The Root Of The Heresy Wars



Pontiac Aztek, the Official Car Of Vatican II 

In one hundred years, when the current madness has hopefully already vanished, Church historians will examine the turbulent events of the past, the (I am imagining here) declaration of the Pope as a heretic that happened during 2017 and the long, hard battle that ensued.

In examining the causes, I think they will find three as the main ones, and I think they will order them in order of importance. If I am right, they will do it in this order. 

The third most important was, I think they will say, the desire of millions of Kirchensteuer-paying non-faithful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to receive Communion. Not, mind, because they believe in Transubstantiation, but for reasons of small town respectability (in Germany, “small town” is almost everywhere; even in big towns). These are the biggest block of Countries contributing to the Vatican coffers. Their Cardinals and Bishops carry a weight disproportionate to their numerical, let alone theological strength.

However, this alone would have been entirely insufficient to cause the plunge of the Church into Heresy Wars. The reason why this happened is rather (I think the Church historians will say) the presence on the Throne of Peter of a man not only of great ignorance and obvious unbelief, but positively hating everything the Church is and represents. Francis is much worse than a bad Pope. He is an evil man. He has hated all his life the very organisation from which he has scrounged his almost entire existence, using her to escape poverty whilst despising all her rules, her sanctity, her desire for purity in her clergy and her people. Francis is Satan’s goat appointed head gardener. 

Which leads us (and, I think, will lead them) to the real conclusion of all this: Francis could have never been elected Pope without the damage already caused to the hierarchy, up to his highest echelons, by fifty years of Vatican II madness. The breaking of the dams with V II, and the “Spirit of V II” years that followed, allowed a miserable scrounger like Bergoglio not only to enter the seminary, but to advance in the hierarchy thanks to a singular mixture of luck, shameless demagoguery, luck, coincidence, stupidity of those around him, more demagoguery, more luck and, crucially, a climate that allowed him to exist as a priest and bishop in the first place.

Without fifty years of V II we would have never had a Pope Bergoglio. Not even by coincidence, Cardinals’ error, or extremely bad luck. Not.A.Chance.

Vatican II is at the root of pretty much all evils which presently afflict the Church. Actually I would say of all evils without even the “pretty much”, then I can’t think of any major problem of today that does not have its root in it. No, the Pre-V II Church wasn’t perfect, either. But it was a Mercedes S-Class compared to today’s Pontiac Aztek.

The way to sanity unavoidably goes through the termination, the obliteration, the total extermination of V II. All of it. Even the residues, down to the last trace of radioactive dust.

I do not think I will see that day. But in 100 years, perhaps, the Church Historians will.

As for us, we will have to live with the time allotted to us. But we still have a lot to be thankful for, and on this Thanksgiving day my heart is full with hope of a Great Offensive to come in the next decade or two, and of thankfulness for the One who gave us this big, and perhaps last, chance to save the West. 

I hope for you that you are the type who enjoys a fight.

This time requires people like you. 





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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Mundabor who help keep us focused on where the battle is, what it is about, and that we are not alone in fighting it. May God Bless you and your family always as you stand watch and report.

    “I will stand on my guard post And station myself on the rampart; And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, And how I may reply when I am reproved. 2Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. 3″For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.…”
    Habakkuk 2:1-2

  2. Because we are no longer talking about a group of people, but the entire world, swept by emotionalism and the ideology of unity in diversity (where all that matters to a civilized man, all that helps him become more like Christ, is rejected as divisive, and sameness is cultivated through appeals to most base instincts), before we see improvement (and it is not going to be us, but hopefully some future generation), deceived useful idiots of Satan and his worshippers must first live to experience the fullness and foulness of the fruits of “progress”. We must see normalization and promotion of paedophilia, designer babies, full-scale murder of the useless eaters, Kurzweil-style transhumanist elites, coffin-size apartments, abolition of private property and freedom of movement (all for mother Gaia), virtual reality, obligatory Monsanto diet, bugs replacing beef and chicken, virtual sex in place of marriage… and many other “improvements” to reach a point, where we will begin to question this progress of stupidity and evil.
    At this point Bergoglio is marching “forward”, deeper and deeper into Sodom, and the Germans prompt him to march faster. So little time, so much to destroy.

    • Ah, I am the eternal optimist and I dare to hope sanity might come back before that point… But I fully agree with you that if that does not happen, what you describe is exactly how things will end….

  3. It is all so sad and all so sadly true. Of my contemporaries at the Venerabile two now function as ‘Anglican’ priests and two do not even practise their religion. That ‘religion’ is not, in reality, Catholic and many of my contemporaries do not teach the Real Presence, Extra ecclesiam nulla est salus, the necessity of Confession, the Rosary and so it goes on. Some will not say ‘Mass’ when there is no congregation and black/purple ‘requiems’ have gone. Adoration and Benediction is “bread worship”. Vatican 2 was only the coming together of the destruction of the Church that had been planned from the beginning. Ratzinger, whom I know, is not Catholic. You correctly say that Bergoglio is no Catholic.Where are the Priests? I see very few? Now there are almost no Priests they ‘allow’ the true Mass. Madness.

  4. You have a heart as big as Montana when it comes to upholding the American way. Our country is not perfect, as it was founded by deists, but love of God, country and the freedom to do the moral thing characterise much of our history. We have not quite reached the level of atheism, boredom, and nihilism Europe has. (though there are rumblings that change is coming).

    I hope you will be able to smell a roasting turkey today and even if eaten as tetrazzini, that you enjoy a happy Thanksgiving.

    Let’s pray for the success of the four cardinals that Holy Mother Church soon shed the tawdry rags of Bergoglioism.

    • Dear Akita,
      To many of us, your Country is – with all its shortcomings – a beacon of light in a sea of darkness, an island of manliness in an ocean of effeminacy, and a sanctuary of true freedom in a West slowly succumbing to self-imposed thought dictatorship.

      And I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe that God made your Country – with all its shortcomings – to fulfill a very special role: to save Europe’s ass from the Kaiser, then from Adolf, then from Communism, and now very possibly from ISIS.

      I have seen it deliver every time. I have seen how countless of its son gave their lives for a better world even if their own was not in direct danger. Believe me: countless people in Europe feel the same gratitude, though their MSM will never tell you.

  5. I think what they really wanted is make sodomy look good, being so rooted in the priesthood and unable to kick them all out after vatileaks, the rest of the destruction is to hide their main objective under a “reformation” facade.

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