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Make Purple The New Orange.


I have written very recently a blog post wondering whether the corrupt, faithless US Bishops would side with the Pope is his stonewalling of the investigation against PervChurch,or would do the liberal thing and bow to the world, defying his order.

Turns out they choose to stonewall with the Pope. 

Now, in my simple world “transparency” means that you make things transparent. Something very bad has happened, and it is therefore fitting that the background of the events be revealed as much as possible. You would think that people talking all the time about how they failed the faithful and promising to engage for them at every breakfast, lunch and dinner time would get this.

Er, no. Transparency is something you talk about. That’s it.

Now, everyone with an IQ bigger than the size of his shoes knows that the Bishops aren’t avoiding to release information so that they can investigate more thoroughly than the public could do. No, they are keeping information away from you so that they can a) protect the vast number of people implicated in the protection and enabling of Cardinal McCarrick, b) avoid the unearthing of a vast, vast homosexual clerical net inside and outside of the Vatican,  and c) pretend that they are acting against clerical abuse when they are, in fact, consolidating it and helping it to fester inside and even at the very heart of the Church.

If you thought that the US Bishops would put themselves at the head of the movement (not because of concern for the victims or desire to do Christ’s work; but merely in order to avoid the donations drying out) curb your enthusiasm, because I don’t think that this is going to happen. These people are, evidently, too compromised to risk any degree of openness.

The solution, at this point, is the handcuffs. I hope AGs all over the Country will soon start to treat the US Bishops like the organised criminal ring they are. Let them feel the cold metal on their wrists, and see whether this helps to, as they say today, “facilitate” a change of attitude.

Make purple the new orange.

The total rottenness of this papacy is perfectly mirrored by the total rottenness of our bishops and Cardinals. With few exceptions, they are complicit in everything that is disgusting within today’s Church. We should call for the destruction of this evil cabal of perverts and their enablers, and welcome the uproar and scandal that would cause. This is the sort of scandal that actually helps repairing the Church.

Lock them up.

They will sing like gay canary birds.





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