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Gaynod: The Takeaways

So, what has the Gaynod just given us?

Firstly, it has given us the pathetic spectacle of a bunch of sad puppets of a mad Argentinian dictator going around with their rhetoric of “listening to the young” and “walking together”, abdicating to their role as shepherds as they extol the virtues of being, actually, clueless, because not instructed by those who should do so. Gayrdinal Tagle actually choking the tears as he explains to us the shocking revelation of talking to young people really says it all. Freddie Mercury himself would have considered the spectacle too gay for words.

Secondly, it has given us the – broadly speaking – utter failure of the vast push on perverted behaviour that was, most certainly, intended as the main scope of the entire exercise. Not, mind, because of the faint meowing of those bishops who, at times, still remember that they are supposed to be Catholics and are, at least, straight; but rather because in the current climate of widespread revolt against HomoChurch, the Evil Clown has deemed it more expedient to postpone that for a bit. This is what he customarily does, by the way, as we have seen with the first Gaynod he called: he does not dare to run too big a risk, and is content with demolishing the Church one bit at a time if there are no feasible alternatives.  Yes, there is in the final document some faint echo of what the Synod was supposed to become, but it isn’t much and it’s not worth reading anyway.

Thirdly, the Gaynod has given us another glimpse of the stupidity and effeminacy of this sad bunch of cretins: the blood-curling video of them “spontaneously” “dancing” at the end of the Gaynod actually perfectly describes how these people see themselves: a bunch of old men without anything to say, much less to teach; conscious of how deeply despised they are; unable to understand what their role and function is supposed to be; ashamed of their position of primacy in the Church, a position they know perfectly unjustified; terrified of doing anything that could seem stiff or unkind; and trying to be “relevant” by actually pretending to be what they are not: young, and connected to the people.

What a bunch of sad, old queens. It is as if the old men at the Politburo had danced with a bunch of factory workers in order to show that they are near to the Proletariat; only, even those corrupted individuals were far too intelligent, and far too manly, for something like that.

Forget the Gaynod in all, but the mockery of those who deserve to be mercilessly punished for their dereliction of duty, when not utter betrayal of all they should stand for.  Focus on what is important now.

Over to you, Attorney Generals of the United States of America.

Let us get on with the serious business.




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