Videogate: Where’s The Clerical Outrage?

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.

Satanic is who satanic does: Cardinal Ravasi, the David Bowie fan.


The heretical (and blasphemous) video from the Evil Clown is some days old, and many have been the voices that have been raised against it. However, as I write this I cannot recall one, not a single one from a bishop or cardinal.

I would be very grateful for every link of bishops or cardinals openly criticising the video. In the meantime, here is an extremely respectful message for bishops and cardinals from yours truly. 


Dear – and less dear – bishops and cardinals. 

Wake up. The heresy is among us, and you are made to eat Satan’s shit every day.’

If you do not react now, when will you have the guts to react?

Can’t you see that Francis is spreading heresy in bigger and bigger doses, waiting for the moment when he is able to officially proclaim heresy and have the thing considered just normal, and the obvious consequence of what his entire Pontificate has been? This is what the Germans call Salamitaktik: the great heretical project is being advanced one slice at a time, and as you reflect that no slice in itself is big enough for a big confrontation, the entire salami is going away; the plan is to cut this particular salami in bigger and bigger slices until Francis can announce that the old salami is gone, and the great project has been completed: the salami-free Church is now born.  

Can’t you see that Francis can only be stopped (as happened with the Synod, twice) if there is strong and vocal opposition?

Actually, can’t you see that the man does not learn from veiled threats and keeps pursuing his heretical project? Can’t you see that when veiled threats do not work, it is now time for the open ones?

I know you are successors of the Apostles, but I wonder more and more often of which one.

Being a bishop means to bear the relevant responsibility. This responsibility is the necessary counterpart of the honour paid to you. Ubi honor, ibi onus. Already being a priest should mean one thinks (almost) nothing of martyrdom. But being a bishop means to be destined for it. Of course, every Christian should, if unavoidable, be ready for martyrdom. But let us not water down your responsibilities here. From you it is expected so much more than it is expected from the common priest – for which the bishop is often the first and more immediate enemy -, much less from the common layman.

You are the ones supposed to lead the charge, not the ones talking about illegal immigrants, social justice, poverty, and secular rubbish of the sort – rubbish that every third-rate politician can spit much better than you – whilst the eternal Rome, literally, burns.

I could not find one single bishop or Cardinal openly condemning the infamous video. I can find many a faithful blogger, many commenters, and some journalists. But not one bishop or cardinal. Not one.

We laymen are the one who lose, at times, friendships, and strain family relationship. We choose not to avoid conflict even with those we love most and open wounds in our families, and in our hearts, that might never be healed. We have not chosen to be priests. We have not accepted to become bishops. Still, we pay a price every day.

In the meantime, you simply look the other way as the Pope shows all the theological prowess of a junkie Trannie prostitute in an Argentinian slum.

I trust in the Lord, and am confident that – in His own good time – he will put an end to this. But heavens, as it looks now it does not seem He is using you, at all. 

I cry to the angels in heaven that they may look upon your behaviour, and ask the Lord to count it against you if you die unrepentant, and to punish it in a way commensurate to your treason. 

But what am I saying. I know they do. It is you who don’t. 

As we write the year 2016, one cannot avoid to think there are many more bishops on the side of David Bowie than on the side of Christ; and another number, possibly the biggest one, of tepid careerists firmly intentioned to do nothing, and to hope for the best. As if an heretical pope would, like a pimple, go away all by itself.

This Pope isn’t a pimple. He is a bubo. He must be dealt with. By you. 

When you are in hell, where – bar a huge miracle of mass repentance –  many of you will land, you will change your mind about what was safe and what was dangerous.

You are bishops, not simple priests or laymen. It is demanded of you more than of anyone else that you stand up for Christ. It is your first duty. It is all you are supposed to be. Not only it is the most important part of your job description. It is the counterpart of your very comfortable and privileged existence, at least in every Western Country one may care to mention.  

May the Lord punish your treason as you deserve. 

Keep eating Satan’s shit. Enjoy. It will do you good.

It will prepare you for an eternity of shit to come. 







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  1. It’s the mystery of iniquity.

    I wonder how many even gave pause after viewing that abominable video. Are any in anguish over it, or are they blithely chuckling over it? Do they not see how erosive and damaging this message is? Slickly done video is so powerful to corrupt. Do they not care for souls? Do they not care for impressionable youth? Do they not want to uphold The One True King?

  2. Wow, your zealous indignation warmed my heart! Everyday I tell myself my mother always scolded us not to hate anybody, but with Rome as it is that is a hard teaching for me to follow. Truly I do not hate, but I Do despise, detest, loathe the degenerates that call themselves priests, bishops, cardinals, but refuse to act, think or speak so. For the sake of their souls I do hope your message is taken to heart. God bless you Mundabor, Bravo!

