Good News From The Energy Front

Crude reached $50 per barrel again. Forecasts now are that on average oil prices are not going to sink from this level for the next 18 months or so. Forecasts are often wrong, but this is encouraging.

There is only one Christian power remained on the planet, and high oil prices are very good for it. Russia can now prosper with a crude oil price of $30 a barrel; the Country has no foreign debt, and an estimated $500 Billion in bullion and strong currencies in the coffers of Russia's Central Bank. Crude at $50/barrel means a bonanza. More money for infrastructure, better paid and less corrupt civil servants, massive investments in strategic sectors of the economy. More money for churches. But most importantly, the consolidation in power of Vladimir Putin, and an assured role if not among the superpowers, certainly among the regional powers.

Be glad next time you pay more at the oil pump. You are contributing to the success of the Last Christian Power.


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  1. I wouldn’t say Russia is a Christian power and I doubt in their leadership’s ‘Christian’ motives (they are more nationalistic than Christian), but when we see what Western governments are doing in the world and which values they promote, Russia is definitely a lesser evil. Everything on the world scene goes in direction of what Fatima predicted, and I don’t know whether it is a good or a bad thing. It will be good in the end, but could the punishment be avoided?

    • Everything is relative.
      They are building churches like there is no tomorrow, and people do attend them in increasingly greater number. Their legislation avoids the perverted drift of most Western Countries.
      It’s Christian enough in my book.

    • It depends on whom you use to compare Putin to. Say, if you ask “how Christian is Putin compared to a head of state like Saint Louis (Louis IX of France)?”, of course Putin’s score would be terribly low. But if you compare him to his contemporaries, he is far, far better than anyone else.

    • Yep.
      Saints are not really the norm of a Christian ruler, either.

  2. I have no idea what this means, but I have faith that you do, Mundabor. Unless you are joking.

  3. Good news for Russia, sure. But not that it will collapse if oils bottoms at 30 or even 15 dollars per barrel, Russia is not an oil dependent economy like Venezuela or Saudi Arabia, it has a strong services and industrial sector, and agriculture and food industry is developing extremely fast (thanks, by the way, to EU sanctions). Better forget the absurd myth that “Putin’s regime is about to fall because it doesn’t produce anything (as Obama said some time ago) and now doesn’t have petrodollars”.

    • Partially true, I would say.
      But last time I looked 70% of the exports came from the energy sector.
      However, and as you say, they are smartly using the sanctions to help develop the economy in many sectors. And having no foreign debt they are in a position to weather great storms.
      Smart leadership, once again.

  4. And that tenuously Christian nation has a non-existent birth rate, which will lead to a non-existent nation–likely in some of our lifetimes.

  5. Are Schismatics Christians then Mundabor?

  6. You’re the first one I heard that Russian is a Christian country. You meant both atheism and Christianity? Confusing…

    • You read in this very blog comments of others who think as I do.
      It is beyond me how Russia cannot be seen as a Christian Country. You’ll find few Countries in the world where Christianity is more actively promoted, and more devoutly followed, than this one.
      Even traditionally Catholic Countries like Italy are now barely recognisable as Christian (there is a cultural Christianity, but this will fade fast). The contrast with Russia is striking.

    • If, as you argue, Russia is a Christian country, can we hope that that country has been or is in the process of being converted and that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is, or is in the process of, being triumphant? And we are nearing the end of this awful persecution by those within the Church?

      I am referring to the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima, of course.

    • I have the same question. Seeing how Communism fell almost bloodlessly in Europe (except in Yugoslavia) and how Russia and other former Warsaw Pact countries are rapidly rediscovering and rebuilding their faith, makes one think that Russia was properly consecrated and Our Lady is fulfilling her promises. On the other hand, seeing the terribly sad state of the Church and Christianity in the West makes one very pessimistic and preparing for apocalyptic times.

    • AFAIK, I do not think even Pius XII’s work (“sacro vergente anno”; look on the right hand side, under “Pius XII”) complied with the requirements.

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