Unreasonable Swedes

Follow this link to get the lowdown on a Swedish village now terrified of “embracing the other” and where, mostly, women feel in danger (wait for the “guests” to discover how emasculated the men are, and they will be next in line for harassment, violence and rape).

I must say I disagree with the women. At least assuming – as it is very reasonable to do – that they “welcomed” the “stranger” with open arms. In this case, there is really no reason why they should be protected from the consequences of their own stupidity.

You wanted to be “welcoming”, right? Now live with it! You considered “racist” or “islamophobic” to refuse the entry of Muslims? Well, have fun now! You wanted “multiculturalism”, isn’t it? Enjoy it!

The people screaming “rape” today may well be the ones screaming “racism” yesterday. I think people should have the right to scream only once. If you have called on yourself your own rape with your own virtue signalling, don’t expect a tsunami of solidarity from people smarter than you.

Sweden is so deChristianised and its men, as a whole, such despicable pussies, that this may well become another Caliphate for a while.

Until the next Trump comes, and frees the bastards from the prison they have themselves made. After which, you can bet the godless idiots will start the wait for the next “inclusion”.

Burn, Sweden.

Burn long and hard.

Be a witness to more Christian Countries who do not want to end up like you.

Your demise will not have been in vain.


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  1. “Burn, long and hard”. Very much agree with you, sad to say.

    I just watched “The 12th Man” (big recommend) about a previous generation of solid, brave, heroic defenders of civilization; embodied in the “12th man” … the lone survivor of a misbegotten raid by 12 saboteurs behind enemy lines in their own country, Norway 1943. A true WW II story of civilizational resistance of Nazi evil, embodied in this one man who subdued overwhelming trials and suffering to ultimately survive and resist on behalf of his mates, himself, his countrymen, his way of life. These were true Norwegians and Swedes who could easily have submitted to the invader and “lived”. Instead, they resisted, suffered, died; and thus conquered their enemy.

    So, now their grandchildren welcome the enemy with open arms. Quislings. So, yes, “burn … long and hard”. Purify this diseased culture and perhaps one day they will survive and defend what is good. As it stands, it is barely worth saving.

  2. We keep waiting for people to rise up. But apparently, there are no men to get it done. Apparently, European men are pretty okay with their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters being verbally or sexually harassed by Muslim men who believe the women are only prostitutes, there for the taking. Every now and then a glimmer of masculinity can be seen, as when Tommy Robinson was arrested the other day, but it quickly fades out.

    I guess it is scarier to be considered or called a “racist” in Europe than the prospect of Muslims raping you or your children. Screwed up priorities, but this is what happens to the godless, they lose the ability to reason.

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