  3. I am one of those people who has risked losing her family for the sake of Truth. It has been painful for all of us, but we are still talking, still a family – I am sure thanks to the mercy of goodness of the Lord, thanks to many prayers of my parents, but not thanks to the help of our bishops and cardinals, who give my unbelieving family ammunition against me, by not standing up against evil. They support it.
    For one example, when I oppose sodomy as unnatural (unbelievers, as much of our Church hierarchy, do not use the concept of sin), I am accused of considering myself holier than the pope, wiser then the Church. I am told I am more backwards then even the Catholic Church!
    Just in the last have hour I read a comment by an evangelical Christian, who advises her daughter not to date Catholics, because they promote sodomy.

    Mundabor, you will be judged harshly for your angry words, but I (a nobody in the eyes of the world, unfortunately – because I have no power to change what you so correctly despise) support them. I would not change even one of them.

    In contrast, when these effeminate, duplicitous, morally indifferent “spiritual leaders” of our speak with no power, no conviction, I can not listen, it is so abhorrent. They have compromised with the world, whose ruler is Satan.

    When I hear from their mouths words such as “luuuuuve”, “mercy”, “unity”, “dialogue”, I am sick.

    They have no business – not in my eyes – to speak these words. They do not understand them as the Bible defines them.
    When I look at their photographs and film footage – bursts of laughter, tonnes of fun, all cozy with our psychopathic leaders and celebrities, I do not even need to hear anything, to know who they are.
    A disgrace,

  4. I do not think that the bishops or cardinals care too much about this. They are all in the same boat. What we need is brave and true priests like those at the Denzinger Bergoglio ( to be promoted to the highest ranks of the Hierarchy. But that will only come when Jesus himself visits his Church.

  5. Apart from the bishops, have you seen any priest or religious who has had the guts to criticize the Pope’s atrocious video? To paraphrase the folk song, “Where have all the shepherds gone?”

    • I would expect from priests to express disagreements, but we must not run the risk of having all good priest transferred in the tierra del fuego. A NO priest knows that his bishop is his worst enemy.

  6. Dear Mundabor, you are not alone. But what will it take for these “princes” of the Church to act? Maybe the Islamic hordes at the gates of the Vatican? Maybe a horrible chastisement of apocalyptic proportions? Do you think the “still, small voice” could even be heard by them
    now that their ears are so accustomed to the raucous shrill of blasphemy and acclaim of worldly approbation? These questions are too profound for me (as the Psalmist wrote) but my aversion to their blatant parading is bitter and corrosive to my spirit. May this wound they have inflicted on me (and others) be held against them on the Day of Wrath, if they do not
    repent whilst in this world!

    • The party line seems to be “we will stop him when he threats with open sacrilege, but we will shut up by stupid videos and light shows”.
      Big, big, BIG mistake.

  7. I thank God for your passionate love for Him and His Bride!

  8. “Now therefore, Brothers, since you are overseers among God’s people and their soul depends on you, raise their hearts to your utterance,that they may stand fast in faith and achieve the rest which is prepared for believers only. Beseech, accuse, correct, rebuke and fear not: for ill-judged silence leaves in their error those who could be taught, and this is most harmful both to them and to you who should have dispelled the error.”


    “Our great predecessor Gregory, in instructing the heads of the churches, said with his usual excellence: “Often imprudent guides in their fear of losing human favor are afraid to speak the right freely. As the word of truth has it, they guard their flock not with a shepherd’s zeal but as hirelings do, since they flee when the wolf approaches by hiding themselves in silence…. A shepherd fearing to speak the right is simply a man retreating by keeping silent.” ON THE PROBLEMS OF THE PONTIFICATE, Encyclical of Pope Pius VI promulgated on December 25, 1775.

  9. Thank God ,their openingly showing their true colours after 50 years of subterfuge. They must think all pre Vatican 2 Catholics have either died or got amnesia.

  10. Mundabor, you say “The party line seems to be “we will stop him when he threats with open sacrilege, but we will shut up by stupid videos and light shows”.
    Big, big, BIG mistake.”

    I think you are right as to their ‘game plan’. There is a recent article on Rorate Caeli on a recent interview with Cardinal Mueller: Here is an interesting passage, with the link to the whole article by Roberto De Mattei below:

    When the interviewer asked the Prefect what he thought of those Catholics who attack the Pope defining him “a heretic”, he replied: “Not only because of my office, but from personal conviction, I must disagree. A heretic in the theological definition, is a Catholic who denies obstinately a revealed truth proposed by the Church that they are obliged to believe. It’s another thing when those who are officially charged to teach the faith express themselves in a somewhat inappropriate, misleading or vague way. The teachings of the Pope and bishops are not above the Word of God, but serve it. (…) Moreover, papal pronouncements have a different binding nature – ranging from a definitive decision pronounced ex-cathedra to a homily which is used rather for spiritual analysis.” Today there is a tendency to fall into a simplistic dichotomy between heresy and orthodoxy. Cardinal Muller’s words remind us that between black (open heresy) and white (complete orthodoxy) there is a grey area which theologians have explored with precision.

    I get what Cardinal Mueller says above, however, my view is that it is the role – let’s say primary job – of the Pope to safeguard doctrine in a clear unambiguous manner. The current papacy is leaving too many “loop holes”… for misinterpretation. … and I am radically understating my view when I say this.

