Still Mao-Tse-Francis, Robin Hoodie And Paedoabetter!

The new, predictably atrocious CDF letter concerning how bad we Catholics are and how getting out of the bed with either the right or the left foot in the morning signifies an implicit desire for salvation must not – after we have stopped laughing – make us forget other and very important issues.

In other words, Francis must not be allowed to deflect from his scandalous support for Bishop Barros, his shameless assault on the coffins of the Papal Foundation and his wholesale delivery of the Church in China to a ruthless, anti-Christian Communist regime.

This may seem obvious, but it isn’t. The man’s relentless offences to the Church and the Catholic religion must not allow him to distract the attention from other issues, including those which even the all-forgiving secular world considers taboo.

Hammer the guy with blog posts related to the Barros scandal until he can’t say ” Neo-Pelagian” anymore and see this helping our cause in the other issues, too.

Let him feel how pleasant life is between the hammer of the Catholic world and the anvil of the secular one.

He is so humble, he will cope well.


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  1. Francis and company realized he made a major mistake in the Barros situation. That’s why he made a big display out of sending his investigator down to Chile. I predict he will finally remove the bishop. Not because he wants to or cares about justice for the abused, but because he has to salvage his reputation with the secular world. You’re right, child abuse is about the last taboo in modern society. Other than that, the non-Christian world (the majority) is perfectly ok with any manner of perversion among consenting adults.

  2. Actually the seculars are fine with child abuse, if it allows them their sexual license and narcissistic wants. The child abuse of abortion (burning a child alive, cutting it to pieces and then sucking it’s body parts out a vaccum tube), the child abuse of purposely denying it either a father or mother (single fatherhood, motherhood, artificial insemination), purposely denying a child their biological parents (invitro fertilization), the child abuse of subjecting the child to grave sexual depravity on a daily basis (so called “gay adoption”), the child abuse of bringing a child into an unstable, immature, hormone ridden, sinful relationship (fornication or adultery, take your pick), and the list goes on and on…the godless secular world already commits child abuse at every corner. It won’t surprise me at all if they become ok with child rape soon…they are fine with their own kids mutilating themselves by changing their gender and support child suicide in some countries. We are truly in a world gone mad. God bless~

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