No Rest For The Wicked

In the last days, some FrancisShills have started to promote some sort of “truce” concerning the way this disgraceful Pontiff is treated by bloggers on both sides.

Too little, too late, too easy, and tterly un-Catholic.

I will leave aside the fact that we are those who have been ferociously insulted, and could well be understood for being a tad peeved. It is, in fact, not about us, and it never was.

We are dealing with absolutes here, not with nuances of vanilla flavour. We are defending Catholicism as it always was, and we are doing all we can to try to transmit to the next generations what our forefathers have transmitted to us. There can be no compromise, no accommodation, no truce whatsoever.

In fact, the work of utter demolition of this disgraceful papacy should and will go on after Francis is six feet under, because this battle may well rage for decades after not only Francis’ death, but our own. We will certainly not be softened by some sensitive blogging violet who can’t stand the heat but wants to stay in the kitchen.

Frankly, all this is not even about politeness, or proper discourse. This is about the losers being afraid of not being able to survive Francis’ Pontificate as prominent clerics, journalists and bloggers. It has now become apparent that aggressive defence of Catholicism will, in time, deprive the shameless shills of this Pontificate of every credibility. They fear, with reason, of having to find a new job, or disappearing into clerical obscurity, or even being defrocked if our victory is swift.

There shall be no rest for the wicked, both clerical and not.

Catholic bloggers will keep pounding, because in the present situation it’s the only Catholic thing that can be done.


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  1. Unfortunately we are not only fighting NWO chief of staff PF & cronies, we have also to fight our own supposedly Catholic websites who will not face facts & ask our present-day prelates “what are you doing to unseat this apostate from the Seat of Peter & when can we expect the formal correction promised eighteen months ago?”

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Thanks, Mundabor, for stating the responsibility of the Catholic bogosphere to keep exposing this horrid Pope.

  3. Catholic blogs are the only way to get information to poorly educated Catholics about our current situation. The mainstream Catholic media have done everything they can to avoid what we all could clearly see a few years ago. Credibility is a delicate thing, it’s like trust. So hard to build up, but can be destroyed so easily. We’ve watched mainstream media Catholics blissfully carry on with platitudes, and ingratiating commentary and so on, and it has been agonizing to watch. It’s so clear that people are very concerned about their own money train, and want to avoid if at all possible, the all too real truth that this pope is a terrible heretic, an apostate, he has made it clear he despises Catholicism.
    The pope, will not kneel to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
    If I said that to a true Catholic, ten years ago, if I said nothing else, but told a true Catholic “We are going to have a pope who refuses to kneel to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament” they would say, “it is the end of days”.
    Yet how much more has he done than that. But really, isn’t that one act enough??

    • Kathleen, I don’t think it’s ultimately about the money train for these people. I think if they realize that the Pope is a heretic, it will destroy their faith. A lot of Catholics believe the Pope is the Church. That’s something that the hierarchy has cultivated for a long time because that attitude leads to the blind deference they crave. Besides, most of these commentators either came to faith or converted during JPII’s papacy, and JPII’s personality cult would be the envy of people like Hitler and Mao, given how long it’s lasted.

  4. AMEN! Keep the 2-edged sword sharp. Souls are at stake.

  5. Agree completely. Pope Francis is the apotheosis of Vatican II. Vatican II is the primary problem where the subversive intent was to Protestantize the Church. This has been largely accomplished when we consider there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between the average Catholic and Protestant. Pope Francis represents Phase II of Vatican II which is preparing for the New World Order by consolidating all religions under a single banner absent any Catholic doctrine.

    • I would say there is. Many Protestants are more rooted in Christian values than the old women I have to endure on the pulpit at Mass.

  6. it is also a “wake up” call – one feels as if a lamb led to the slaughter – when this “Creole Mass” was celebrated in Saint Peter’s Basilica my thought “how cool is this” – how naive I was

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