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Catholics and Christians are being targeted for mass murder all over the world, and here we get a papal encyclical on climate change and global warming?  I don’t know.  The two don’t go together.  If we’re gonna have a papal encyclical, you would think it be something opposing war or the real enemies of people.  Is climate change an enemy of the Catholic Church?  Is climate change an enemy of Catholics? Even if it is happening, as they say, is climate change a matter of faith?  Is it something that the church believes is a weapon being used against the faithful?  I don’t know folks.  It just doesn’t wash here.  And that’s why when I first heard the pope start talking about economics, just like in this encyclical on global warming, just sounded like pure, not even diluted, Marxism.

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Pope Francis did not get his degree in 1936 (he was, unfortunately for all of us, born on that year) but for the rest you get what the man wants to say, and in essentials he is spot on.

The matter here is not even whether the global warming is a hoax or not (it is; but it is not about this). The scandal is a Pope prostituting Catholicism to his own anti-Western, proto-communist agenda.

Shame on him, and let us hope he dies soon.


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  1. mariachristina9

    Thanks for the link to Rush. He’s not even Catholic but he gets what’s going on with the Pope. The talk about his birth year reminded me of something else I read about it. Sister Faustina of the Divine Mercy Devotion (which is not mandatory for Catholics to believe) kept a diary until her death in 1938. Here’s one entry: “I have suffered more today than ever before, both interiorly and exteriorly. I did not know it was possible to suffer so much in one day. I tried to make a Holy Hour, in the course of which my spirit had a taste of the bitterness of the Garden of Gethsemane.” The date was December 17, 1936, the day Pope Francis was born.

  2. Mundabor.Your words are strong and very critical of this man who refers to himself as the bishop of rome-and not the pope.I read your writings every day,and i agree with everything you say .I wonder is it time for me to leave my novus ordo church or return to the true faithful church of The Tridentine Latin Mass and the society of Pious The Tenth?By the way i already do!!So sad.2017 is near and Fatima is soon to be realised in its prophecies.God Bless .

    • To attend by the SSPX does not mean to leave the Church. They belong to the same, only church.
      Beware of sedevacantism. I am afraid many Sedes do attend SSPX services, though they actually shouldn’t.

  3. I have met an occasional Sede at our SSPX chapel but they are firmly redirected. Of course, I’m sure there are those who never admit it out loud, although that’s unusual for a Sede. They do not like to keep it to themselves.

  4. Who ever thought that one of the experiences that Catholics might have to endure is mortification! Persecution – we know that is always a possibility – but NO ONE prepared us for the possibility of having a slime ball for a Pope. It is embarrassing, humiliating – I just cut to the chase anymore and tell people that Pope Francis is a Marxist. They’re shocked, but it has the useful result of ending the conversation. Also, maybe it will open their eyes. Anyone still defending this man must have a pathological need to be liked by liberals.

  5. blueskirtwaltz

    Call me a prophetess. The afternoon he stepped out onto the balcony, my first words were, “He’s a communist.” I hate being right! Kyrie eleison.

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