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“Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis”: First Reflections On The Present Scandal



As I am, like everyone, digesting the scope of the events, I would like to offer some reflections about some issues related to Archbishop Vigano’s historic j’accuse: 1. why now, 2. what now and 3. why this, and not the rest, has become an existential threat for Francis’ Pontificate. 

Why now 

Archbishop Vigano’ was the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. He had more information than most. He might have been approached by the police, or he might have been advised to release an affidavit in anticipation of such an approach. It is easy to think that he was abundantly disgusted by Francis’ behaviour, but did not find the strength (remember: Archbishop = coward) to either go public with this or, more likely, leak the story outside; something, by the way, which would not have had anywhere near the devastating effect it will have now. 

My first take (and we will likely know more in the near future) is that the man got so enraged when he read the latest, hypocritical Francis’ statement that he decided that enough is enough and he would blow the whistle. However, the very fact that this is a declaration under oath leads me to think that this is, again, a move meant either to react or to anticipate questions that have been, or would be posed to him as a person informed about the facts. 

I am pleased to see that the man has some basic decency, albeit I notice that the current scandal allows him to attack with the minimum of danger to his own position. Still, as my estimation of the current average archbishop goes, this one seems to score above average. 

What now 

I think one of the two has happened: either the Archbishop (who, methinks, lives in Rome and is in any way certainly not isolated and in contact with many of his colleagues) has informed others of his intentions and knows of others who will follow up on his accusations (not unlikely, if you reflect about the amount of credible allegations of cover up for his friends and allies that a man so stupid and so arrogant like Francis must have left around in five and a half year of Pontificate); or he has decided to go with this alone and allow event to unfold as they may, again knowing that his speaking out loud, without warning and without the time to even threaten or demote him, is way less dangerous now than it would have been years ago. It boggles the mind that the Vatican leaks like a sieve, and explosive information like this one does not find its way to, say,  Breitbart or even (if you really want to play it hard) an anti-clerical outlet like, say, the “New Yorker”.   

Why this    

This is the depressing part of the whole story: Francis has been offending Christ, the Church and Her Sacraments in every possible way for years, and no Archbishop besides the retired Gracida called for his deposition; besides, Gracida himself called for his deposition as invalidly elected, not because of his actions as a Pope.

This tells me that in today’s Church Christ is of so little consequence, and the world of such great importance, that a Pope who has offended Christ in a way infinitely more grave than every offence made to man (we need to repeat this, lest we lose all perspective) might be brought down not by his countless heretical statements, but by his inability to comply with the standards of the world. The fact, I add, that the standard of the world in matter of paedophilia are quite OK (those in matter of homosexuality, which is at the root of the issue, clearly aren’t) does not make the consideration less sad. 

If Francis resigns on this (his pontificate is, by now, destroyed anyway) history will remember that a Pope able to stun the Catholic world with years of constant heretical statements was brought down by… his cover-up of sexual scandals. 

It seems that the world Francis loves so much wants to kill him with its own weapon. 

God works in mysterious ways.

Francis might now abdicate, or not. Cardinals and Archbishops might finally find the courage to ask him to step aside, or not. 

But make no mistake: this Pontificate is now officially nuked. Francis might decide to preside over the heap of ashes until he croaks, but his ability to damage the Church in the eyes of every decent Catholic is now damaged beyond repair. There is no way to recover from this, though I think he is so stupid he does not get it.   

Be gone, Francis; and if not, be your pontificate totally incinerated. To you we say, as (allegedly) that great Pope of the past said to other heretics: 

 Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis

“Be blessed by him in whose honour you shall be burned”





Hagan Lio!!! Archbishop Vigano’ Calls For Francis’ Abdication



I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. 

Archbishop Vigano’ asks for the Pope’s abdication, together with the resignation of: 

Cardinal Wuerl

Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Cupich 

Cardinal Coccopalmerio 

Archbishop Paglia 

Cardinal Bertone

This is not an interview. This is an eleven page affidavit, that is: a declaration given under oath. 

The Archbishop’s  revelations are so explosive that not even the adjective “explosive” is sufficient to describe them. They are very detailed, up to the date when the Archbishop informed Francis of McCarrick’s long history of abuse (in 2013!! Nowhere to hide, Frankie boy!). 

Read the article. Then read it again. Cardinal Bertone is also hit by a maverick, but he is now, as McCarrick, emeritus at age 83; though I hope he will be punished strongly anyway. 

I can easily imagine that other Prelates will now speak. The fact is, Francis has now been outed, and the “smoking gun” that is the accusation of no less than an Archbishop, based on his personal experience with Francis, and given under oath, makes a defence of Francis very, very difficult to mount. 

Also, imagine the level of scrutiny that will be unleashed on every Cardinal and Archbishop daring to accuse the whistleblower(s) of damaging the Church and all that rubbish we have heard too often in the past. 

Finally, finally, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. a member of the higher echelons has moved; and, cowards as they all are, I can easily imagine that he is the first one of a handful who will now accuse him one by one, and make his position more and more difficult. Actually, I can not imagine that the Archbishop has not agreed with others to keep the pressure up, in a sort of #metoo movement. We will see in the next days and weeks whether the Archbishop acted alone (perhaps fearing of being poisoned, and I say this in jest but not too much) or is the first one of a Demolition Brigade awaited for too long. 

My dear readers, tell everyone you know that Francis must go. Scream it from the rooftops. Let you cry be heard on the Moon.

Hagan lio!!!! 

This pontificate must be incinerated. 

And it will still nothing compared to the punishment awaiting this guy and his accomplices unless he, and they, repent. 


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