Bizarro World, II



After the first Bizarro World post, we assist to the continuation of this utterly unreal situation. 

The Catholic Herald has a fairly decent article (for their standards, at least) concerning the reaction of the Catholic world to Lettergate  and the utterly stupid title of the Irish so-called Catholic, which I do not even repeat.  The best part of the linked article is this one: 

In the CDF’s 1994 Letter to Bishops, publicly approved by John Paul and signed by Cardinal Ratzinger, the practice is referred to as “doctrine” three times; it adds that a change in discipline would be “impossible”, that this is a “constant and universal practice”, which is “binding” and “cannot be modified because of different situations”. In Sacramentum Caritatis, Benedict XVI affirmed this practice as “based on Sacred Scripture” – that is, God gave it to us.

This is a teaching of formidable authority. The idea that a Pope could snap his fingers and overturn it – in a private letter which does not even mention the words “communion” or “remarried” – is a fantasy.

Yes, it is a fantasy. Truths are things. The truth of marriage, and the reality of adultery, do not exist since 1994. They are integral part of the fabric of the Universe. Nothing could ever change them; not even God, because God – by His own nature – cannot change. Marriage and the Catholic understanding of adultery should, by the by, never be defended with the help of V II documents. They are part of the Depositum Fidei. Therefore, they are not based on the one or other official document. Rather, it is exactly the one or other official document that is judged according to how well it represents and explains the teaching that has always been there.   

Therefore, we have the following – utterly unreal – situation: 

  1. Evil Clown implies in a footnote that in certain circumstances two and two can be five.  
  2. Argentinian clown bishops write a letter to Francis and ask him: “we interpret your document so, that in some special circumstances two and two is five. Are we correct?”
  3. Evil Clown answers in writing: “there are no other interpretations”
  4. Irish Wannabe Catholic titles in huge letters: “Two And Two Is Now Five”
  5. Various bishops insist that two and two can only be four.

What all these people – the Argentinian clown bishops, the Irish wannabe “c”atholic newspaper, the Catholic Herald, and the other bishops – forget to mention is the huge elephant in the room: the Pope has issued a written heretical statement going against two thousand years of Catholicism: an open challenge to the Church and Her Sacraments, and a spittle in the face of Christ.

It is high time we stop living in this Bizarro World and state what every person with a brain can see: the Pope is openly, officially heretic, and must be deposed.

He proclaimed his heresy very openly.  There are no other interpretations.

How long will we live in this Bizarro World?    



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  1. Will one good Bishop please call our this heretic. So what if you lose your job; you gain your soul and hopefully eternal life.

    • And losing your job for how long? Until the SSPX offers you a parish? Isn’t it better to be a contented priest of a solid Catholic organisation, than to be a bureaucrat afraid of both Francis and hell?

  2. Mundabor….oh, oh, OH how I love you!!!!

    Thank you dear sir for your sanity, and for using your substantial God-given gift of clear, cogent thought in expressing it… are a TREASURE, may God bless and keep you. And keep writing!!!


  3. Mundy.Until a chastisement takes down The Evil Clown and his Vat 11 acolytes!

  4. He will not be deposed. I think you know that. In fact, there is a possibility we will see another worse {yes, it is possible} Pope after him. Doing the generational math and looking at it all from a purely secular sociological standpoint, we have as much as 20 years more of this before the faggoty Bishop possible Pope candidates have died off in the desert, so-to-speak. So…it is possible that we might see worse in the form of the very creepy Schönborn {does that guy just make your neck hair stand up or what? Mine does…}.

    BUT, let’s take a stroll in history.

    At the beginning of the Deformation we had HORRIBLE Popes! Horrible!! Imagine Pope Alexander VI good’ole Rod Borgia strolling around with a microphone stuck under his mouth all day as we have with the current occupant living behind the great Vatican Wall {who condemns walls, yes, one must have a really sick “Monty Python”-style sense of humor to get thru this…}. Anyway, such Popes were ELECTED. Meaning, just like today where we look at the possible electors and cringe, so at that time there were TERRIBLE electors! Not just bad Popes, but a seemingly impenetrable WALL of bad electors that were going to keep it all going FOREVER!!

    And yet…….

    At the close of that Great Sifting, we had none other than Pope Pius V and we had that monument of orthodoxy the great Council of Trent and with it the Catechism of the Council of Trent! . One might with some justification now say that he and it were miracles that virtually fell from heaven!!

    Look, I am a convert from Protestantism. I hail from a long line of protestant ministers, my father was, etc. I have a Masters Degree in theology from a Wesleyan Seminary myself.

    As much as I am with those who just want to start breaking things {I wonder if the Vatican Wall was ACTUALLY built to keep the orthodox faithful from breaking in and manhandling bad Popes into the Tiber?}, my past experience tells me we are actually in far better stead than that of our “separated brethren”. The SYSTEM God gave us thru the Church still exists.

    Now we wait for God’s Man. That’s it. Seriously. That’s it. He must be out there. We just don’t know who he is yet. And God’s man will not be a spiritual eunuch. He will not be just another fag like we are swamped with now.

    Keep praying!!

    And remember, peace is not a simple optional feature of the Christian life…it is a standard by which our faith is measured!!

    Hang in there and don’t quit!

    • Welcome here. Please consider I cull long messages. You got a mercy card for this time.

      yes, at some point we will have a surprise. When God decides we have been punished long enough, it will be nothing to him to have the Cardinals elect His man (knowingly or unknowingly). However, my fear is that we will be punished for many decades still…

  5. In answer to your question I say don’t hold your breath. Short of Pope Francis being given his cards by the Good Lord we are stuck with this situation and, as Hilary White has pointed out, the next pontiff is (barring miracles) unlikely to be any better. We have been chosen to live in these times and to us Christ is always asleep in the boat and indeed seems not asleep but in a coma. The question is not the magnitude of the storm but the magnitude of our Faith.

  6. Thanks for the mercy card, Mundabor. We all need to buckle down and live sort of “like Protestants”, that is, as if we don’t have someone leading us. God just might be giving Catholics a taste of what many have begged for for so long…to be left alone. Remember in the desert he buried the Israelites with quail when they complained they had no meat! Now think how Joshua and Caleb felt having to “pay the price” for the cowardice of the Israelite who ran away from their call to invade Canaan!!

    • Ah, I speak for myself here, but I have never seen my guide in the Popes. I have never really liked, or esteemed, any Pope in my lifetime.

      I have always seen the Pope as the head of Christianity, true. But as for my guide, I have always seen it – since I have really discovered Catholicism at least – in the depositum fidei and the untouchable patrimony of doctrine that is our great strenght.

      This is why when others panic at the heretical Pope, I react by reading more concerning what the Church teaches…

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