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More Evidence That The Elections Were Good News

I have written only yesterday about what a positive outcome the Mid Term election have had for us. I have mentioned, among other things, possible new appointments for the Supreme Court, now made much easier than when you have to depend for reptiles a’ la Collins and Flake to push the vote through.

Wednesday wasn’t an easy day for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and God knows she does not have very many of those left.

In the morning, she must have woken up to the news that Trump has the Senate now even more in his grip. Farewell, residual hopes of being able to retire knowing that another feminist witch will take your place. Plus, it will not be easy to retake the majority even in 2020, with Trump himself on the ballot box. This makes for likely another four years of waiting (and a lot of sleeping…).

Bad, uh?

In the evening, another sign of how fragile the situation of the Dems has become. She fell in her own office (not, mind, on the stairs. She fell on a level surface) and fractured three ribs as a result.


What this tell me, and everybody else, is that the woman is too fragile to exercise her duties. After the healing process (which will be long and painful; broken ribs are a nasty business) she will have to go on almost in zombie fashion, outing herself even more as the selfish, partisan liberal activist all reasonable people know she is; or realise that her time as a judge is up, and she will not have the opportunity to pick a time convenient to her for her retirement.

Once again, we see how important it was for us to not only retain, but strengthen our majority in the Senate. Let us count:

Bader Ginsburg: 85 and three broken ribs.

Breyer: 80.

Sotomayor (the wise wide Latina): 64, but rumoured to have massive diabetes issues.

These are three low hanging fruits Trump might be able to pick and take away from the enemy.  Plus:

Thomas: 70 and a great man. If he were to resign this would give us more dominance still, and a conservative on his seat for likely several decades. But it does not have to be, as the man could likely weather another 6 years of Trump and (God Forbid!) 8 years of some Democrat president and still be able to resign with the right conditions.

It is truly great that we could make our position in the Senate stronger, and it was very smart of Trump to make of the Senate one of the central points of his electoral campaign.

We might have truly great days ahead of us.





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