SSPX: Another “Soon, Soon!” Moment?



Cardinal Mueller – extremely silent concerning Amoris Laetitia, but extremely chatty concerning the SSPX – has given an interview stating that no, the SSPX will not be allowed to “reconcile” without offering to the gods of Vatican II.

My forecast? That's it, folks.

Mind, I do not think this development bad. Whilst I do not think that the SSPX should refuse a “reconciliation” that is simply given to them – and that requires neither doctrinal concessions nor the endangerment of their autonomy – I am also not eagerly awaiting, either. To every sound Catholic the SSPX must surely appear more Catholic than the Vatican, and therefore in no need of any reconciliation. It it falls on their lap, so much the better. If it doesn't, amen to that, too.

However, the Yogurt Offensive means that Francis would have to go, if he really wants the reconciliation, against his theologian in chief. Now, Francis is certainly ready to walk all over his Cardinal when he wants to be blasphemous and heretical. I very much doubt he will even eat a bit of yogurt in order to promote a Catholic organisation which, whilst certainly feared, represents all that he hates.

Far more probable is that Francis had another “soon, soon!” moment, sending signals he would do something he had never intention to deliver, but trying to look good in the process.

How are these people called? Oh yes…


Enjoy the SSPX's wonderful moral and doctrinal integrity. Thank the Lord everyday for this precious gift. Do not be worried whether this “recognition” comes or not.

We do not get our doctrinal teaching from yogurt cans, but from the bimillenarian teachings of Holy Mother Church.



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  1. THE

    Good cap, bad cap
    Last fifty years or two –
    One says “yes”
    And the other says “boo”.

    “Bravo”, say the most
    “Error”, just a few –
    Take the Body of Our Lord
    Swallow, munch or chew.

    Bad caps rail
    Good caps hush –
    Good caps snooze
    Bad caps gush.

    Of course their precinct captain
    Knows his hired men –
    Likes to act concerned
    But never will defend,

    Won’t correct abuses,
    Like rainbows from a prism,
    When accused together pray
    They’re framed to look like schism

    Good cap, bad cap
    All around the town
    Bad cap beats you up
    While good cap holds you down.

  2. God bless the SSPX! Here is a video on their procession during the Synod of Sin last year. More Catholic than the Vatican indeed:+) God bless~

  3. As I was “coming in” from the Demolition Derby, aka NuChurch, you educated me on the SSPX and I am forever grateful.

    Yes, I know the Novus Ordo Church is the Bride of Christ but her dress is torn and dirty. The sensus catholicus to be found within the SSPX is a gift from Our Lord to Western Civilization, to mankind, and care must be taken that it is not corrupted by Rome.

  4. Looks like all in Rome are infected by VII disease. When real reform comes, VII will be one of the first things tossed in the trash, so to speak. You know it’s really bad when Francis makes JPII and Benedict look orthodox. A big reason we have Pope Lenin I (I mean, Francis), is due to the crappy Bishops and Cardinals given us by those two, Mueller of course being one of them.

  5. Jorge Bergoglio is a Fraud.

    Family Synods were a hugely expensive Fraud: Essential Passages of Exhortation had already been written 10 years ago

    Sandro Magister got to the bottom of Amoris Laetitia: Victor Manuel “Tucho the kisser” Fernandez is its ghostwriter:

    • It (Synod) was expensive, but at they supported the area restaurants with their lavish dining. Probably only the high end restaurants did well, however, as I doubt they went to the simpler establishments.

    • Did you think for a minute that Francis had written “Amoris Laetitia” and “Evangelii Gaudium”?

    • He answers for it.
      Those who wrote wrote it for him and in his name.
      And they wrote it so that it reflected their thinking.

      Do you think that JFK came out with the “do not think what the country can do for you etc” himself?

  6. Mary Ann Parks

    The problem is this: to which interpretation of V at II must they subscribe? Both are in the texts.

    • It seems clear to me Mueller wants the approval of the principle of religion freedom, and ecumenism, as fundamental parts of Christian doctrine. The article has a google translate option that may help the English speakers.
      The *novelty* musts be accepted, because it was introduced by V II.

  7. Good one!

    I think Card. Muller should be thanked. He has backed Francis into a corner. Francis is in a binary situation. He either “regularizes” the SSPX unilaterally, like he introduced “catholic divorce” without the Curia’s knowledge, or he is shown to be a fraud.

    “Doctrine don’t matter” unless it’s the SSPX.

    “The SSPX are Catholic”, but…

    But in the mean time, the Bride of Christ is “normalizing”…. Case in point: FSSP just got two new parishes, one in New Hampshire and one in Pennsylvania. Not to mention the new oratory in Brighton. 🙂


  8. Bp. Fellay has long desired a side chapel of tradition within the Conciliar religion. If the SSPX allows itself to be absorbed by the Novus Ordo sect, it will die a slow death. The guppy thinks that it can influence the whale by being eaten by it!

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