The True Face Of Feminism

A celebration of Feminism. Quite.

A celebration of Feminism. Quite.

The disturbing, clearly satanical, statue you see above has been installed in London, where the Tyburn Tree used to be. 

The satanic monster is, we are assured, “symbolic of female strength and a desire to care for the young”. 

Words fail. The picture says it all. This, my dear reader, truly is feminism made statue. Utterly unfeminine, completely threatening, and through and through disquieting. I would call it some pagan cruelty deity, but actually the adjective “satanic” comes automatically to mind.

The funniest thing of them all, is that the feminist/satanic “artist” complains that the homeless have decided to live around the monster. Not because it’s beautiful, mind; rather, because it gives them shade.

Words fail… again. One would have thought that the heroic (male) defender of the oppressed female of the world would be proud of having his oh so beautiful work used in such a way by other oppressed of the earth? No solidarity? Tsk, Tsk.

What an ugly bitch, this man. I think he looked at his soul for a moment or two, and came out with the idea for the monument.

I hope petitions will be started for the removal of the satanical monster. It will scare the children. Actually, it will scare the adults, too.

It is the perfect representative of the satanic, ugly world awaiting the coming generations when Christianity is – which is not improbable – wiped out of Europe, in one generation or two.


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  1. Are scarecrows not better placed in a field?

  2. Satanic. No other word for it.

    Before this, Madrid had the only statue in the world of Satan. But as a formerly Catholic nation, it portrayed him falling from Heaven, and crestfallen.

    This atrocity celebrates him.

    I’m thinking we really need to bring back that prayer to St. Michael after Mass. But under this pope, forget it.

  3. A perfect statue for the millions of women and men who claim the killing of their unborn children to be a right. Well, maybe not “perfect.” Put a six-month-old unborn infant between its teeth and then it will be.

  4. You miss the pure genius of this – any male skydivers in a pint too many…

  5. A pregnant Doberman Pincer with Bat Wings. Stupid. But then English like to be led by the nose. Right. The Queen and Parliament are everything. The citizen of England is Nothing.

    • Oh, the queen is nothing all right.
      Not that I complain…
      The country is so much in love with the desire to be in love with itself, it is quite sickening…

  6. Reminds me of the disillusioned Israelites when Moses went up to the mountain.

  7. Clearly a Molochian satanic sentinel to and from Hell. The believe the masses are so programmed and conditioned now to evil as a good, that they are now simply putting the truth forward. What truth? That they worship and revel in Satan. That they are suicidal, nihilistic, cruel, mean, foul, and bestial. That they are demonically possessed and obsessed. Indeed, the worldlings are now almost a separate species of human; dead of soul, totally self-absorbed, and barking mad. And, thus, quite dangerous to us all…

  8. Matthew Chiglinsky

    I don’t buy the demonization of “feminism”. What do you call a Christian woman who wears modest pants, speaks her mind, and doesn’t enjoy being raped? Because this is a type of feminist. Feminism and Christianity overlap.

    I think the evil version of feminism you’re referring to is secular progressive liberalism.

  9. I suggest a similar size statue of Mohammed driving a pig into Smithfield market ……..

    That, unlike this monstrosity, would never get planning permission. Catholics are fair game and can be insulted with impunity, but insult Mohammedans and fury will descend on you (despite the fact that our heritage is Christian).

    All men are equal, but some are more equal than others …..

  10. The only thing this can be compared to is the overtly demonic community of the Aztecs. As Warren Carroll wrote in 1983, “nowhere else in human history has Satan so formalized and institutionalized his worship with so many of his own actual titles and symbols. ” We are rapidly reaching that point again. Moreover, it is truly satanic that the very words of consecration are used to justify the unspeakable murder of millions of children in the womb- “this is my body.” This is the modern day human sacrifice to the Devil, with a slogan that plainly mocks the most holy Eucharist. As with the Aztecs, the devotion of our modern culture to the Devil makes one’s blood run cold.

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