Get Your Popcorn Ready: New Apostolic Letter About To Be Inflicted On The Faithful!

The Evil Clown, aka Pope Francis, will release a new Apostolic Letter on Monday, titled Misericordia et Misera.

Let us reflect on how the Dubia letter changed the game. This is now not a Pope about to unload another truck of manure on the faithful. On the contrary, what we have here is a Pope officially under scrutiny by his own Cardinals for all the world to see, and obviously suspected of heresy. 

This document will, however long, be dissected and analysed not in view of the “novelty” of Francis’ so-called “merciful” approach, but exactly in light of the now published dubia, and with a view of finding whether other controversies might be engendered by the document.Your average secular journalist covering the Letter will not (stupidly) ask himself, “how will Francis evolve Church doctrine?”. No, they will all ask themselves: “is Pope Francis about to be declared a heretic?”.

I truly hope that, the situation now having come to a head (of sort), any Catholic Cardinal will not wait five months and additional papal letters before challenging the content of this new product of Francis’ perverted, anti-Catholic, socialist mind. 

And before anyone asks me why I criticise the document before I have even read it, let me say that the fruit does not fall far from the tree, and this particular tree is so poisonous that anyone who has hopes about its fruits is either incurably naive or very, very disingenuous.

The question here is not whether the document will be good. It is about the degree of bad Francis will be ready to allow himself in light of the recent events.

Take heed, Evil Clown.

You can ride for a long time…


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  1. I can see the secular headline now:
    Pope Francis Launches Another Missive
    —More Heresy or sound doctrine?

  2. Johnny always cuts to the quick, doesn’t he? Thanks for that haunting video. Take heed, Pope Francis.

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