The Times, They Are A Changin’



Gotta love President Trump. (“President Trump”. How sweet the sound!) 

He is posed the usual stupid, liberal question by ABC and promptly turns the tables on the interviewer, reminding him and millions of Americans that the MSM do not cover the March for Life, scheduled for today. 

This man is unbelievable. Every time you start to wondering why he would do something (for example: be interviewed by ABC, examine Mitt Romney as Secretary of State) he shows soon after that there was a very clever design behind it (expose ABC as biased, expose Mitt Romney as a buffoon who would do anything for personal recognition). 

The Washington March for Life is today (the UK is up 20 May). This time, the White House is on the right side. I can barely believe these words as I write them. Trump’s victory was such a tectonic movement, that the aftereffects will be felt for many years now. 

Remember the Sanctimonious Judases?  Those who said yes to a liberal supreme court for decades, the oppression of the people’s liberties (particularly first and second amendment), the threatening of their own religious freedom, the explosion of debt and illegal immigration, just in order to feel oh so pure themselves? I am almost sorry that these scumbags are going to profit from Trump Presidency, too. But they, that’s the way it goes: a good presidency profits those who have not deserved it, too. 

How the times have changed. The United States are rapidly becoming a Country so vastly engaged in ending the insanity of our times, that they will make Francis’ Vatican look like North Korea.

Gone is the Obama presidency. Almost forgotten are the Sanctimonious Judases (don’t worry: I will remind you of them every now and then, so that their memory may live in shame forever). Go will, one day, this satanical papacy.

The times, they are a changin’.

I hope and know that the March for Life will be a great success this year. And this year, people will be made to pay attention, because the great President Trump wil force the nation to do so.

Boy, I wish he were Pope.




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  1. One of the Sanctimonious Judases who will try to live this down–but he should never be permitted to do so:

  2. Hooray Mundabor!

  3. President Trump and his administration are leading the charge against the forces of evil, while Francis is part of those forces. What interesting times to live in.

  4. As a born-and-bred New Yorker, I am so proud that the world is finally seeing how an old school, born-and-bred New Yorker actually acts. Conservatives sneer and liberals cheer at so-called ‘New York values’ but those are largely values brought by the massive influx of liberals fleeing their conservative hometowns. Trump is the generation before me, the guys I looked up to growing up. I’m from Staten Island, the only one of the five boroughs of New York City that went for Trump—and did so overwhelmingly. It’s also the borough that had the overwhelming majority of deaths among the firefighters who died running into the World Trade Center. Irish and Italian, almost to a man Catholic.

    • One borough at a time! (though I think Staten Island is not much population-wise).

      Never got to take the ferry…


    • It’s funny. Staten Island has a population of 473 thousand. Were it to become its own city again, it would instantly become the second largest city in New York state, and would be a respectable size compared to other American cities. However, just Brooklyn alone has 2.7 million. Staten Island is the last refuge of the white working class in NYC proper.

      However, there were large swaths of south Brooklyn (where I currently live, in the old family home) where Trump won handily–again, Irish and Italian neighborhoods, overwhelmingly Catholic–plus the Russian-dominated neighborhood of Brighton Beach.

    • There is hope! 😉

  5. laurelmarycecilia

    I’m saying a rosary novena for President Trump’s conversion….Dear Lord I have memories of Constantine – only give Mr. T the grace to make his conversion deeper…..join me

    • Thanks.
      Kindly no links without a short comment.

    • My apologies, I have a broken shoulder and it makes it difficult to comment. This link is from the perspective of a long-term veteran marcher who is amazed at how the president’s comment has woken up the mainstream media to the largest (by far) annual protest in Washington, which has somehow escaped their notice every year.

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