The Revolution Is Growing

Promptly for the Feast of the Republic (which, in Italy, is traditionally celebrated with a huge military parade; oh, the incorrectness! What will The Francis think?) Italy has a new government, and it seems to have come out of some drunken nightmare of Mr Juncker.

I will await to see whether this government will first live long and then deliver an effective policy against the MerkelMadness. But to me it seems clear enough that this revolution is growing, and will likely not be stopped by the inefficiency of coalition partners or the threats from Berlin and Brussels. If this government does not deliver, chances are the Italians will vote in a government which does, without need for any coalition.

The centre-right coalition was only 3% away from the absolute majority. Let the culona inchiavabile reflect on this.

I hope the new government (but mainly: the Lega, in which my hopes rest) will be able to deliver an immigration policy based on sanity. But if not, I trust that the Italian people – who are far too kind and patient, but become quite unkind when their patience is abused for too long – will force a remedy for that. And no, I do not trust the Five Star Movement. But yes, I think both inside and outside the Lega there are good, patriotic people who want to deliver the goods.

We will now, in pure Italian style, listen to some strong proclaims. Whether facts follow them remains to be seen.

But when you wake up people’s appetite for sanity, they will want to have it on the table at some point.


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  1. Yes, our hope rests on Lega!

  2. Why is it that all the places in Europe that you’ve lived, Mr. M, are the ones coming to their senses? Coincidence?

  3. President Trump has validated the correct mode of thinking through honesty and reason. The vast majority of people in America, perhaps in the world, think like this but have been subverted for decades by dishonest, irrational ideologues left, right and center. Who will speak for them in our slide into leftist Marxism? They have been silent, until someone finally emerged to fully speak for them. Bravely, with intelligence and strength. With this leadership they are also engaged, in this country for sure; perhaps throughout the West. Viktor Orban. Donald Trump. Now Matteo Salvini. People have had enough. Screw it.
    And on our side of the earthly-heavenly divide, my vote for next Pope … Archbishop Alexander Sample. I think he sees clearly what is at stake for the Faith.

  4. Time for mass rescue mission. Deo gratias.

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