Strange Events

Strange events have occurred in the Blogosphere in the past few years.

There was the blog of the well-known deacon, closed down by order of the bishop. The wife of the deacon kept posting for a while. The bishop ordered her silenced, too. The Bishop was Campbell. A rather poisoning soup, this one.

The bishop's poisoned measures proved very unpopular.

After a while, another blogger – this time a priest, writing one of the then most famous blogs in all of the Catholic blogosphere – started to write less and less frequently; even before health problems made it more “natural” for it to be so. He was, coincidentally, also transferred. Coincidentally, of course. Did his successor keep the TLM? Not sure about that….

This year a third blog – this one too from a blogger priest – is giving signs of slow disappearance.

One wonders whether the “Protect The Pope” precedent might not have moved a bishop or two to choose a different way: order to his own blogger priest, under obedience, to slowly and gradually let his blogging activity die. Over many months or a couple of years, though; so that the uproar and the accusations of censorship might be avoided.

I have wanted to write this for a while, and I think I never did. However, the recent events made known by Father Hunwicke make me think that there might be something to it. If signing a letter is enough for systematic bullying, writing a blog is more than enough for it.

I will write more about Father Hunwicke's blog post.

But one thing is clear: be an orthodox blogger Priest, and Francis' dogs will wait for the right moment to bite you.



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  1. +Campbell has proved somewhat flexible in other respects – perhaps out of necessity. I also thought the Deacon was now outside +Campbell’s jurisdiction – presumably wrong.

    The redoubtable Fr. Hunwicke will not be coerced!

    Can I refer you to a current posting by Fr. Gary Dickson on “Catholic Collar and Tie” blog. He needs all our support in these trying times.

  2. A few years ago I was shocked to discover a paid troll on a blog by a (hardly traditionalist) polish celebrity Benedictine monk. There could actually have been two. Th
    So, there are many ways

  3. Those of us who have been following the priests’ blogs for some time, and have derived great spiritual succour from them as they flowered during Benedict’s reign, could not have failed to notice the death by a thousand cuts. The ‘crime’ of these clerics has been to buck the Francis trend and to stand firm in their loyalty to and love for Christ’s Church. The tentacles of Francis are the bishops and they stretch far.

  4. Under the current regime, the blogger priests will be the first to go since they are under direct control of the Vatican’s Resident Evil. If Crooked Hillary gets in, and western governments continue on the socialist path, free speech on the internet will be a thing of the past. Then any voices that sound threatening to the NWO will be shut down. The known popular conservative and traditional lay Catholic websites and bloggers will have to morph into neo-Catholics or they may face retaliation from Big Brother in their personal lives. Only the anonymous ones will be left. Eventually, covert government operations will take them out, too. I never would have had these paranoid-sounding opinions three years ago, but so much has changed in that time.

    I hope you stay anonymous, Mundabor, because yours could well be the last blog standing if this present course of events continues. It seems that the useful idiots are in place for one world religion which will then facilitate one world government. I’m praying for two things: Trump 2016 and a new Catholic Pope. Lord have mercy on us.

    • What you say I have seen coming for a long time; perhaps in a more distant future than the next four years, but coming nevertheless.
      And the progression is alarming. Already perverts want their “own” babies castrated or ruined with hormones. Satan is making great strides even as Francis complains about rosary counters.

    • Whatever is given to the UN can never work efficiently, not even repression.

  5. This makes me fearful about the possibility of transfer of ICANN to the UN. UN control over what is posted on the Internet will certainly threaten freedom on our side.

    God help us if we have to go back to the dark ages after VII when Father Freewheeler or Bishop Blasphemer commanded us to do things their way or take the highway.

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