Urgent: Please Save (Literally) This Blog

Coming to a courtroom near you

Coming to a courtroom near you

I can see the time come when WordPress (who have been putting a faggoty “rainbow flag” on my admin pages since yesterday; you cannot see it, but I can) will kick out all the blogs that do not conform to the new mantra of satanic “inclusiveness”. Still the First Amendment protects all US based blogs, but when you start to decide that being  a pervert is a “human right” it follows that Catholics are the new Ku Klux Klan.    

WordPress has, all in all, been very good to me as they allow you to create an anonymous blog that is really anonymous. Blogger (Google) does not do it, as you must register with email and mobile phone. In Europe you cannot get anonymous, prepaid mobile phone numbers, or anonymous, disposable credit cards come to that, and it would not be possible to do a lot that can be done in the US. Therefore, the alternatives are limited.

I will stay with WordPress for the time being, but the time will come when either they ban this blog or I decide that there is a better alternative around. As it is, the work of transferring all the material to a new platform for no material improvement is, I think, not worth the hassle. 

Still: with WordPress you can get an “export file”, which would allow you to move all of your texts (I think it’s limited to the texts; not sure) to another blog. It is a series of “xml” files. I have downloaded the files, but if push comes to shove I would be absolutely lost at knowing what to do with them. I assume the work of “blog transfer” is a very technical one, because WordPress wants more than $100 to do it from their clients (I would not do it anyway, because there is no way of anonymous payment).  

This message has, therefore, the following appeal:

1. If any of you good people has enough technical knowledge to make a backup copy of my blog from outside (that is: without me giving you my password, just as a third party user), please feel free to do so. I doubt very much that this is possible for both legal and technical reasons, but hey, what do I know….

2. If it were to come to the worst, I would have to look for a suitable alternative to WordPress and then look for people skilled enough that, on being given the files, they can put all or some of them in the new blog of choice, with me giving them the password to make all necessary arrangements. I imagine this would be a time-consuming work, so I think it could be done on a limited scope initially, or from several people a bit at a time.

I am looking for volunteers who would, should the time come, know how to do it and would be ready to do it. Again, it does not have to be done now, but I am aiming at knowing what degree of difficulty it would have and how difficult would it be to find good souls ready to do this good deed.

There are more than 4000 posts on this blog (including the reblogs, but still…). It would be a shame if all this work were to get lost. 



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  1. It’s definitely possible to have anonymous mobile phone in Poland.

  2. Prayer for an Anonymous Traditional Catholic Blogger of Italian Heritage Who Writes in English

    O, Lord, though you have gifted us with this new day
    Darkness covers the earth.
    From every quarter, the serpent slithers
    Ensnaring souls who have forgotten You.

    There remains, on the face of this earth, a few valiant Internet warriors
    Working tirelessly for the establishment of Your Kingdom in the hearts of all,
    Remember them!
    Most especially, remember Mundabor, who spreads Your Light
    With every stroke of his keyboard and who
    Loves your Bride with a passion most holy.

    Keep him safe from the reptilian reach of the Enemy,
    Preserve his platform! Sanctify his readers,
    That they may share Your Truth he so beautifully articulates.

    St. Isador of Seville, pray for Mundabor.
    St. Michael the Archangel, pray for Mundabor.
    Mary, Mother of God Most Holy, pray for Mundabor.

    • Thanks 😉
      Very elegant!
      Mundabor’s version

      when the day comes, remember the thousands of blog post of that wretched sinner, but humble servant of yours, Mundabor; and please, we implore you, save his backside, the backside of those he loves and the backside of his faithful readers from the worst in these satanical times.


  3. Remnant Clergy


    1. Get httrack – http://www.httrack.com/. You can use that to copy your site as a backup to your computer as a last resort. It will be astronomical work to re-upload to a new site however, so also do the following:

    2. Rent some internet server space and go “self-hosted”. You will need to get a domain name and use the privacy feature (slight extra cost). In the USA low cost hosting is at bluehost.com. Perhaps there is a Swiss company with more privacy. You may need higher power server – a “VPS” – if you have lots of traffic. Of course that costs more. Another option is a VPS at digitalocean.com.

