Austreten! Time To Leave The Kirchensteuer-System

The Weathervane strikes again

Let me tell you this: the pronouncement of the German church about allowing communion to protestant is going to come. I know how gregarious the Germans are, and how they always end up supporting what the majority has decided. It’s the new post-Adolf religion, and no one questions it.

This is why Francis is now asking for a unanimous decision about this sacrilege. He has clearly already been told how things will end.

I do not know what other proof people need to persuade themselves that vast parts of (soon, very probably all of) the Church in Germany have become official enemies of Christ.

When you have a Cardinal opposing the Crucifix in public buildings and promoting sacrilege, what is more to understand? When you have bishops who are such cowards, and so greedy, that they acquiesce to the request of institutionalised sacrilege for the sake of the Kirchensteuer, how can you keep seeing these people as worthy representatives of the Church they are called to defend?

Seriously: if, absurdly, a Muslim were to be appointed Cardinal in Munich, would he have the same openly anti-Catholic positions as cardinal Marx?

I am calling all German Catholics who read this blog to officially leave the Kirchensteuer-system, and tell their local priest why.

The Kirchensteuer is the main reason for all this sacrilege and enmity with God. It must end if we want to see some improvement. 



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  1. Nicholas Mitchell

    As Evelyn Waugh I think said, the Germans should be in perpetual sackloth and ashes for all their enormities from Luther to Hitler. A Catholic Pope would have long ago placed that entire godforsaken nation and all its progeny under permanent interdict.

  2. “the German bishops overwhelmingly decided that permission could be granted to a Protestant spouse if, after having made a “serious examination” of conscience with a priest or another person with pastoral responsibilities, he or she “affirms the faith of the Catholic Church,” wishes to end “serious spiritual distress,” and has a “longing to satisfy a hunger for the Eucharist.”

    There’s no mention of living as brother and sister as a condition?!

    • There is more to that that is wrong, and I honestly don’t like the “brother and sister” thing either as the scandal will most often remain.
      Note how everything is subjective and self-justifying. A Protestant gives himself absolution.
      That’s what they always do anyway…

  3. To leave the Kirchensteuer they have to publicly declare that they aren’t Catholic, so they can’t unless they want to be heretics or apostates or do the below.

    The only option open would be to declare the entire German government invalid and cease all forms of interaction with it, or openly oppose it.

    • Not at all.
      A Catholic does not cease to be a Catholic, no matter what a treacherous government tell them to do to force them to keep supporting a satanical system of connivance with a heathen state.
      We are Catholics, not Jews.

  4. By what means can a non-Catholic POSSIBLY be in a state of sanctifying grace?

  5. There’s no separation of Church and State in Germany, to not pay they have to formally deny the Faith.

    The problem here is, unfortunately, a treacherous German Church.

  6. I can’t imagine why you are even bothering to occupy yourself over terribly minute points of variation between two flavours of the same Kool-Aid whilst all of Germany is being subsumed and destroyed through its suicidal act of allowing in millions of marauding mohammedans (N.B. Frau Merkel & Co. having also inflicted same on most of the rest if Europe). It’s the third time in 100 years that the Germans, as a people/tribe have wreaked havoc on all other Europeans, so perhaps it’s just as well that within 50 years they will cease to exist. Any trace of Chrisitianity, Catholic or Protestant, will be but a distant, fading memory as the call to prayer of the muzzezin is issued from what were once church steeples, 5x per day, every day, all across Deutschestan, whose official languages will be Turkish and Arabic..

  7. When every body can get communion, the Eucharist will become idolatry and all protestants who receive it will become idolaters since they always think Body, Blood and Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ never presents in bread and wine. Pope PF and many high ranking hierarchies have been incorporated with Devil committing very serious, sacrilegious crime in turning Eucharist into a big joke, but cunningly they want to abolish the mass. No Eucharist means no mass and no mass leads to no Roman Catholic Church. God allows them to do that? Of course not. They’ll fail and will be exposed as Satan disciples who just like their master so prideful that make them totally blind and arrogant and stupidly never learn that creatures can’t never defeat their Creator. God is invincible.

    • I appreciate the strong faith. However, consider that the Church can disappear in entire Countries or Continents, and there is no guarantee the entire church in Germany will not become a parody of the real thing. Which, if it happens, will be a fitting punishment for their role in V II and later on.

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