Placuit Deo = FrancisRubbish

Thankfully, the announced document from the Vatican is not an encyclical letter but “merely” a CDF one. Make no mistake, it is rubbish all the same.

The document has a fake aim, which is the correction of misconceptions about Salvation; and a real one, which is to insult faithful Catholics the world over whilst spreading more heresy.

Ironically, the most heretical Pope in History accuses us of being heretic, because we refuse to accept ( and I quote) ” the newness of the Spirit of God”. What a blasphemy to think that the Holy Ghost may become “new” and thus different from the Old One! Still, if you refuse to accept this in-built, permanent and ever-changing heresy it is you, my dear reader, who are the heretic!

Only an idiot can think that a Catholic in good faith can accept such rubbish. Francis has not missed this occasion to let us know what an idiot it is.

There is more rubbish still: apparently, “desire for physical health” and such like pretty automatic, everyday desires even Stalin had are now a form of desire for salvation.

Really, this is dumb beyond belief. It is not only the attempt to create a new religion. It is the attempt to create a religion of immense stupidity, a system of non-belief a third grader would easily unmask as extremely superficial, stupid to the level of grave retardation, and deprived of every permanence and logic.

The fact that, apparently, some fake conservative outlets have tried to smuggle this rubbish as sound Catholic fare is a very depressing indication of the horrible quality of today’s Catholic discourse.

Francis hates you, and he wanted to react to the continuous accusations of heresy against him by calling you a heretic. In doing so, he has once again revealed his dumbness, utter ignorance and unspeakable arrogance.

Poor deluded ass, who keeps shooting himself in the foot every time he thinks he has done something smart.


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  1. Unlike Benedict, Francis doesn’t know a thing about theology and wouldn’t know Pelagianism from Plagiarism. This letter will turn out to be a load of putrid bunk.

  2. blueskirtwaltz

    I always thought, poor deluded me, that the Holy Ghost was the Spirit of Truth, not the Spirit of Change. Martin Luther believed God could evolve/change which was only a way for him to rationalize and justify his evil doings. It seems as though the spirit of Luther has infected our churchmen beginning with the one at the top. “Heretics all, where e’er you may be… you’ll never have a good word from me.” (Hilaire Belloc)

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