Earthquake Reflections






These two pictures of Norcia’s main square are, not only for Italians, a true pain to behold. Beside the loss of human life that such an earthquake very probably caused, the loss of beauty, and particularly the grave damage to monuments to the Christian faith, is particularly sad. 

At this point, the senseless Atheist cries (feeling, no doubt, very smug) “if there is a God, why this suffering?” You might meet one of those when the talk is about earthquakes, and the like.

You may want to answer that the earthquake, and the famine, and the tsunami, and the rest, are our fault.

Yes, our fault.

Our rebellion causes nature to rebel to us. In the Garden of Eden there were no earthquakes, not even tiny ones. The harmony of everything was the logical consequence of the harmonious obedience of man to God.

The Fall puts an end to this. The Fall is a fundamental subversion of the established order not only concerning the relationship between man and God, but between man and nature.

The Fall made of the Garden of Eden a Vale of Tears. As man will not be obedient to God, nature will not be subservient to man. Disease, earthquake, famine, death are the consequence of this fundamental breaking of the divine order.

The monks in Norcia understand this. As we pray for them, I am sure that they not only help the local population, but pray for us. They are under no illusion as to the nature of the world we now (after the Fall) have to live in.

Unfortunately, the message that every earthquake, every tsunami, every tragedy also carries – and which is understood by the smart and the humble – will not be grasped by those whose little, limited intellect is the only measure of right and wrong, and who do not recognise anything above them.

Still, like every other tragedy, this one will wake up some. in our little sphere of influence, we should try to make others profit from even such disgraces.

Particularly when we are challenged by the “if there is a God…”-crowd.







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  1. Besides, we must never forget that st. Benedict is the one who is founder and patron of Christian Europe in the real sense and truly meaning, thus with an emphasis on “Christian” Europe. Shall we see this as a sign? Yes.
    Saint Benedict pray for us!

  2. As an oblate, I’m just so sad.

    I wonder if any of the front can be saved – ut in omnia glorificetur Deus.

    • No worries.
      This being Italy, everything will be rebuilt exactly the same. What can be kept will be kept, what cannot be kept will be made new. They will salvage the old material as far as practical. Italy excels at these things.It’s loss of beauty that become beauty again.

  3. I don’t think It was an earthquake, it was St. Benedict finally rolling over in his grave again.

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