Laudato Si And Humanae Vitae

I read around invitations to treat Laudato Si in the same way as liberals treated Humanae Vitae: ignoring it. 

This is the wrong attitude, and will create bad Catholics. 

Humanae Vitae was about Catholicism. Laudato Si is about environmental madness. The first is a legitimate topic for an encyclical letter and, insofar as it reflects Catholic teaching, must be treated with corresponding respect. The second is a very, very long printed fart of the Evil Clown touching on Catholic issues only when convenient to push an enviro-communist agenda; therefore, Laudato Si must by no means be ignored, but rather insulted as a shame for the Church.

We are Catholics. We accept that the Pope teaches us Catholicism, when the Pope is able and willing to do so, and makes his job as Pope. But we also denounce this buffoon as a secular moron slave of every wrong secular ideology (provided it makes him popular among those he likes, who are those who hate Catholicism), and not ashamed of prostituting two thousand years of Catholicism to promote them.

We do not ignore Laudato Si. We denounce it as a very long printed fart unworthy of anyone with a working brain, let alone a Pope.


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  1. This encyclical is an attempt to revive the “Seamless Garment.”

    This Pope has made abundantly clear that he wants bishops who will not speak about abortion. Cupich, McElroy, and many other Francis appointees, are unanimous in giving Communion to pro-aborts. (They hate Burke because he has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that giving Communion to pro-aborts is a mortal sin.)

    A practitioner of the “Seamless Garment” was Archbishop Roach of Minneapolis/St. Paul. In 1984, he hugged the pro-abort Presidential candidate Walter Mondale in public, saying: “This is the real pro-life candidate. He’s against nuclear war.”

    This encyclical arrives just in time to help countless bishops, priests, Democrats, journalists, etc., to tell Catholics: “You are obligated to vote for pro-abortion candidates, because all the pro-life politicians want to DESTROY THE EARTH WITH CARBON!”

  2. Yes. Jorge is confusing Caesar and God in a massive way. And probably on purpose.

    I do not presume good will on his part any longer. He reminds me literally of the Devil saying to Jesus, “command these rocks to turn to bread” since he was hungry. The “social gospel”. It’s all he talks about and today he actually said that material poverty is at the heart of the gospel. That is such an obvious Lie that he is either deranged by his Marxist view of the world or worse.

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