The Uneducated Pope

No wet kittens in sight.

No wet kittens in sight.


Quite the Dalai Lama in white, Pope Francis keeps spouting the same tired rhetoric for kindergarten children and adults of low intellect. This time, we are given two messages: 

  1. Jesus weeps. All the time, apparently.
  2. We are in the middle of WW III

As to 1, I must repeat again that I have more than a tiny problem with everyone who: a) claims to know when Jesus weeps, and b) gives us this week image of Jesus, as if our Lord were a kitten we must protect from being all wet once again. Yes, Jesus wept for Jerusalem, and in this we see His infinite mercy and solicitude for our destiny. But two thousand years of Catholicism have given us the image of a Rex tremendae majestatis, not a wet kitten. There is war, somewhere, at any given time. Therefore, this “Jesus weeps” things means Jesus is crying all the time. Beside some homos I do not think anyone will find the image very appealing, or very useful, or even orthodox.

Think Pantokrator, not wet kitten.

As to 2., the man shows a great ignorance of basic history. Historically seen, the world is actually extremely peaceful at least as proper war is concerned. It is merely the TV and twitter that brings every conflict to our homes, thus amplifying them. If there is something that is worrying for us, however, is the widespread persecution of Christians within and without the (rare) theatres of war. Of this, Francis talks very little, and certainly much less than about perceived inequality, environment issues, and non-existing wars. I also notice that the man who says that there is “war everywhere” is the one actively helping Muslims to export their war to Europe. We are here squarely in the region of mental retardation or outright evil intent. 

The man has no solid education, no historical background, no idea of what he is talking about. He likes hearing his voice a lot, though.

When he dies, he will see whether Christ is the wet kitten he loves to imagine.



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  1. Even in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Francis still couldn’t find it within himself to tell the truth that the Islamic State is intent on killing “infidels”. He and Obama are so much alike that they could have been twins separated at birth. Neither one of these self-absorbed narcissists has any leadership qualities in a time of crisis. For a long time, I’ve been trying to figure out if the Pope is mentally ill, stupid, or evil; or some combination thereof. That he is an enigma is the nicest thing I can say about him. I pray that God soon brings us a true pope.

  2. A so-called man of faith who takes the humanist line and one of despair at that. A sin without shame proclaimed to millions around the world. I once thought that he didn’t believe in the Real Presence. Now I am convinced he doesn’t believe in God.

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