“Maidgate”: Clinton’s Huge Threat To US Security

Hubris is the only word to define it. This woman thought herself so much above the law, that she asked her maid to print confidential documents and gave her access to highly secure rooms.  

This is arrogance, and stupidity, beyond belief. How anyone can think such a woman can have her hands on the “nuclear button” is beyond me. 

It’s not only the arrogance, it’s also the incompetence that is staggering. This woman manages to be a huge threat and a total mess even on those rare occasions in which she is not actually lying!

Please, dear voter, cast your vote for Trump whatever the weather. Defy tiredness, headache, traffic, and queues. Call your friends and relatives. Use the social medias you participate in as much as you can. Spread the word. Feel the Donald!

It is necessary to vote en masse on Tuesday. Then it is necessary to stay near Trump as the litigation explodes and absorbs nerves, resources and money.

Do not allow living criminals and dead voters to steal this election from you.




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  1. I dropped my ballot in the box at my courthouse on my way home from Mass today, with a prayer…and of course I included the intention in my Rosary and Mass today. The news is worse and worse.

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