few years. Then we could move on to the next interesting step: the destruction of the career of all those clergymen and politicians who have used sexual perversion to promote their own personal advancement.

Alas, it will not happen. As long as the perception is there that it pays to insult God’s laws, there will be no scarcity of people ready to do it from the parliamentary seat, the pulpit, or the Popemobile.


The Concise Catholic Dictionary

Courtesy of reader Jeff, an excellent – and free – source from the cyberspace.

The Concise Catholic Dictionary is a text published in 1943. A rather complete collections of words concerned with Catholicism.

This excellent book can be downloaded in its entirety, and if you have the right software you may be able to use several functions like search etc. offline.

If you look at it online, the work is being improved to make its fruition easier, so it will be easier to use as time goes by.

As the Internet allows us to recover more and more of the wonderful patrimony of the past, sources like this one can only be welcomed. 

Many thanks also to those who made this possible by putting the resources online at no cost.


Fags Hate Fags

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