    Some clergy are beginning to speak out about this ‘silent apostasy’. See today’s post (Jan 16, by Father Gerald Murray on the Catholic Thing:

    • When blogger talk of an heretical Pope they do so – and they should continue to do so – in the commonly accepted, though broadly intended, meaning of the word to alert the common Catholics.

      However, Mueller must seriously start to ask himself at what point error casually spread for years stops being casual, and three hundred episodes of material heresy make of one a heretic by his own definition.


    • That’s comical. According to Card Mueller, Pope Francis is probably not technically a heretic. The Pope hasn’t said that the Resurrection was a mass hallucination yet or that the Virgin Mary wasn’t all that virginal, has he?

  11. I did not want to make my prior comment too long ( I took to heart what you said about long comments in one of your prior posts), so I have added this comment about praying the rosary.

    From LifeSiteNews:

    Cardinal Raymond Burke is urging faithful Catholics to “storm heaven” by joining with him once a month in the Mass and the Rosary to pray for hope and guidance out of the current “confusion” in the Church and the world.

    The lay Catholic organization Catholic Action for Faith and Family has put up a page on its website for “Rosary Warriors” to sign on to join the effort, which Cardinal Burke launched with a Mass in Rome on December 8. Here is the website:

  12. Even though your just indignation seemed like crying out in the desert, we appreciate your courage very much, M. You have a lot more guts than most of our clergy who’re burring their heads in the sand instead of standing up fighting for the truth and so busy, as you described, enjoying material waste throw away from Satan. They think they can cover up avoiding responsibilities as God’s shepherds. They have seen humanity sunk deep down to the abyss of iniquity, no longer ashamed of evil, but flaunts and exalts it. They all knew it is a final stage of deprivation when the heretic, anti-Christ appeared, means the world is closed to the end and they still arrogantly ignore it. They’re deceptively played the role of honest, prudent priests who make people believe that they’re doing nothing because they trust totally on God’s providence and cowardly refused to engage in fighting the battle against heresies for protecting Jesus Christ’s Church. This way is apparently much more comfortable, but have they ever considered any single thought where it leads? They think they can fool God that He has not seen them, or leave them alone, or that He did not notice their cowardly conducts, they’re mistaken! He will judge them accordingly to their efforts to shepherd of every one of His children and not let them fall in, or perish in the jaws of Satan and his minions. It requires maximum care and tremendous sacrifices. Have you done your job? If not…you may fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of brimstone fire, farther and farther away from Heavenly beatific vision of God. Saint Michael, throw heavy warning punches at their faces and kick hard their lazy butts. Please.

    • A priest must pay attention that he does not get “purged” by his own bishop, something much easier than it is for a pope to get rid of a bishop. I expect from a priest that he remains by rigid orthodoxy in his daily work and, instructing his sheep about what is right, allows them to see what is wrong with Francis.

      I blog anonymously and am therefore shielded from retaliation. But priests not blogging anonymously aren’t. Prudence must never be forgotten.

      For a bishop it is different, of course. The bishop is very much in the first line. He is supposed to oppose this Pope openly. Again, factually it isn’t so easy for a Pope to dispose of bishops, Francis only made it with a handful out of thousands, and it caused a worldwide echo.


  13. The cowardice of the vast majority of Catholic media, the clerics, and the laity have caused me to resign from the Catholic Church. This Pope is spewing heresy left and right. Pope Francis never would have been possible without the occurrence of Vatican II.

    I am off to the Orthodox.

    • You cannot “resign” from the catholic church.
      You have apostatised, and must go back to the Only Church at once.
      You are in mortal sin, and there is no excuse for apostasy.

    • @ Benjamin Holmes

      I wonder, what it is that you find to be the principled advantage of the Graeco-Russian schism. Church-sanctioned adultery (I’m of course talking about the practice of re-marriage; they don’t need Kasper – they are already there), perhaps? The lack of coherency and brazen gratuity of claiming to be an infallible Church with infallible (I know they don’t like the word, but the idea is there) Councils without any certain means of infallibility nor even defining its teaching?
      As a Russian Catholic I’m doubly curious.

      Your duty to be remain Catholic is not to the “Catholic media, the clerics, and the laity”, nor is it owed to the Pope. Nor is it conditioned by their loyalty.
      You owe it to God.

      And unless you want to act on pure feeling (something the Pope you despise so mush would probably appreciate, do you want to please him, then?), pray and think about all of this, keeping a cool head (hint: Catholics are blessed with having the Magisterium, and the latter has rules; see this, for example:; I’m willing to help you with this).

      Providence protects the Magisterium from error (falsehood has not in fact been taught in a proper way).
      Our Lord’s promise is not that His subjects are to have a jolly good time of leisure and comfort on Earth.

      It is that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church founded on Peter, the pillar and foundation of truth, and they demonstrably have not done this.
      Nobody said Satan wouldn’t try, or succeed in deceiving people into thinking that he can best the Holy Church.

      Take up your cross and follow Him.

    • A wonderful post, Sir.
      My hat goes off to you.
      What wonderful readership this little blog has…

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