MarriageGate: What happens Next

Cardinals and Bishops shut up like one man. 

Cardinal Burke tells us the Pope’s statement are not magisterial, and there’s nothing to be worried about. You are a bad Catholic if you confuse the faithful by criticising the Pope.

We are made to understand the video might have been “mistranslated”. 

Some bloggers tell us it’s not a big deal. Relax. Smile. It’s no worse than Uncle Rob, who is always a bit embarrassing in his old age…  

Commenters on Catholic blogs start discussing whether 80% of marriages are invalid, or 60%, or perhaps 50%. Our Holy Father might be up to something here… 

Commenters on Catholic blogs suggest the Pope might have dementia. Alas, they won’t explain why he never forgets his heresies… 


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  1. So tiresome, isn’t it? Oh, and even with all the talk of the transcript revision, they still forgot to delete the heresy:

  2. “You are a bad Catholic if you confuse the faithful by criticising the Pope.”

    If Burke actually said this, then he’s an ignoramus, an idiot or a pathetic careerist. One famous Catholic whose name escapes me famously said that “Peter does not need our flattery.” Another famous Catholic whose name escapes me also said that blind loyalty to the papacy is not necessarily an act of faith in God. (I’m paraphrasing, here).

    Burke’s alleged comment reminds me of Absp. Charles Chaput’s criticism of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for questioning publicly JPII’s theological revisionism concerning capital punishment for murder. Chaput even dared to equate Scalia with Frances Kissling, founder of the pro-abortion Catholics For A Free Choice, as “cafeteria Catholics”! First Things magazine published these comments more than a decade ago. When I read Chaput’s comments, I thought he was an ignoramus or an ambitious careerist bucking for a red hat and a bigger see (He was archbishop of Denver, at the time).

    If Burke is embarking on the same course, he probably wants to get back in the Curia so badly that he will compromise what little integrity he has to do so.

  3. BTW, I would love to know who these bloggers are. I don’t waste my time reading the idiots on Patheos or NCR (Register or Reporter; there’s really no difference between them, anymore).

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