    3. Install the wordpress software on your rented server space. You will need to get a theme (free or paid) to look like what you have now, or pick something different. The wordpress stand-alone software is at https://wordpress.org/download/

    4. Use the current blog Tools menu, Export option on your current blog to make a wordpress xml file which you download to your computer. No need to pay wordpress.

    5. Now go to the new self-hosted blog after install and import your xml file from step 4. That will install all your stuff in one go. Very nice.

    6. Put a post on the current blog to point to the new self-hosted blog and post all new stuff at the self-hosted blog. Over time, people will find your new site easily.

    BTW you will have access to many more features via plugins that you cannot get with the wordpress.com hosting.

    That’s what I do for my blog that you don’t agree with.

    • Many thanks, and yes I still do not agree with your blog at all, but I appreciate the cameraderie.

      I have some questions:

      1. Some of the solutions you mention require to pay. End of anonymity. I am also not technically “equipped” for a self-host solution.

      2. I am hoping for some platform with better fag ethic than WordPress. But it would have to be a platform, not self-hosted.

      3. The more probable case for me having to leave is WordPress getting all the way to faggotry. At that point, it wouldn’t be desirable to have WordPress software for a new blog.

      I will look at Bluehost. Already heard of them. Perhaps they’ll have some easier solution than self-hosting.

      Thanks again.


  4. I think you should contact the people behind Ixquick and Startpage, etc., such as Katherine Albrecht and her colleagues, and Mr McAfee, who work to help people keep their privacy while working, researching, communicating, etc., online. I’m sure they will be able to advise you on having a better self-controlled blog free from Big Brother interference. God bless. Lynda

  5. Yes, isn’t “terrorism” a wonderful idea that can be used to take people’s fundamental God-given rights and freedoms from them. Where would the tyrannical NWO government(s) be without “terrorism”.

  6. When I opened my WordPress dashboard and saw the rainbow, I cringed, and immediately began to worry about my material and the future of my blog. It was an intentional slap in the face, and possibly a warning.

    Things are changing much faster than I could have ever imagined.


  7. Remnant Clergy

    All my comments were needed for self-hosting, which does require payment, hence registration. That is true of bluehost also. I am not aware of any freebie anonymous services like wordpress.com, and the “hate crime” though police will afect all those services anyway. The self-hosted will be free the longest.. Perhaps you can find someone that you know willing to do the registration for you and you can pay him/her. To me that doesn’t matter since they (NWO) know who posts what in public and can track you down anyway, when that time comes. I expect no more than 2 years from now.I could help you with technical setup if you want.

    • I will keep with WordPress for the time being. Tumblr also has an anonymous platform, but it cannot compete with WordPress.
      We differ on the urgency of the problem, but certainly things are moving fast now.

  8. mundabor
    look at a simple !!! for you to use software teleport exists in free and pro, 50 $ to buy


    experiment with free, very simple to use simply follow the wizard new project and so on and save your entire website even millions of pages

  9. sorry mundabor for some strange reason very nice software like teleport does not copy one bit of your elegant website,I have copied dozens of websites with it,yours does not work

    are there any engineers out there to explain that,is it because it is httpS instead of http ??

    try it on any other website and see how well it works ,

  10. I’ve looked into it, and I can buy and manage hosting and domain names for you. There are catches. If you’re interested, write me at necessaryarrangements at mailinator.com or message leo_tdg on Twitter, and let me know how to contact you.

    The Wayback Machine archives your blog, which means the contents will never be lost. I’m also currently collecting a full copy of it and will make it available. (Uh, I had hardware problems and had to restart the download. Sorry about that.)

    • Many thanks, Leopoldtal. I thank you heartily for your work. I will keep this message and hope to never have to go back to it, but one never knows…
      Many thanks again!

  11. A full copy of the blog contents as of 2015-07-03: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ak21ijlcu4plrj8/mundabor.tgz?dl=0

    The Wayback Machine also archives the blog https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://mundabor.wordpress.com but may be missing some files.

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