Time For Francis To Start Wearing A Grey Habit.



Seriously, who can have any doubt that Francis promotes heresy day in and day out? This is the last one I have read (I wish I could cope with everything).

When a Pope says that a theologina investigated for (obvious) heresy and strong opposition to Humanae Vitae   

was the “first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again.”

how can you be in any doubt this is Modernist claptrap meant to do exactly one thing: promote what the Church condemns?

If he is so tired of “Black and White”, the man should start wearing a grey habit. Then, everyone would see he wears his own theology on himself.

I am truly sick and tired of this evil man. 



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  1. In addition to prayers for the (Holy) Father, we need to say ‘for the intentions of the four Cardinals and the success of the Dubia.’ Yesterdays ‘lesson’ was: “eternal damnation is not a torture chamber, but, distance from God” Formal heresy yet?

    I’m worried about what will happen if he is successfully dethroned. Gods Will be Done!

    • yeah, I got this strange image that hell was the equivalent of needing a very strong binocular…

      Then he also said if you have faith you don’t need fear judgment, forgetting both the works and the necessity of God’s grace.

      The man is a fat, big, Argentinian circus.

    • Don’t you think he is extremely healthy for being big, fat, and, having only one lung? That one lung is overworked too.

    • No. He is too fat, therefore he ain’t healthy.

  2. I recommend a pink one, with a clown mask, ideally horned. That would emphasize his stance on morality as well as his station in life.

    Combined with a devil’s tail he could also add a sublime touch of symbolism about his likely destination.

    Lock her up! Build the wall! Depose the heretic!

  3. Comment I made in yesterday’s New York Times on Ross Douthat’s column.

    “The pope need only exercise his authority, answer his critics, and tell the faithful explicitly what he means them to believe.”

    Not so fast Ross. A Pope cannot change Catholic doctrine. To do so is to become a heretic. There are no new truths in the Catholic Church. The Pope cannot teach anything that is not confirmed by Tradition. Tradition effectively is the Truth.

    Pope Francis must reverse himself on his heretical statements in Amoris Laetitia or be declared a heretic and thus ipso facto no longer the Pope.

    We should celebrate the courage of the four Cardinals who are standing up to Pope Francis and his Protestant theology.

    • From what you post it seems to me that Douthat is very well aware of the consequences of proclaiming heresy, as he says “what he means them to believe”, that is, “whether he is telling us he is a heretic”. I can’t imagine the man is so stupid that he thinks if Francis thinks heretic, the Church is now officially heretical.

  4. nuh-uh….rainbow colored. Definitely rainbow colored; dripping with and stinking of sheep sh*t.

    A blessed and fruitful Advent to you M, and may the good cardinals move quickly and give us a joyful Christmas present….we’re drowning out here while they dawdle.


  5. Between Bishop Call-Me-Jorge in white and General Arturo Sosa in black (both Jesuits, both from Latin America, both SJWs – how is this for diversity and inclusion?), they are grey. Black and white makes grey. Their morality is as grey as their habits.

  6. This is the last declaration of one of the Francis’ “tonton macoutes”, Mons. Pío Vito Pinto, in Madrid. What is really interesting is the fact that this guy appears in Pecorelli list as a freemason in 1978, nicknamed PIPIVI.:

    “Which Church do these Cardinals defend?” Pinto reproaches. “The Pope is faithful to the doctrine of Christ.”

    “What they have done is a very serious scandal that could lead the Holy Father to remove them from the Cardinalate, as it has sometimes happened in Church history,” Pinto expounds.

    Blah, blah, blah (more nonsense and even blasphemy) Etc, etc.


    • Well at the latest when they officially reprimand him he will do it to save face in some way. But he is dumb if he thinks people care. It might stop further cardinals from speaking up, though. I can’t see many heroes among them anyway.

  7. Satan never like this big, fat, ugly, lie and cheat disciple, Francis that makes him feels competition is going on. The plan of destroying RCC is going to be failed anyway and he’ll be betrayed just like he’s betrayed Jesus. He’ll end up like Judas, Luther, Mohamed, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Polpot and Castro who all were pretenses, frightened to death at the end facing their own dreadful evil. Hell is a “free housing” for them.

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