Evil, Genocidal Communist Bastard Undeservedly Dies In His Bed And Meets His Maker. Catholics Say A Prayer For His Soul.



The news of the death of one of the most despicable bastards ever to disgrace the face of the disgraceful XX Century (and a part of the XXI) reached me this morning. Suddenly, it was clear why the air seemed somewhat cleaner and fresher.

I have read somewhere the death toll of this genocidal son of a Communist whore ranges anywhere between around 35,000 and around 140,000, with a more likely scenario anywhere in the middle Seventy Thousand. It’s a lot of people for a Country like Cuba. Actually, it would be a lot of people for a Country like China.

As the tributes to the Evil Communist Bastard pour in (our own Commie in Chief, Jeremy Corbyn, has just vomited his own praise) I think it is very fitting to remind every Catholic of a brutal truth of life: when a pig dies it does not become a lamb. It becomes pork.

 Fidel Castro was an evil man by every imaginable standard, and he was an evil man to the very end. There is no trace in his public interventions (which continued to appear, sporadically, almost to his very end) that he saw the light, though he did not hesitate in taking Catholicism hostage for his own ends (like another man who amply deserves the same adjectives in the title, without “genocidal”). The probability that Satan had a special Welcome Committee for his new guest is very high.

We Catholics do not forget, not even on this day – least of all on this day – the dastadly acts of the bastard. We do not indulge in effeminate “forgive and forget”. We counter react to the praises that will be poured on the Bastard from all over the planet. We call a pig a pig, and a dead pig pork. We don’t shut up just because the pork has finally gone to his judgment. We know that, it life were fair, Fidel Castro would have been ignominiously executed a long time ago, instead of dying in his bed. 

Still, as Catholics we know that even the soul of an evil bastard like Fidel Castro has infinite value. We know that the Lord (antecedently) desired the salvation of even the likes of him. We know that his poor Guardian Angel made every attempt, to the very end, to save his soul.

We know – and, as Catholics, we must hope for him – that God’s Mercy can be tapped on until the very end; the thought that this evil bastard might have repented in the end and merited Purgatory should inspire in us a sentiment of hope, and should make us rejoice. It should, also, be for us a reason for moderate optimism, letting us reflect that if God pleased to save such a one the probabilities for us, average wretched sinners, might be a tad better than we thought.

One Castro dealt with, one to go.

One day, every bastard must die.







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  1. Pope Francis is grieving over this demon’s demise. Disgusting, but expected.

  2. Thanks for this post, I’m a cuban woman who left the island in 1977, I scaped to Mexico and then moved to Europe, lived in Germany and France and during those my 16 years in Europe I almost went completely crazy because of the insane level of ignorance of the european left-brainwashed average citizen concerning Cuba and Fidel, a man many europeans armchair revolutionaries and caviar left advocates of every stripe admire.. My brain shortcircuited everytime a supposedly well educated germans or frenchs or dutch told me they admired Fidel.. how can they admire a man who represents everything the bienpensant tender skinned european despises?
    the same europeans snowflakes who keep crying racism, homophobia, chauvinism are the ones who admire a man who executed and incarcerated homosexuals, ordered to rape and torture women (including nuns) in the most disgusting ways (putting rats in their vaginas was something he boasted about, any cuban knows this), the man who incarcarated people who liked rock and roll or jazz, men with long hair, people who read forbidden books.. Fidel was a racist: we cubans heard him many times say democracy was ok for white civilized europeans but for us “misigenated, mongrels, negros” it was something that exceedes our weak mental capacities, his pal che guevara always said that, we are too stupid to have freedom because we are not white. Fidel was an olygarch, a man who lived in a monstruously luxurious mansion with ponds with dolphins and turtles while the average cuban eat only once a day
    My blood boils with rage when the “progressive” governments like the canadian clown Trudeau praise a monster like Fidel, a monster who used all the tricks in the book of evils to deprive people of their dignity and basic human rights. Fidel was no atheist, he practiced the most satanic black magic religion known in cuba the Palo Mayombe, something that all cubans knows. I really hope he is now burning in the darkest pits of hell and also hope satan keeps a place in the same hole for his comrade Bergoglio.

  3. I have to disagree with you about praying for Castro’s soul. Doing so, quite frankly, makes a mockery of moral responsibility. It also mocks God’s Justice. While God certainly desires all to be converted to the likeness of His Son, He also created man in His free image. God intended humanity to use that free image to choose Him, the Quintessence of Purity, as it were. Everybody who ever lived has to endure the eternal consequences of his own choices. God certainly doesn’t mock His own perfect standards. Granted, nobody can reach those standards in their own strength; that’s why Christ came: to live the Life we couldn’t live and to die the Death that all of would deserve without repentance and conversion.

    Assuming that Castro would repent on his deathbed, after the kind of life he led and ideals he espoused, is assuming that Sunderland will win the Premier League this season. In fact, Sunderland has a better chance of that accomplishment than Castro did of repenting.

    Hell exists for a reason. It exists for people like Castro, who reject divinely revealed standards for a porridge of lies, on the altar of which he sacrificed millions of the innocent. God, as the British royal family might say, is not amused.

    • Joseph, millions of Catholics pray every day the beautiful Fatima prayer:
      Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra, salva nos ab igne inferiori, perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas, quae misericordiae tuae maxime indigent.
      O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who are in most need of Thy mercy.
      We are Christians. We pray for our enemies. I would (if God gives me the grace) pray for the salvation of the Communist bastard about to execute me. Every soul has infinite value.
      The probabilities are irrelevant. Nowhere, in the Fatima prayer, is there any talk of probabilities.
      Besides, if Castro really repented, then he died one of ours. The parable of the vineyard comes to mind.
      I also note that Leicester City won the Premier league in 2015 (completely absurd odds), and Trump won the presidential election in 2016.

    • You do realise Joeeph that ‘hell’ as we were taught it, is not an everlasting state of punishment/torture.
      If Fidel Castro never chose to fully repent it is more likely that God would not grant him the gift of eternal life. He may well have been annihilated . Re conditional Immortality.

    • And one even doubts Francis would reserve this annihilation heresy to Fidel. Methinks, he has put him in his personal paradise together with Marx, Lenin & Co. Unless he is an atheist, which is not improbable.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Dear Mundabor, heard the news today from my son-in-law, and had the same reaction as your. The bastard is dead, let’s hope he had the grace of final repentance. He never did give any sign of repentance while alive.

  5. If my memory still serves me well I recall seeing pictures in the newspaper of Fidel actually pulling the trigger to kill someone.
    Curiously enough, Government troops could not find where he was hiding with his rebellious comrades in the Sierra Maestra to capture him,but he could be found easily by the press for interviews.
    Once in power he undertook a sanguinary persecution of Catholics, with the intention of destroying the Church in Cuba
    The entire history of the Cuban revolution was one of treason and deception by all the parties involved, starting with the US Government.

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