“Vir Dei”: The Prayer To The Guardian Human

No need for a caption, I think...

No need for a caption, I think…




Inspired by the latest statement of Pope Francis, I thought that the Pope might, now that it has been decided that Angels are inferior to Man, ask each Catholic to become the Guardian Human of an angel.

As he is there, the Bishop of Rome could ask the angels to recite their daily prayer for their Guardian Human.

Being somewhat conservative, I suggest the following text:

Vir Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me tibi commissum pietate pontifica,
hodie illúmina, custodi, rege et guberna.


Man of God, my guardian dear,
to whom Pope’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, and guide.

There. This is fixed.

All these preconceptions and superstitions about angels have gone on for too long. Thankfully, we now have Francis to tell us, very humbly, what is what.



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  1. Psalm 8:5? Hebrews 2:7?

  2. Well , Mundabor , I hope the Angels have the sense of British humour . But what do you think , will every Catholic ‘ human ‘ be allowed to choose his own Angel , or will be mandatory to adopt the Angel chosen by the Holy Father ? What’s the Angels’ opinion about this brand new Papal project ? May they agree or not to agree ? And what is the destiny of our personal ‘angelo custode ‘ ?

    • Our personal Guardian Angel will receive a letter from the Vatican informing him of his redundancy following the restructuring of V II. A guardian human will be offered to him in the same letter, but he will be warned that social contributions for the Argentinian favelas will be levied.

      I think I know what the Angels think of this. I think he should be afraid. But again I do not think that man believes in God at all, so he probably isn’t.


  3. Do you perhaps have a link to the story, or a quote? Thank you

    • “and when God finished creating man, He didn’t say that “it was good”, He said that it is “very good!”, He draws us close to Him. And in God’s eyes we are the greatest, the most beautiful, the best things about Creation…”But father the Angels? No the Angels are beneath us! We are more than the Angels! We heard it in the Book of the Psalms! God really loves us! We have to thank him for this!”


      This was the day Francis free-wheeled about both the angels and the environment. I have written blog posts recently about both.


  4. I have to agree with you. I cannot fathom where he has gotten his ‘snapshot’ of God, but it is certainly not from God’s Church. Your average protestant knows better.

    I am very tired of hearing how smart Francis is, or JPII, or JohnXXIII. I don’t see any of them as smart. I see them as crafty. I have worked with all kinds of people, as have most readers here, and most of us are familiar with the type who make it to the top by being crafty. That is not the same thing as smart.

    • It seems to me everyone can jusge people’s intelligence very well in real life, but they refuse to do when confronted with a Pope.

      To them, the Pope is always smart.

      No, he isn’t. He can be an idiot, or an evil man, or both, like everyone else.


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