Wherein Michael Moore Is Right (Caution: Profanity!)

For one who has insulted Trump in extremely varied ways, this man has understood an awful lot of Trump. And for one who profess to hate him so much, the man is barely able to contain his enthusiasm. By the bye, the man has already predicted Trump’s victory months ago  , and behind all that horrible liberal rubbish you can see sound reasoning emerging. 

In his coarse, vulgar language (Libtards are only outraged when the vulgarity comes from the other side) the man shows that he “gets” Trump, and that (far more importantly) an awful lot of people around him do. Actually, when even a rabid Libtard starts to notice the number of cultural Democrats who say to him they will vote Trump I truly wonder where all this support for Hillary is going to come from. She is neither black, nor “hope and change”, nor liked, nor trusted, nor healthy, nor normal. She is the witch the Democratic party machine (abundantly oiled, one supposes, by Clinton Foundation money) has literally imposed on her own electorate. 

This Moore audio is, I think, a week or so old. What has changed in the meantime? Oh wait, she is very officially the object of an FBI investigation… again.

It is very funny to read, these days, the MSM still speaking of the latest revelation giving Trump a “much needed” boost; as if he were way behind, and struggling, and hoping in some half-miracle to pull this through. Keep dreaming. 

Michael Moore is coarse and vulgar. He is, most of the times, irredeemably libtard. 

But if even he, and those around him, say what is happening and talk about it will ill-conceived enthusiasm, well, something big is going on here. 



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  1. Remember: Trump was a Democrat when he spoke in that vulgar way!

  2. Michael Moore nails it. Words I thought I’d never say!

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