Exsurge! Quare Obdormis, Domine?

Rorate Caeli has another beautiful translation of an article – actually, a lay sermon – from the great Roberto de Mattei.

I suggest that you take the time to read it (it will take a while), because it reflects once again the vision of the Church so common among sensible Italians: 2000 years of frequent mess, with the addition of the Holy Spirit.

De Mattei's historical excursus is a very good way to make one acquainted with broad lineaments of Church history. He also cures the reader – and possibly many not very faithful Catholics – of every notion that Pope Francis may really change anything concerning truth; though he will certainly cause a huge mess in the “unpastoral” reality of the Church, and cause many a soul to merit hell.

Note here that Professor de Mattei launches a veiled, but extremely strong accusation to Francis: if with all the graces and prayers pouring on him as a Pope he still manages to be factually heretical, how dark must this soul be? No, he does not say it this way. But this is how, I think, he wants you to understand it.

The words concerning indefectibility are also very consoling, and make the reading worth it by themselves. But the man is really at pain to let you understand this: this isn't new, and it certainly isn't the worst ever happened to the Church.

We soldier on until our death; when, as de Mattei observes, the Pope's opinion about communion for adulterers count exactly zero.

Still, the apostles' cry resonates with me today:

Exsurge! Quare Obdormis, Domine?


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  1. Pope Francis uses an irrational premise to draw a non traditional and heretical conclusion on Methodists and salvation

    • haven’t read the article, but i smile when I see people writign as if Francis had ideological or theological premises, no matter how wrong.
      The man is a bully and a boor, and he hates the Church.
      That’s it.

  2. My concern is for the people tragically affected by this new and false mercy, like the abandoned spouses and suffering children. Also, what are we to think about the plight of those souls, who are being and will be misled, who like good and obedient, though thoroughly ignorant Catholics, put their trust in a bad pope and his accomplices? I suppose, the extent of their guilt will be lessened due to ignorance of Truth? Will the rest of the guilt be piled up upon the clever trickster? He is not ignorant.

    • Honestly, I think those who die in mortal sin and think they can get a pass because they trusted the Pope will be punished more severely than the others. At this point, who can say he has excuses?

  3. Thank you for highlighting this great talk. I am a great fan of de Mattei, and this increases my admiration. It is very realistic, but still inspires hope despite the scandals in the current hierarchy. It shows how great God’s Church truly is.

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