The Tip Of The Iceberg And The Resignations (Or Prosecutions) That Must Follow

prison bars

The cure. 


Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember that then-Cardinal Ratzinger issued a new discipline for cases of suspected paedophilia in or around 2000 or 2002. The new discipline mandated that all cases of suspected paedophilia be referred to Rome, to be investigated from there away from the protection afforded by the local cabals. 

Now raise your gaze above Pennsylvania, and let it rest from sea to shining sea (or, if you prefer, above the fruited plain). It is clear that Pennsylvania is not an island, completely cut off from what happens in the rest of the Country. PA must perforce be the tip of a vast iceberg.

Now let us reflect a moment: how many cases of disobedience to the Ratzinger rule must have been in this time? How many Bishops must have been involved? How many of them have become Archbishops, or Cardinals? How many of them are homosexual, or were blackmailed by those who are?  

And let us also be clear on one thing: if we thought that the problem had been largely eradicated ten-fifteen years ago, but then discover this was not the case, how many other cases must be going on now, as I write this?

Where there are homosexual priests, there must be paedophile priests, then even if not every homo is a paedo, most paedos are homos. Has the number of homosexual priests decreased in the last fifteen years? Can anyone say that the phenomenon of homosexual priesthood has been eradicated? Does the oh so friendly parish priest in the church near you make the impression of having the required dose of testosterone? Thought not… 

I begin to suspect that the organisation of the Church in the US (and in who knows in how many other countries) harbours a vast net of paedophiles operating either in the shadow or in the half-light, and with many that should see either too incompetent to see, or too cowards to do anything, or blackmailed themselves. 

Let us say, to make an example, that a Cardinal (let us say, to make an example: Wuerl) is not a paedo, but he is still a homo. He knows that he can be crushed every day. He is confronted with paedophiles among those of his same tribe. Will he be the relentless persecutor of child abusers? Or will he limit himself to do the bare minimum to have some defence in future, whilst not causing his own demise by the hand of the paedo cabal? How many situations like this one must there be all over the West, if we consider  the number of people in purple and red we can clearly see can be legitimately suspected of homosexuality? Do you really think that, say, Cardinal Coccopalmerio is normal?  

And what about the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires? Was his conduct whilst there, and before being there, above suspicion? Thought not… 

No. This problem cannot be addressed by the same people who created it. We need to see guilty priests, bishops and cardinals rot in jail.

This might, in time, be deterrent enough. Then when the official structures have become so corrupted that they cannot reform themselves from the inside, Providence will provide the way how they can be reformed from the outside. 






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  1. It is the responsibility of the Attorney General in every State needs to get into this in a serious way in order to prevent this potentially extensive child abuse and let the chips fall where they may. Catholics should write letters to their Governor demanding this action.

  2. You write: “…rot in jail.”
    From some reason I was immediately thinking on the words of our Lord that he said (See Matthew 18,6-10).

  3. Oh,, I believe there is a much bigger question to ask of Bergoglio than whether or not he covered for homosexual/pedophile priests.

  4. Kathleen O'Regan

    Agree. We should understand pederasty is what we are seeing, certainly not pedophilia. Just consider the ages of the dominant group molested, boys, most post-pubescent from the John Jay study, and nobody has yet provided a breakdown of the current crop of examined victims. In ALL likelihood, despite the cover for homosexuals by the PA grand jury itself, putting so many women on the stage, it will be boys and young men the dominant victim group, because pederasty, boy sodomizing or raping, is the obsession of these distorted men. These are “twinks”, boys immature physically but capable of sexual arousal and orgasm. I cannot tell you how grossed out I am to write that, but we cannot afford the luxury of avoiding the filth these men are conducting on our young boys and men. These “twinks” are the favorite lollipops of these disgusting predators. I don’t care if homosexual men get their noses out of joint over this. Let them. There is no avoiding the facts, and the facts are clear. Homosexual men are a clear and present danger for boys and teens.

    I am going to write to our attorney general asking for an investigation in our state. This is something that could be organized and encouraged. Let’s bring all these homosexual predators out of their safe closets, drag them out into the public arena. We can not go back to 2002 complacency or avoidance. We can hopefully prevent future victims and do something to rout these buggers, or at least, make them nervous.

  5. M, thanks for excellent article. What you remember is correct and later pope Benedict also has decreed not allowing any homosexual entering seminary and no ordination to them. The bishops have ignored him and continued the path of sedition. And now God has to unveil their demonic, sexual perverting acts in purpose of cleaning the house, RCC is His Church. They cling to blackness, the night and think it’s right. Satan has plucked their eyes out so they can’t see the light only the darkness of night. They make beasts of themselves.

  6. Aiding an abetting child rape? Locking them up is a slap on the wrist. Give them the Pope St. Pius the V option i.e. capital punishment. Then me thinks they won’t be so eager to join the priesthood or rise in the ranks:+) If I were running the show I would offer three options depending on the level of depravity, number of crimes and number of victims: 1) a bullet to the head b) hung by a rope until dead or c) burnt at the stake. All would have a full trial beforehand and access to the sacraments before execution…and I would invite all of the victims and current seminarians to attend. THAT would clean things up mighty fast:+)

    God bless~

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