God Is No Respecter Of Pop Stars

I am reading around some of the echoes of the death of David Bowie. The stupidest is, predictably, Cardinal Ravasi. This one is such an ass that when someone dies who has spread for several decades an aggressive anti-Christian message he does not have anything better to do than tweet some nonsense appreciative of the songs of the pervert and of his life of cross-dressing and bisexual scandal. Not only one wonders whether Cardinal Ravasi knows what it means to be a priest. One wonders whether the man is a homosexual himself. That he is an ass dressed in red, however, there can be no doubt.

Ravasi gets the biscuit. But there must be many not very far away for him. Countless fans will, as I write this, easily persuade themselves that if there is a hell – which, I am sure, many of them doubt – the man has certainly avoided it because, say, he loved some good cause – which public figure doesn't… – or engaged himself in some public and very easy battle – see above… – or even recited the Our Father at some celebration of his very faggoty singing colleague, Freddie Mercury.

Erm, no. If one does not repent of his sins, much less believe in God, he can pray the Our Father as much as he wants, it will be to no avail. If one lives a life in total opposition to everything that is Christian, very publicly doing so and even building an entire singer's career upon it, one public prayer isn't going to wash. Besides, in the confused mind of the average pot-smoking Bowie fan an Our Father at a public commemoration is something just cool, because so easily emotional. That Freddy Mercury, the person for whom Bowie said that prayer, was a sodomite to his very last hours – the ladies please look away now, but I was told in 1992 by reliable sources that the autopsy found on his stomach the sperm of one or many men, I forget the details… – did not seem to have inspired any fear of the Lord in Bowie himself as he prayed it.

The fact is that God is no respecter of persons. Being a famous singer or actor will count exactly zero, zilch, and zippo when the day of the redde rationem comes. On the contrary: a man like Bowie, who was the embodiment of scandal, will have to answer for decades of worldwide leading astray of souls.

If Bowie saved his sorry ass – which I wish him, but consider very improbable – it is not because he was famous, or good at singing, or good at acting, or a lover of kitten and daisies. It was because in his last moments he was given the grace to reject everything he was for many decades.

Fame, honour, fans, do not count anymore when one dies. It was a long party, and one wished that it could go on forever; but now the time is up, and one must give an account and be judged accordingly. There is no indication whatever that Bowie was prepared.

This leads me to the last point of today. In my opinion, the fear of the Lord of many a Catholics, and of many a blogger, is easily seen when these events occur. One who thinks that, say, you can be a public sodomite all your life and save (cough) your ass just with one or three vague public utterances of something vaguely resembling goodness obviously thinks it much easier for everyone else to be saved. This shows a clear lack of fear of the Lord, because it is obvious the blogger or quisque de populo thinks that he'll must be feared only by Pol Pot and very few others.

If the death of one like Bowie does not fill you with dread at his very probable destination, I must question your fear of the Lord. This one was a very, very prime candidate. Fame will not be of any avail to him. Actually, fame very probably lulled him in a false sense of security, and pumped his ego to the very end.

The same goes for that other bunch of perverted idiots like Elton John and Mick Jagger (the latter, by the way, an ass-buddy of Bowie himself). The world, which is stupid, praises them to the sky; but the clock is ticking, and they should take heed and wake up whilst they can.

God is no respecter of pop stars.



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